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The-Haunted Apr 27, 2019
Melbourne tonight!
The-Haunted Apr 26, 2019
Hate Song in Canberra!
The-Haunted Apr 23, 2019
The Haunted, At The Gates & Witchery sightseeing team.
The-Haunted Apr 16, 2019
The Australian, New Zealand and Tasmanian tour is coming up next!!! Who is coming to see it!!! 24.04. Canberra (Australia) - Basement + The Haunted & Witchery 25.04. Brisbane (Australia) - Triffid + The Haunted & Witchery 26.04. Sydney (Australia) - Manning Bar + The Haunted & Witchery 27.04. Melbourne (Australia) - Max Watt’s + The Haunted & Witchery 30.04. Wellington (New Zealand) - Valhalla + The Haunted 01.05. Auckland (New Zealand) - Whammy + The Haunted Tickets are available through Hardline Media At The Gates WITCHERY
The-Haunted Jan 22, 2019
See you all soon down under. \m/
The-Haunted Jan 22, 2019
The Haunted are coming to New Zealand! Tickets :
The-Haunted Oct 10, 2018
AUSTRALIA! Next year we're coming to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne together with At The Gates and WITCHERY. Tickets available on monday!
The-Haunted Oct 04, 2018
Here are some pics from the gig at Metal Mine By Rafal Kotylak
The-Haunted Sep 30, 2018
Here is a drumcam from out last gig at Metal Mine in Poland!
The-Haunted Sep 30, 2018
The Haunted are playing together with At The Gates, NECROPHOBIC and more at 2019 House of Metal festival in UMEÅ Sweden
The-Haunted Aug 29, 2018
Here is a picture gallery from the show at Metal Mine Festival 25.08.2018 Wałbrzych Stara Kopalnia
The-Haunted Aug 27, 2018
Thanks to all that came to party with us at Metal mine festival! We had a great time!!
The-Haunted Jul 20, 2018
Tomorrow marks the One year anniversary of the single Spark, taken from the album Strength in Numbers.
The-Haunted May 09, 2018
Learn Time (Will Not Heal) on guitar!
The-Haunted Apr 22, 2018
Learn the song SPARK in this interactive rolling tablature video!
The-Haunted Mar 27, 2018
Learn the two opening tracks from "Strength in Numbers" on guitar with this rolling tablature video.
The-Haunted Mar 12, 2018
POLAND, we'll see you in August at Metal Mine Festival. -
The-Haunted Feb 27, 2018
Spain and Portugal, thank you so much for this time and for giving us such a warm welcome. Thanks to N-Events, Norunda, The Descent and everyone else involved in this short tour. Thank you to everyone who turned up for the shows! Hopefully we'll come back sooner than later! Photos by Jorge Pereira
The-Haunted Feb 24, 2018
BARCELONA! Last show of this tour tonight. Lets destroy this place. -
The-Haunted Feb 23, 2018
The-Haunted Feb 22, 2018
Tomorrow in Valencia!
The-Haunted Feb 22, 2018
The-Haunted Feb 21, 2018
Granada tonight! See ya!
The-Haunted Feb 21, 2018
Thank you Sevilla! Tomorrow we play Granada!
The-Haunted Feb 20, 2018
Netflix and chill in Lisbon. Tonight we play Sevilla!