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Kits and Cats and Saxon Wives
Illustrated Bird (Definitive Edition)
The Hangabouts Aug 13, 2019
Thanks to Doyle Dean for taking "Cricket Time" out for a spin yesterday on his most excellent show, The Dean's List, on North Country Public Radio - don't believe us? Check it out for yourself at
The Hangabouts Jul 12, 2019
Well a year ago we had our song "Cricket Time" placed in the Netflix movie "Set It Up" and after that the offers came pouring in...okay, so not really. But it was a super cool time for our little band. Here's a link to the album cover video and if you haven't seen the movie and are into RomCom's check it out on, um, NetFlix (Trailer
The Hangabouts Jun 22, 2019
It's always nice to be included on a chart with some of your heroes Chuck Prophet The Bats Miracle Legion Thanks to the listeners of Janglepophub!
The Hangabouts May 19, 2019
‪Hope to share some news about a new release soon... Special thanks to our Super cur8tor‬
The Hangabouts Mar 12, 2019
A fantastic ride of a show with our old friend Doyle Dean where he featured some pre-St Patrick's Day tunes along with our own "Cricket Time". Stream today's show and find out what you're missing!
The Hangabouts Feb 18, 2019
Lucky #28 - thanks Phil Maq for all you do for Michigan and independent music on your Theme Attic shows
The Hangabouts Jan 04, 2019
For an indie band, there’s no better surprise than finding out that a radio station is playing your music that you were unaware of. In this case Dr. Jeff has been spinning our song “Evelyn Wood” enough that it has entered the charts for his show, The Big Bang. And for the record, we’re absolutely okay following The Bangles covering a Rain Parade song. Tune in to The Big Bang every Weds from 4:00PM-7:00PM On KDHX 88.1 in Saint Louis, MO
The Hangabouts Dec 13, 2018
Stephen Schnee has your Thursday evening music all taken care of - with some Christmas music including from The Hangabouts
The Hangabouts Dec 09, 2018
Tired of the same old Christmas music, well settle in for two hours of uninterrupted Christmas music that is off the beaten path. We're full of the holiday spirit being featured alongside some of our favorites Sloan, Fountains of Wayne, The Kinks, Shoes, Super 8, Pugwash....
The Hangabouts Nov 17, 2018
Thanks Rick at CtE for the support
The Hangabouts Oct 15, 2018
Very cool to get a spin on Rodney on the Rock last night - thanks to Rodney and Cindy!
The Hangabouts Oct 05, 2018
Check out Radio Candy Indie Show's airing on October 10 on South Africa's Big Indie Giant. We honored to have "Sinking Feeling" on the playlist among a bunch of other talented folks.
The Hangabouts Sep 28, 2018
Bandcamp is donating their share of any proceeds from today’s purchases to Voting Rights for All - buy a bunch of great music today and help support an important program.
The Hangabouts Sep 24, 2018
Nice to see some love for "Taking You to Leave Me" from our last record. Thanks to Big Indie Giant and Radio Candy Indie Show for supporting the indie folks
The Hangabouts Sep 13, 2018
Thanks to Sweet Sunday Sounds and Valley FM 89.5 for including us with all these talented folks (imagine at your own risk this post in our awful attempt at an Australian accent)
The Hangabouts Aug 31, 2018
Here's a cool podcast to fill up an hour of your holiday weekend. Guaranteed to hear something you dig. Thanks to Jen at Cycles Per Second for including us!
The Hangabouts Aug 28, 2018
Heading to South Africa with this playlist - thanks Radio Candy Indie Show!
The Hangabouts Jul 07, 2018
Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and spent some time with us on a beautiful summer night
The Hangabouts Jul 04, 2018
Come ride the heat wave down into the 80's with us this Friday, July 6th at the Dexter Summer Concert Series. We're playing with The Secrets on a killer double bill you won't won't to miss. Show starts at 6:30. Oh, and there's a juggler, who doesn't love a juggler?!!
The Hangabouts Jun 28, 2018
Pretty cool to see our first record "Illustrated Bird" on the Sugarbush label insert included with all of their awesome records. Pick up some vinyl - good for your ears
The Hangabouts Jun 26, 2018
Tune in to The Big Stir Radar Hour with Christina and Rex this Thursday for an hour - guaranteed you'll hear songs you'll dig!
The Hangabouts Jun 15, 2018
Beetles are lighting, mosquitoes are biting... but still, It's Cricket Time!
The Hangabouts Jun 15, 2018
Hey everyone, it's Cricket Time! Time to chill and watch Set It Up tonight on Netflix. A song from our latest release Kits & Cats and Saxon Wives is featured in the film.
The Hangabouts Jun 07, 2018
Everyone's going to the movies. Or staying home for them. Watch this space for some exciting film soundtrack news.
The Hangabouts May 21, 2018
It might be May 2018 but some Best of 2017's are just seeing the light of day. Thanks to Java Gene for including us in his write up along with some of our favorites too!