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The Gloomcatcher Jul 16, 2012
Some of you may be interested in keeping an eye out on this. I'm releasing a chapter by chapter audio novel called Hours. First chapter called The Contract, is up at this link if you are at all interested. Cheers!
The Gloomcatcher May 20, 2012
Show tonight at Mississippi Pizza. 9PM. Going to play some new jams.
The Gloomcatcher Feb 29, 2012
The Gloomcatcher's cover photo
The Gloomcatcher Feb 20, 2012
New TRE song! Download it for free!
The Gloomcatcher Jan 04, 2012
If anyone is interested in seeing me play a small show, and happen to be in the LA area this Monday the 9th @ 7PM. Come to the Opperman Loft. It's free! Let's hang out, LA is a lonely place when traveling. Let's change that.
The Gloomcatcher Nov 30, 2011
Hey! Check out the EP on Noisetrade. It's completely free in exchange for your email address!!! If you already bought it -- you are awesome! And you should download it again for free anyway just so I can annoy you with emails!
The Gloomcatcher Oct 18, 2011
Hope to see all of you out at Mississippi Pizza this Saturday, Oct. 22. 9PM. Cover $3. 21+
The Gloomcatcher Oct 13, 2011
We are playing tomorrow night in Everett, WA at Tony V's Garage! 9pm, $5. Come hang out with us if you want to hear tunes off the new EP-Starla Over The Fences!
The Gloomcatcher Aug 25, 2011
Show tonight at McMenamin's Old St. Francis School in Bend! Come hang out and get a free download of the new EP!
The Gloomcatcher Jul 19, 2011
Thought I'd repost the link to the EP this morning. The new puppy has been keeping me up at night, hence the 4am post. But head over and check out the new tunes.
The Gloomcatcher Jul 19, 2011
It's up guys and gals. Download the EP for only $4!!! Also there are lyrics included in the download so it's just a win for everyone. I'll be honest, I almost lost my mind tracking the song "Horses".
The Gloomcatcher Jul 18, 2011
Check It...
The Gloomcatcher May 12, 2011
The new EP - Starla Over The Fences - will be out July 19, 2011
The Gloomcatcher Apr 04, 2011
Guess what I'm currently working on??? A little EP that I was supposed to release in October last year.
The Gloomcatcher Dec 25, 2010
Merry Christmas lovely friends. May your year be blessed with peace, hope and music. Go to this link to get a free digital download of the album today. Most of you may already have it, but if not, here's my Christmas gift to you. Love you all -- Jessy Ribordy.
The Gloomcatcher Dec 02, 2010
Balancing several musical projects is tough. It's hard to focus on one without feeling like the others are being abandoned. The good thing about music is I don't believe it can be spread thin. You can never have too much of it. New TGC will be coming...just with a bit of a delay. So keep in touch and thanks for sticking around guys and dolls.
The Gloomcatcher Sep 29, 2010
Nude Evelopments.
The Gloomcatcher Sep 24, 2010
The Gloomcatcher Lyrics are posted at my blog (link below). The River Empires lyrics are posted additionally. Check them out if you so desire.
The Gloomcatcher Sep 13, 2010
Although you can purchase the album at Bandcamp for as little as $2 at the link below, Slow Chorale will be live on Itunes, Amazon MP3, and various other online sources by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks so much to all who have already purchased the album and to those who even purchased it numerous times.
The Gloomcatcher Sep 11, 2010
Listen to the complete album or download for as cheap as $2 at the link below. Have a great weekend!
The Gloomcatcher Jul 12, 2010
Slow Chorale will be available on Itunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, and Itunes UK, AUS, Mexico, and Canada in just a few short weeks. Also, this October a new EP will be released.
The Gloomcatcher Apr 05, 2010
The Gloomcatcher Apr 03, 2010
The Gloomcatcher Apr 03, 2010