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Dear Youth
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Fury and the Fallen Ones
The Ghost Inside Jul 22, 2019
We sat down with Kerrang! last week before the show and for the first time shared the inner workings of the last four years of recovery as well as the preparation for our return to the stage. Massive thanks to Sam for making each of us feel comfortable opening up and for treating this as exactly what it was - the most important day of our lives. Available online and in stores on Wednesday.
The Ghost Inside Jul 20, 2019
Our friend Jared Dines made a little road trip down to the show, got stuck outside waiting for his passes, and met the infamous Shed Crew. Glad he made it in because this vid is great!
The Ghost Inside Jul 03, 2019
We pause our practice to bring you this urgent announcement: There is a last handful of tickets finally released and on sale right now at See you soon.
The Ghost Inside Jun 26, 2019
Our friend Felix is raffling off two tickets to our show July 13. Any donation of $10 or more enters you to win and the money goes towards the amazing Hardcore Help Foundation. Whoever the lucky winner is will also get some cool bonus gifts from the band.
The Ghost Inside Apr 05, 2019
Alright gang, tickets go live in just under an hour! The link is
The Ghost Inside Apr 02, 2019
On Friday another batch of tickets for our show July 13 will go on sale. The show is still at The Shrine and all tickets already purchased are good to go. That’s the business, here’s the personal: we’re still in disbelief at the response to this show. Since November 2015, we have kind of assessed our progress every six months and each time it felt like we weren’t quite there yet. When we got together at Andrew’s house in January, we finally felt like it was close, and putting a date on the calendar was the thing we needed to push us that last little bit to get back on the stage. To be honest, The Shrine was our ‘reach’ venue. We knew there would be a handful of people that would make the pilgrimage to join us, but we had never sold half that many tickets for one show before. After three years away, were people still going to care? We should have known better. Last month you guys showed up beyond anyone’s wildest speculations and have turned this from ‘hope we sell it out eventually’ to ‘how can we share this with more people’. Thank you for sticking by us, thank you for being patient this month, let’s catch up again on Friday.
The Ghost Inside Mar 05, 2019
The Ghost Inside Mar 01, 2019
Here we go. Tickets are now available at There aren’t words for what this journey has been like so far. Thanks for coming with us. See you in July.
The Ghost Inside Feb 28, 2019
With tickets for our show in July on sale in less than 48 hours, we’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of excitement and support. There is one question many of you have been asking: “Is this your last show?” The answer is we don’t know, but we sure hope it isn’t. We won’t make any decisions about that until we get off the stage and have a chance to let it sink in. This is absolutely 100% the only show we will play in 2019. No secret warm up show the day before and no surprise tour announcement the day after. This is going to be a once in a lifetime night that we have fought for every day of our recovery. We will be joined by all of our families, friends, and those that supported us behind the scenes, and we hope that many of you will join us as well. Tickets will be on sale from 10 AM Pacific Time on Friday.
The Ghost Inside Feb 22, 2019
Rising from the ashes for one night July 13. Tickets on sale March 1 at 10 AM PST.
The Ghost Inside Feb 19, 2019
The Ghost Inside Feb 15, 2019
Update 2/15/19
The Ghost Inside Jan 25, 2019
Found a box of Dear Youth vinyl in the storage unit and since we’re all together (😉😏🤔) we figured we’d sign them and give them away. We’ll probably do it on Friday’s (TGIFridays duh) and spread it across all the places we stay in touch with you like The Gram, the Twitterverse, FaceSpace, and Vigil’s weekly Twitch stream. Probably means you should keep your eyes and ears open.....
The Ghost Inside Dec 12, 2018
UK/EU friends, quit procrastinating and get that holiday gift for the TGI fan in your life before it's too late!
The Ghost Inside Nov 23, 2018
Holiday sale in our UK/EU merch store.
The Ghost Inside Nov 12, 2018
Need to update your fall wardrobe? Check out these items and more in our UK/EU webstore at
The Ghost Inside Jul 19, 2018
Check out a little video Zach did talking about the ESP Guitars he plays! #ESPguitars 🤘🏼🤘🏼
The Ghost Inside Jun 19, 2018
New merch items in our UK/EU merch store. Find them at!
The Ghost Inside Jun 04, 2018
How it’s going everybody, Chris here! I’ll be hanging out today for this week’s Member Chat Monday! I’ll be doing some Q&A on instagram as well as on our twitter (, so ask away and be sure to include #TGIMCM so I don’t miss your questions! Let's talk music, recording, comic books, my cute ass kid or whatever is on your mind!
The Ghost Inside Jun 01, 2018
Today’s #TGIFridays is a continuation of Andrew’s #MemberChatMonday. For the first time he showed off the device his dad made to give him back the ability to play the kick drum. They call it THE HAMMER. Here is its action movie debut! “I wanted to give people a visual of how The Hammer works. I can tell you that BY FAR, this is more comfortable than using my prosthesis. There’s a lot to work on. I physically can’t produce as much power and control as I can with a trusty ol’ REAL leg/foot/ankle combo. Mostly other musicians will notice that during the part where I switch the groove to the open hats. Because I only have a very short limb, there is also a timing/latency issue when striking The Hammer with my limb to the kick head that I think is just going to get better with more practice and experience. It’s honestly like having to relearn how to play drums again. The muscle memory is there, but my body is drastically different. Going to experiment with triggers to see if that helps my situation. To be honest with you, I’m fine with having an excuse to use triggers. I’m a huge fan, they sound badass and I love death metal 😁. So here it is. The first official footage of THE HAMMER 🔨 🤙🏻”
The Ghost Inside May 21, 2018
Another Monday has arrived, I’m a member, and I love to chat. That makes it #TGIMCM right? I’ll be doing the usual twitter Q&A today ( and I’ll be hopping on Instagram Live a few times to hangout as well. We can talk TGI, my new dog, the Golden Knights, books, or the geopolitical implications of populist movements spearheaded by autocrats. You decide!
The Ghost Inside May 17, 2018
Hanging out at the Call of Duty #blackops4 reveal today. Looking forward to the trailer and seeing all the reveals live in person! Thanks to Epitaph Records for not only being the best record label in the world but for getting me the invite to the event. Gonna be so sick!
The Ghost Inside May 14, 2018
Hey all! It’s Zach here for a little #MCM aka Member Chat Monday. I’ll be hanging and answering questions on our twitter in a little bit!, use the hashtag #TGIMCM so I can do my best to respond to you. No “case of the mondays” here, let’s get a bit intimate, and maybe even a little weird 🤘🏼
The Ghost Inside May 04, 2018
This week's #TGIFridays buffet brings you an episode of David Clark Wearesuperman's podcast featuring our lead screamer Jonathan Vigil. They got together for this a few days after our first practice. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!
The Ghost Inside Apr 30, 2018
This is The Ghost Inside 2018. We weren’t always sure we would make it here. All along we’ve said ‘let’s just get in a room with instruments and see what happens’. Andrew gave us 4 clicks and we sailed off into Between the Lines. Over the next few hours we hacked our way through a dozen or so songs, one at a time. Everything is different. Fingers and feet and throats that have played these songs a thousand times don’t operate on autopilot anymore. But there was something special, something beautiful, in doing the thing we love by sheer force of will. Spending a week together as bandmates answered the question that has been on all of our minds - yes there is a future for TGI. We still aren’t sure exactly what it looks like. It might be one show, it might be a few shows. It could be a new song or a whole new record. Our journey into that future is just beginning, and we will bring everyone that is interested along with us. Every Monday, one band member will take over all of our social media to give you insight and updates on their personal progress, as well as glimpses behind the scenes of what we are doing as The Ghost Inside as this new chapter unfolds. We know that this is a new normal but hey, the same old thing gets boring right? Thanks for proving that you are the Tried and True.