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The Futureheads
The Futureheads
The Futureheads Jun 22, 2018
Looking forward to this!!
The Futureheads May 09, 2018
The Futureheads
The Futureheads May 05, 2018 Feels far too long since I've done a performance so I'm excited to start my summer gigs at this beautiful old railway in a couple of weeks, with a mixture of solo and band work! Come down! B
The Futureheads Apr 09, 2018
Barry will playsing some Heads classics this summer!
The Futureheads Mar 15, 2018
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The Futureheads Mar 02, 2018
Barry is playing this, hopefully the snow will be gone by then!!
The Futureheads Feb 03, 2018
Really sorry to announce that my gig in York tonight is cancelled due to illness, AGAIN! Lurgy is everywhere at the minute and I have fallen to it. Refunds will be sorted by the promoter. Doing the drive and gig would probably see me shuffle off this mortal coil. So sorry.
The Futureheads Feb 02, 2018
Looking forward to playing this rescheduled (due to servere lurgy) gig in the lovely City of York tomorrow night! Tickets available from
The Futureheads Oct 27, 2017
Solo acoustic version of 'Decent Days And Nights' for you perusal. Go to for ticket links for my upcoming gigs! Love, B.
The Futureheads Oct 21, 2017
A warm welcome on a cold and rainy night in Glasgow. Off to Edinburgh now for part two of the weekend warrior chronicles. :-)
The Futureheads Oct 12, 2017
Hey Scottish Heads fans, Come and see me sing some classic Futureheads tunes in Edinburgh, a few tickets left and it will be a great night! Come on man. It's just a sensible thing to do!
The Futureheads Sep 13, 2017
Barry Hyde is heading out on a solo acoustic tour this autumn and will be playing some 'heads classics! Tickets are available now from
The Futureheads Jun 26, 2017
Calling all NE based 'heads fans. I will be singing 'the classics' (hehe!) at this charity event in aid of the Grenfell tragedy. Come!
The Futureheads May 20, 2017
Barry Hyde will be playing a special Futureheads solo set in London on 26th May. Tickets available here:
The Futureheads Mar 31, 2017
Barry Hyde
The Futureheads Feb 02, 2017
Barry here, I'll be playing a little show at the Komedia Brighton next Thursday the 9th of February. Come say hello!
The Futureheads Jan 27, 2017
Barry Hyde will be playing the Ort Cafe in Birmingham on February 11th, don't miss out! Click below to get your tickets.
The Futureheads Jan 24, 2017
Barry Hyde will be playing an intimate solo show at the Cube Cinema in Bristol on 10th Feb. Advance tickets on sale here:
The Futureheads Jan 11, 2017
Field Music
The Futureheads Dec 09, 2016
My very good friend James Hutchinson from Miner's Hall Studio in Sunderland and I have been working with Sunderland-based singer/songwriter and all round brilliant bloke Keith Greyson. Keith has written nearly 200 songs and this was his first. A haunting Christmas song inspired by Charles Dickens. I'm really chuffed with how it turned out! Have listen.
The Futureheads Nov 30, 2016
Komedia Brighton
The Futureheads Nov 30, 2016
Only three more days until Barry Hyde's Pledge Campaign closes. Don't forget to head to the website to pick up the last remaining copies of the album 'Malody'!
The Futureheads Nov 22, 2016
Barry Hyde from The Futureheads will be rounding up his Pledge campaign on the 2nd of December! Make sure you head to the Pledge website to purchase copies of his solo album 'Malody' before Christmas.
The Futureheads Nov 03, 2016
Really looking forward to coming to my former city of residence! I miss Glasgow and can't wait to do this intimate solo piano show!
The Futureheads Oct 17, 2016
I've heard so many great things about Hebden Bridge being somewhat of a bohemian hotspot for musing and schmoozing, a shining beacon of creativity and expression in the often downtrodden and bleak North. This may or may not be true but I have also been told that the venue has a chef that knocks out 'real deal thai food' and nothing will be more appropriate on a cold December night than some sweet, sour, salty and sensationally spicy food. Myself and the Malody Ensemble, December 15th, Hebden Bridge Trades Club. x