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The Futureheads
The Futureheads
Victorious Festival Victorious Festival 2019
Venue: Castle Field (Southsea, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at New Slang (August 29, 2019)
Venue: New Slang (Kingston Upon Thames, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Rough Trade Bristol (August 30, 2019)
Venue: Rough Trade Bristol (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Rough Trade East (August 31, 2019)
Venue: Rough Trade East (London, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Rough Trade Nottingham (September 1, 2019)
Venue: Rough Trade Nottingham (Nottingham, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at HMV Manchester (September 2, 2019)
Venue: HMV Manchester (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Bear Tree Records (September 3, 2019)
Venue: Bear Tree Records (Sheffield, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Bonded Warehouse (September 4, 2019)
Venue: Bonded Warehouse (Sunderland, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at HMV Records (September 5, 2019)
Venue: HMV Records (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
2Q Festival 2Q Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Lincoln, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Electric Ballroom (December 6, 2019)
Venue: Electric Ballroom (London, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at O2 Institute Birmingham (December 7, 2019)
Venue: O2 Institute Birmingham (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Leeds Beckett University (December 8, 2019)
Venue: Leeds Beckett University (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at University of Northumbria (December 13, 2019)
Venue: University of Northumbria (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads at Queen Margaret Union (QMU) (December 14, 2019)
Venue: Queen Margaret Union (QMU) (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
The Futureheads Aug 17, 2019
Kicking off our 'Powers' instore tour at Banquet Records 29/08 🎸
The Futureheads Aug 16, 2019
Anyone that is in a band and has been lucky enough to print copies of their music will know that special feeling that accompanies holding the record for the first time. Today has been one of those days! 5 formats. All feeling almost good enough to eat! We can't wait to release these in to the world in two weeks!
The Futureheads Aug 15, 2019
GOOD NIGHT OUT Video link in the comments
The Futureheads Aug 13, 2019
The Futureheads Aug 12, 2019
Sonorama Ribera last week was 🔥 One more festival with Victorious Festival next week, then we're off touring instores around the country for the release of our new album 'Powers'
The Futureheads Aug 11, 2019
Have you checked out our acoustic version of Listen! Little Man yet?
The Futureheads Aug 08, 2019
Ross has done these AMAZING risographs to celebrate the release of 'Powers'. Check them out and more at the link in the comments
The Futureheads Aug 07, 2019
We had such a great time playing UK festivals in the last weeks - now off to Spain for Sonorama Ribera tomorrow! 🎸
The Futureheads Aug 05, 2019
You guys are amazing - with all your album pre-saves you've unlocked acoustic videos of Good Night Out and Listen, Little Man! 🤘🏻Link to watch in the comments.
The Futureheads Aug 02, 2019
Just a few pre-saves of our album left until we unveil the full versions of these…
The Futureheads Aug 01, 2019
The Futureheads imagined as superheroes: a link that should have been made sooner than the fourth album, surely. Jaff's attempt at showing his superpower of controlling minds by touching his temple has been described by some as Day-Lewis-esque. #TBT
The Futureheads Jul 31, 2019
We're doing Neverworld and Coombe Weekender this weekend - who's coming? Looking forward to blasting out some new songs.
The Futureheads Jul 30, 2019
The video for 'Listen, Little Man!' has a perfect balance between lightheartedness and menace, which marries very well with the concept of the song. Playing with the micro and the macro and highlighting the insanity that the human race is sometimes gripped by!
The Futureheads Jul 29, 2019
Check out our Instagram highlights and test your Futureheads knowledge with a little quiz we put up for you lot!
The Futureheads Jul 27, 2019
We are giving away alternative versions of our latest AA-single Good Night Out / Listen, Little Man! Pre-save our album 'Powers' to unlock them
The Futureheads Jul 26, 2019
🎥 Listen, Little Man! Stream/Download and watch the full video now - link in the comments.
The Futureheads Jul 23, 2019
Had a blast at Tramlines last weekend 🎸
The Futureheads Jul 21, 2019
We’ve done some acoustic versions of Good Night Out / Listen, Little Man! If our record 'Powers' gets pre-saved enough, these new recordings unlock 📷
The Futureheads Jul 18, 2019
In Walking Backwards' muppety twist, the band got to have a fight with BBC 6 Music's very own Shaun Keaveny. We were touring, and when someone suggested a video with puppets we were definitely into it. It harked back to the early days of the band where we were taken over by robots...
The Futureheads Jul 17, 2019
Tramlines and Latitude Festival coming up this weekend
The Futureheads Jul 16, 2019
Apparently if enough people pre-save our new record 'Powers', it unlocks some specially-recorded versions of the new songs... 👀
The Futureheads Jul 13, 2019
The Futureheads Jul 12, 2019
We’re very excited to announce a run of instore performances, including our soon to be sold out special album launch show at Bonded Warehouse Sunderland Warehouse. Can’t wait to see you there!
The Futureheads Jul 11, 2019
This take on a quiz show was a lot of fun to film for 'Heartbeat Song'. It was all quite Shooting Stars for us, and there's an excellent moment where Barry 'wins' Blind Date... The set began to fall apart at the end though, which was worrying. #TBT
The Futureheads Jul 10, 2019
Our special album launch show at The Bonded Warehouse is nearly sold out! If you haven’t already then grab your tickets - link in the comments