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Everything You Ever Wanted: The B-Sides
Off the Deep End
The Friday Night Boys Mar 27, 2017
Thank you So What Music Festival and everyone that came to see us at our reunion show!!!
The Friday Night Boys Mar 22, 2017
This Friday 3/24 we are headlining at Three Links - Deep Ellum, TX! We play at 11:15pm πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
The Friday Night Boys Mar 20, 2017
Heading to Dallas for our performances at So What Music Festival! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Show 1: Friday, March 24 at 5pm Three Links - Deep Ellum, TX 2704 Elm St Dallas, TX 75226 Show 2: Saturday, March 25th at Air Hogs Stadium with We The Kings Mayday Parade Never Shout Never Cute Is What We Aim For Forever The Sickest Kids and many more! 1600 Lone Star Parkway Grand Prairie, TX 75050 We play at 3:30pm!
The Friday Night Boys Mar 11, 2017
Surprise show just announced FRIDAY March 24 at So What Music Festival 🚨🚨🚨 tix here:
The Friday Night Boys Feb 03, 2017
Excited to be playing the So What Music Festival this March in Texas! Get ur tix at and get ready for the '09 mems #SOWHATMF10
The Friday Night Boys Jan 06, 2017
The countdown to March 24th weekend begins! Come see us for a one time reunion at the So What Music Festival in Dallas, TX!!! Get tickets here:
The Friday Night Boys Nov 17, 2016
Ok yall. Weekend of March 24th reunion show is real in Dallas, TX with We The Kings, Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade, Envy On The Coast, and more!!!
The Friday Night Boys Jun 09, 2016
7 years ago today, "Off the Deep End" was released on Fueled By Ramen. Thanks for the memories!
The Friday Night Boys Jun 17, 2014
Robby started a small record label in Boston and they released their first 7" today! Give Bob Records a like and follow all the fun.
The Friday Night Boys Mar 24, 2014
Go check out Andrew's new bands song on iTunes!
The Friday Night Boys Aug 09, 2013
Go check out Andrew's new band Summer Skin Search Party!
The Friday Night Boys Feb 13, 2013
Favorite TV show....GO!
The Friday Night Boys Feb 12, 2013
Evening all! Anyone want merch the cheapest it's been since labeling it cheap? We mean that, too. Head on over to: High fives and hugs to Dom and Man O for making this available to so many. They are so organized. Anyone have any good jokes? -FNB
The Friday Night Boys Jan 16, 2013
Guys and dolls, Merch is going for super cheap. While we wish that we could hop back in the van and spread them across a fold out table while people browsed with our live performance in the background, the demands of our new (young adult) lives have proven too much. What better way to remember all the lovely times we had than with a shirt, pair of booty shorts, an album, or poster? All orders come with air kisses. And sweet they are. So, so sweet. Love you guys. Thanks for continuing to hit "like" and buy some of our overstocked merch. Means the world. Party on, FNB
The Friday Night Boys Jan 04, 2013
Haiku: There is stuff for sale It is really cheap and cool Available now Besos, FNB
The Friday Night Boys Dec 10, 2012
Prices slashed, amplifiers smashed. Sweet threads available at our webstore for super duper low prices. A collective happy holidays from the four of us. Please take these sweet threads off our hands. We can't possibly wear our own stuff EVERY day...or could we? We can't. We shouldn't. Should we...? All of our love, thee eff, thee en, thee bee
The Friday Night Boys Dec 05, 2012
Those were the days when every night was FRIDAY night. Even the days were evenings back then. Remember your old favorite band, or maybe just a band on your iPod, or maybe just a band that USED to be on your iPod through ordering a discounted shirt, sweatshirt, pair of shorts, album (to re-upload to your iTunes), poster, or anything else that we may have laying around in the webstore. All the items are on sale and at an extremely affordable price just for the holidays. We know when gift buying is tough and sometimes tough decision have to be made. The important part is making the right one: Ain't no party like an FNB party, cuz an FNB party don't... <3 andy g, mikey t, chrissy b, and bobby d
The Friday Night Boys Dec 04, 2012
While in the thick of holiday shuffle, take advantage of our blow out sale going on in our webstore right now! Slashing prices on everything! All items make great gifts that are sure to leave you and your loved ones glowing through the new year....after that, it's up to you! mucho amor, eff en bee
The Friday Night Boys Nov 19, 2012
Our great friends in the amazing rock band LIONIZE were in a bad van accident a few days ago. Their vessel (van) and trailer were totaled, but their lives (most importantly) were left intact. They don't plan on starting a kickstarter because that's just not the kind of guys they are. Rock bands, and all touring entertainers, take such a risk when they set out on that concrete sea for weeks and months at a time. While we couldn't be happier to hear that they are safe, we know what kind of a toll it takes to have your means of income (touring vehicle) destroyed. Rather than drop money in an internet box for them, go to a show. Check this band out. I have a hard time imagining that any of you would be displeased with what you hear. They are such talented musicians, great song writers, and hard working badass mofoz. We implore you: go check these guys out. They are trying their best to get back on the road to finish their tour with Streetlight Manifesto. We love you dudes. Maryland represent. -Robby and FNB
The Friday Night Boys Nov 06, 2012
After a day of exercising your right, why not grab a cheap-o shirt from your once favorite band? Look cool no matter who you decided to vote for!! This is a chance to win. No matter what. XO
The Friday Night Boys Sep 24, 2012
Remember that warm and fuzzy feeling you got whenever you went to see The Friday Night Boys live? Remember the rush of blood that flowed from your feet to your finger tips whenever Andrew said "C'mon ya'll get your hands up!"? Those wonderful feeling can be recreated when you purchase a cheap item from our clearance store. Every time you look down at that name on the shirt you'll be reminded of all the fun we had. Much love, thank you guys for helping us clear out these items. Means the world to see them going to fans/friends all over the world. See ya on the flip, FNB
The Friday Night Boys Sep 17, 2012
Don't want to be left out in the cold? Grab a super cheap, super high quality hoodie from our online clearance store! Also a bunch of leftover T's and some tough to find CDs for sale, as well. Brings fits of joy to our hearts to see all those little "thumbs up" after we post something here. Thanks for not forgetting about us entirely! Help us clear out all this leftover merch and look good in the process! So Friday Tight, FNBzzzzz
The Friday Night Boys Sep 16, 2012
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Hope everyone's respective teams win today. Though, that is impossible to have everyone win. Actually, every order you place with us, you get something FREE. That means everyone truly does win. Safer than sports: hugs and kisses, FNB
The Friday Night Boys Sep 12, 2012
Everyone loves FREE stuff, right? If you place an order this week, it will ship immediately and you will receive a FREE poster! All week long, get in on it! Also -- have to reiterate that orders $30 and more recieve a copy of our LONG out of print and very HARD to find "The Sketch Process" EP. Illustration on the back done by none other than, Andrew Goldstein! Yuh, FNB
The Friday Night Boys Sep 10, 2012
Commemorate your former favorite band by grabbin' and extra cheap t-shirt, comfortable hoodie (perfect for the approach of Fall), some booty shorts (if you can shake it), or an album. All orders receive something FREE as a way of us saying "thank you for years of support and happiness!" Git sum, Eff Enn Bee