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frames Dec 07, 2018
frames Apr 27, 2017
Hi Friends Check this out: Our bassplayers band Lorraine has just released their debut EP. Take a listen and feel free to like and share! Make sure to catch them live on tour in May. Spotify: ►►► Apple Music: ►►► And don't worry, frames are still up and running
frames Mar 10, 2016
Back in 2013 we had the pleasure to support Tides From Nebula on some polish dates of their ETERNAL MOVEMENT tour. Today they've shared their brand new single WE ARE THE MIRROR which you definitely need to check out.
frames Nov 16, 2015
Much has been said already... Three years ago we played one of the best shows we ever had at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris. Hundreds of lovely rock fans gave us a warm welcome, the friendly atmosphere and emotional feedback were overwhelming. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families affected by this tragic event, and everyone suffering by the daily violence all over the globe. We have to stay strong these days and remind ourselves daily that the goal of terrorism is fear and retaliation. So let's resist both. <3
frames Mar 12, 2015
The Aqualung, the band of our mate Cornelius' (who jumped in for Manuel on a few shows) just recorded their new album, complete with a nice studio video - Give them a listen!
frames Nov 21, 2014
A huge THANK YOU goes out to Flood of Red & Maybeshewill. Really enjoyed touring with you guys. Hope to see you again very soon!
frames Nov 16, 2014
No coffee is strong enough after yesterday.. Thank you, Osnabrooklyn! Now on our way to HAMBURG. Doors open at 8pm - we don't know our stagetime yet but it's probably going to be early. See you laters, mates.
frames Nov 15, 2014
Flood of Red getting ready for the show tonight. Come and get some, OSNABRÜCK! Doors open 19:00!
frames Nov 14, 2014
We are really sorry for everyone who missed us in Frankfurt tonight. Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to start while the doors were open and were only allowed to play two songs. We'll be back soon with a full show!
frames Nov 14, 2014
FFM you sexy beast, see you tonight!! Be sure to arrive early at the Zoom Club: Doors open 19:30 and we'll be on stage shortly afterwards!
frames Nov 13, 2014
We´re about to play our first show in stuttgart tonight! Come out and have fun! Stagetime is 20:15! plus: here's ultimate proof that we're real artists (made by jonas in the bus)
frames Oct 23, 2014
Thank you Berlin! The first shows with Flood of Red and Maybeshewill have been wonderful! Don't miss this amazing package during the 2nd part of the German dates in November: 13.11.14 · STUTTGART · Kellerklub Tix: 14.11.14 · FRANKFURT · Zoom Tix: 15.11.14 · OSNABRÜCK · Kleine Freiheit Tix: 16.11.14 · HAMBURG · Hafenklang Tix: 17.11.14 · OBERHAUSEN · Druckluft Tix:
frames Oct 22, 2014
Thank you Cologne, great pleasure! Now on our way to Magnet Club Berlin, after we got the van back.. Stage time tonight is 19:50!
frames Oct 20, 2014
Looking forward to the first part of our tour with Maybeshewill and Flood of Red. Make sure to be there early as we'll be starting around 7:50pm! 21.10.14 · KÖLN · Underground 22.10.14 · BERLIN · Magnet Club
frames Sep 29, 2014
Jonas' "Stir"-Remix ist ab heute für eine Woche kostenlos auf Amazon verfügbar! Du hast einen Amazon-Account? Du magst atmosphärische, elektronische Musik? Hol dir den Stir-Remix für lau :) Verfügbar bis zum 5. Oktober!
frames Aug 29, 2014
IN VIA REMIXED is out now! A couple of friends of the band took their own approach to the IN VIA material - And you're invited to stream their effort below! Huge thank you and much <3 to the remixers LOCOTO, Paul David Heckhausen, biodub, Kryshe, !ngvar, Kasimir, and Frames' own Jonas / Holographic Field. Tell us your favorite in the comments below - we give away 25 downloads of the album to random commenters :)
frames Aug 25, 2014
frames's cover photo
frames Aug 25, 2014
Friends, we're still working on brand new material and plan to share it with you in 2015! In the meantime we finished a project we've been working on: "IN VIA REMIXED". This album contains remixes of tracks from our latest album "In Via", made by different producers close to the band, and will be released as download and stream on August 29th in Germany/Switzerland/Austria / September 1st in Europe / September 2nd in North America and the rest of the world. In the meantime, feel free to preorder the album at your favourite digital store and have a listen to the stream of "End Of A Decade" remixed by Paul David Heckhausen over here:
frames Mar 20, 2014
Who's joining us at Spiral of Noise on Saturday? It will be one of our rare gigs in 2014! Btw, we added some new tracks to our Spotify playlist as well.
frames Feb 11, 2014
Friends, we started our own Spotify band profile and did a playlist with a selection of songs we are listen to at the moment which we will update regularly. Might give you a rough hint of how the next album will sound like :D Follow us and Enjoy!
frames Feb 10, 2014
Just reached 2,500 Trackers! - Track Frames
frames Feb 03, 2014
Here's an interview Jonas and Kiryll recently did with Gentle Wave.
frames Jan 02, 2014
Friends, we hope you all started well into the new year and enjoyed some quality time with your folks. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and heartwarming feedback during 2013! "Don't Stay Here" kinda blew up on YouTube with half a million views - We love to go there and read through comments if we're feeling down :) Thank you for enriching our existences! There's no denial we've been a bit lazy regarding album number three. In retrospective, last year was more about personal changes in our lives, new projects and explorations. But yes, we're at it, and yes, we hope to hit the studio this year. There's other stuff going to happen as well, but you'll learn about that soon enough.. For now, have a piano sketch :) Love, frames
frames Dec 11, 2013
POLAND, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! A thousand thank you's go out to the awesome lads from Tides From Nebula and DispersE and all the beautiful people who were at the shows! It was a blast! captured a few snippets from the show, as well as some confused statements from sweaty aftershow-Jonas (with useless Kiryll lurking the scene) - Here's proof:
frames Dec 08, 2013
enjoying the beautiful polish winter