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The Flower Kings at De Boerderij (June 21, 2019)
Venue: De Boerderij (Zoetermeer, Netherlands) Find tickets
The Flower Kings Apr 14, 2019
The Flower Kings Apr 11, 2019
Cruise to the Edge
The Flower Kings Mar 15, 2019
The Flower Kings Mar 10, 2019
roine stolt news | ROINE STOLT
The Flower Kings Mar 05, 2019
Some great photos - PLUS here - Very nice review from Quebec - ( here a translation ) - "Last Friday night, I was at my fourth show in less than ten days and it was all one. JLC Musik has achieved a master stroke by bringing to Quebec, for two shows only, the Swedish progressive rock band The Flower Kings, renowned for making only very rare appearances on stage. So management room Jean-Paul-Tardif for a first listen (I know, I know, but is better late than never!) However, I knew the talent of the leader Roine Stolt on guitar for having seen with Steve Hackett (Grand Théâtre de Québec-2016) and Transatlantic (Capitole de Québec-2014). Stolt was accompanied by two of TFK's original members, Hasse Fröberg-1995 (guitar and vocals) and Jonas Reingold -1999 (bass and back vocal) and for the tour the no less talented Mirko Demaio on drums and Zach Kamins on keyboards. It was in front of an audience with well-awakened ears that The Flower Kings offered a masterful performance, everything was perfect; sublime lighting, extraordinary sound and music ... absolutely brilliant; a progressive rock with psychedelic spurs and dotted with jazz-fusion, I really loved it. Roine Stolt's voice was beautiful and her guitar playing extra; we love his long solos, languorous and soaring. And what about Hasse Fröberg, except that he was more expressive, with a more powerful and just voice, but in perfect symbiosis with Roine's. Mirko behind his percussion was remarkable for his athletic prowess. Zack, leaning on his keyboards added the magic touch to the compositions of the band and finally the impressive bassist Jonas Reingold who royally captivated me by his agility to literally run the notes on his bass. A two-hour show (with intermission) where the band performed four pieces of their last album published in 2018 Manifesto of an Alchemist; There Is More To This World, The Truth Will Set You Free, In The Eyes Of The World And As A Rapper I Am The Sun, Part One And Also Pigtailed In Different Albums; Last Minute on Earth / What if God Is Alone, The Flower King / Cosmetic Lover, Stardust We Are and Life In Motion at the recall. All the performances, lasting an average of fifteen minutes, were warmly ovationnated and the members of TFK were delighted and grateful. After such a show, The Flower Kings can now count a new fan in its ranks."
The Flower Kings Mar 05, 2019
Some great photos from Canada shows !!
The Flower Kings Feb 28, 2019
JLC Musik présente The Flower Kings à Québec - 1er mars 2019 - Salle Jean-Paul-Tardif, Québec, QC -
The Flower Kings Feb 28, 2019
JLC Musik présente The Flower Kings à Québec - 1er mars 2019 - Salle Jean-Paul-Tardif, Québec, QC -
The Flower Kings Feb 21, 2019
Montreal (Feb 28 ) - Quebec City (March 1st) - Hear more Flower King-dom LIVE !!! - The Flower King(Stardust We Are/Unfold The Future & beyond) - Get your tickets : Montreal: Quebec City :
The Flower Kings Feb 14, 2019
Echoes from 1997 - Limited budget recording but ideas make up for it:
The Flower Kings Feb 14, 2019
Good news - For everyone who loved The Flower Kings - Roine Stolt, Hasse Froberg & Jonas Reingold now revive the Flower Kings legacy with shows around the globe - The first in a long time. Having released collaboration albums with The Sea Within, Jon Anderson and being out on tour with Steve Hackett, the leader of The Flower Kings is now focusing on his own music by releasing a brand new album called "Manifesto of an Alchemist", under the moniker ROINE STOLT’S THE FLOWER KING. Now the music legacy of THE FLOWER KINGS can be heard at festivals and concerts around the globe again. - Set list spoiler' - Stardust We Are (complete song) - In The Eyes of The World - I Am The Sun - The Flower King - The Truth Will Set You Free - There is More to This World & more .........we welcome new members Mirko De Maio on Drums and Zach Kamins on Keyboards. Later this month see concerts in Montreal (Club Soda ) February 28th !! - and Quebec City (Salle Jean-Paul Tardiff ) March 1st !! - plus more shows coming up in France, Netherlands etc. - 🧐🔇🧟‍♀️💡🤩🥳
The Flower Kings Jan 31, 2019
The Flower Kings Jan 29, 2019
There are TFK shows coming up in Montreal ( Feb28th) & Quebec City (March 1st) - Secure your tickets !!! -
The Flower Kings Jan 27, 2019
1ofthe - Favourite part of the show !!! for me ..... - Yes, bass is lo in the mix but it was busy......not for slackers ....
The Flower Kings Jan 23, 2019
midsummer-prog-festival - June 22nd !! - Valkenburg Holland - May we present to you: The Flower Kings revisited. The Swedish band The Flower Kings, founded by guitarist Roine Stolt, turned the symphonic rock world upside down in the 90s. The band plays pure progrock that harks back to the 70s. The characteristic flowing guitar play of Roine Stolt, the distinctive bass lines of Jonas Reingold and the soulful voice of Hasse Fröberg characterize a big part of the music of The Flower Kings. Together with newcomers Zach Kamins (keyboards) & Mirko DeMaio (drums) the band has turned into a majestic live band. This makes the line up for 2019 complete, within the next days we will reveal the time schedule and we hope to see you all in Valkenburg on the 22nd of June![0]=68.ARCCUnR5kRqHELibQUS2tqI5jTvvH3HVdpIzRJqT04l2Dm_GBE7xQ7UzHfLrOffvCSIQqtCOiEwe5Wq34QBAW8dbsknnY8KH8jSQL-hJ3FI1RqtJej1P9tgDV0NLuBPs73TSYQQf1-vAEru_1rC3vbaskm_XX_LG6PnYOtqK237XNnJwM2EkXtE0-iFCurY264kSu2J_TIi1lCvnxf5dE3f4uCBt0ZEmSCNpY2DIyqzdTEXSFKifY3yoU6jJXTyECm35-MudGjFnLfDXm6sCBCCr01kGB-Y_WvBZghCfz0YfaVuIuNedkX0D97V8mqyjd3cKdAhnZZB4wUuN8ZdWhXl5vhk
The Flower Kings Jan 21, 2019
Hey - Here's a new song from a coming album (2019) from my brother and former TFK bassplayer Michael Stolt - Yes, it is in Swedish so a bit of the poetic beauty of the lyrics may get lost - but still a frikkin' great melody and top vocals - and has Michael on leadvocals,bass and ac.guitar, Lalle Larsson on Piano and myself o some Slide & electric guitars !! - Enjoy : Tell your friends!
The Flower Kings Jan 18, 2019
Felix @ it again - very cool stuff - great sounds !!
The Flower Kings Jan 16, 2019
Cruise to the wedge ........20-24'000 hz.