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Rolly Nice
Things Work Out / At the Royal Witherspoon
Earth Rider Mar 29, 2019
Earth Rider Feb 19, 2019
Summer gigs are sounding sweeter day by day!
Earth Rider Jan 31, 2019
Let’s begin...
Earth Rider Jan 10, 2019
Hard to believe its been over a year already! So much change has happened! Cant wait for all the good things summer will bring!
Earth Rider Jan 10, 2019
Let us take you there 🔮 🌍
Earth Rider Jan 08, 2019
In case you're curious what we've been up to! We brought in our man Don Bonus to fill in on some bass!
Earth Rider Dec 14, 2018
Fresh tunes in the oven #earthrider #buffalo #blues #soul #fusion #jazz #rock
Earth Rider Dec 03, 2018
We haven’t turned our back on you! Hey all you cool people, we’re entering a brief winter hibernation here and putting the best parts of our heads together and hopefully keeping yours bobbing to tasty original tunes. If you’ve liked what we’ve been up to so far you’re really gonna like what we’ve got in store! #earthrider #buffalo #blues #soul #rock #funk #fusion
Earth Rider Nov 15, 2018
's cover photo
Earth Rider Nov 05, 2018
Eyes shut 🙈#earthrider
Earth Rider Nov 05, 2018
Well folks, it’s time we announce that our current bass player David DelValle has left the band to focus on other aspects of life and we’d like thank him for not only finishing out our shows but also for always being a stand up guy. Wish him luck! We will also be taking a short break from playing out while we recruit someone and work on new stuff! Stick around for fresh digs and cheers to the old ones!
Earth Rider Nov 03, 2018
Last night! 11/2 Milkie’s #earthrider
Earth Rider Nov 03, 2018
One last chance to get spooky! #earthrider #graceoffaults #rayandtheroaches #obsoleete #buffalo
Earth Rider Nov 03, 2018
Well how about that! Great time tonight! Thank you everyone that made it out and took the time to come give all us musicians a shot!
Earth Rider Oct 17, 2018
New stuff soon! Recording and live dates! #earthrider
Earth Rider Oct 16, 2018
If you didn’t already know, we’re super stoked to have our bass masta David DelValle singing lately! 🎤 🎶 Can’t wait to record our latest works!
Earth Rider Oct 12, 2018
New dates tba!
Earth Rider Oct 06, 2018
We would like to thank Revolution Gallery for having us and all of you fine folks for taking the time to come see us! So much love!
Earth Rider Sep 30, 2018
Earth Rider Sep 30, 2018
November 2nd!
Earth Rider Sep 25, 2018
Today, remembering perhaps rocks greatest drummer. John Bonham was not only a drummer, but he embodied the drums. No man, nor woman beat the living hell out of their kit harder than this guy. While all at the same time, he was efficient with brushes and knew when to lay back and supply a groove for the band to shine. When the levee breaks, what is and what should never be, whole lotta love, Achilles last stand, and of course Moby Dick. R.I.P John Henry Bonham, you are and will forever be, an inspiration to drummers all around the world.
Earth Rider Sep 22, 2018
Itching to play live!!
Earth Rider Sep 21, 2018
Thanks for all the new likes everyone! ❤
Earth Rider Sep 20, 2018
Fingers crossed for Dickey Betts
Earth Rider Sep 18, 2018
Rest In Peace Jimi... If only you knew how many of our hearts you’ve touched and inspired to play harder and better than we ever thought we could. You taught us that blues is easy to play but hard to feel. You taught us that there are no limits. You taught us to stand up next to a mountain and chop it the fuck down because that’s what we guitarists do. Watching Jimi perform is like watching lightning or a fire. You just stare until it’s over, never doing the same thing twice. Your power will never fade and lives on in every note I play. Without Jimi there is no Earth Rider. As small and insignificant as that may be it’s everything to me. You were and still are my all time hero. R.I.P. James Marshall Hendrix. Hopefully Seattle parties extra hard for you tonight Jimi. 🌏🎸