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Rolly Nice
Things Work Out / At the Royal Witherspoon
Earth Rider Aug 18, 2019
The garfman seems quite content 😎
Earth Rider Aug 17, 2019
We just wanna say how nice it is that you folks still play our tracks and vibe on our music even before our album is together and that’s really cool. Sites make it easy to track numbers and we’ve been on the rise! Thanks to you!
Earth Rider Aug 10, 2019
The boys in the band. #earthrider #buffalony
Earth Rider Aug 10, 2019
Something very airy and uplifting we've been at work on
Earth Rider Aug 07, 2019
the boys speak up
Earth Rider Jul 29, 2019
Yes, our music is meant to be played very loud through a big stereo
Earth Rider Jul 28, 2019
Because why not! Here’s a clip of us shaking out one of our new songs “The Skeptic” to be released on our upcoming album. This was Dave’s (guitar) first time ever signing live! The things we do for tunes!
Earth Rider Jul 26, 2019
Experiencing so much JOY working on this first album!
Earth Rider Jul 24, 2019
Heres a quick vid of our tune "What I Need" at our Resurgence Brewery gig. We hope you enjoy Vid Cred: Samantha Rabatin
Earth Rider Jul 23, 2019
Who wants a music video?
Earth Rider Jul 17, 2019
Here’s some footage of us performing Fancy Free!
Earth Rider Jul 14, 2019
Earth Rider
Earth Rider Jul 12, 2019
Resurgence is jumpin! Setting up!
Earth Rider Jul 12, 2019
Come have some fun at @resurgencebrewingco with us tonight! We kick it off at 7! #earthrider #resurgencebrewery
Earth Rider Jul 04, 2019
Time to bask!💥 🎉
Earth Rider Jul 04, 2019
New dates and our first album coming soon! #earthrider #buffalony
Earth Rider Jun 30, 2019
Thank you to the people who ventured to see us and to the new comers alike!
Earth Rider Jun 25, 2019
Dave Niro and David DelValle rehearsing the Skeptic. Be sure to catch us at Tudor Lounge 5/29: doors are at 9, hope to see you there!
Earth Rider Jun 13, 2019
The boys!!!
Earth Rider Jun 12, 2019
How about a little rehearsal of Pie In The Sky?
Earth Rider Jun 08, 2019
Thank you for everyone who came out to support relay, and us! Looking forward to more shows!
Earth Rider May 24, 2019
We have been hard at work on our first full length album so make sure to pay your cellphone bill and keep your eyes on our page! #earthrider
Earth Rider May 08, 2019
Very pleased to announced David DelValle is back to lay down more smooth grooves! Dates and shows to be announced, summer is looking promising!
Earth Rider May 01, 2019
Exciting news, and show to be announced... Stay tuned!
Earth Rider Mar 29, 2019