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Twelve Stops And Home (Deluxe)
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Twelve Stops and Home
The FEEL Dec 13, 2018
's cover photo
The FEEL Dec 08, 2018
Time to get the grooves out!!! December party at The District...Friday December 14th!!! Come cop some Feels with us!!! 930pm start!!! OH YEAH!!!
The FEEL Nov 22, 2018
The FEEL likes to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Eat well and be merry. We will be seeing you all soon in about a couple weeks!!!
The FEEL Nov 11, 2018
Was a blast of a gig last night!!! The District was a smokin'. Tons of thanks to everyone there as well as to the staff of The District. So, the Feel will be off for couple of weeks....then Back at the District on Dec 14th. Until then, send us a shout on what you would like us to play....maybe at our next gig we will play it for ya!!!
The FEEL Nov 10, 2018
Tonight tonight tonight! @ 930pm 🤘🤘🤘
The FEEL Nov 05, 2018
Was a nice nite at the Pershing Inn on Friday....had a blast!!! Grooved all night and had a few shots!!! Now it is time to recoup and ready ourselves for this Friday nite @ The District!!! See ya then!!! Keep Coppin' Them Feels!!!
The FEEL Nov 01, 2018
The FEEL COPPIN' is this FRIDAY!!! @ The Pershing Inn!!!! Come on out and get some sweet grooving music and killer drinks!!!! Show starts at 9pm. Sitting in with us will be the magnificent Christoper Serrano!!!
The FEEL Oct 24, 2018
Was a rainy night last nite, but The Feel still got in a rehearsal!
The FEEL Oct 23, 2018
Was a cool night at The District this last Friday, we had a blast!! We have this weekend off, then we are back at it Nov 2nd @ The Pershing Inn!!!! Keep aneye out on our page for future gigs!!!!
The FEEL Oct 09, 2018
's cover photo
The FEEL Sep 03, 2018
Hope everyone had a fab weekend!!!! Time to get ready for this coming weekends Festivities!!! The FEEL will be playing two spots this weekend...come and Cop a Feel two TIMES!!! September 7th we will be at the Pershing Inn and then September 8th at the District!!!! Come on out!!!
The FEEL Aug 31, 2018
Have a Fab Labor Day weekend!!! The Feel will be off, but make sure you go out and support the local music scene!!! We will be back coppin some Feels at the PI on Sept 7th, then the District on Sept 8th!!! Hope to see you there!!!!
The FEEL Aug 19, 2018
Had a tremendous blast last nite at the Pershing Inn...was a great crowd and Tana and the Staff were great as usual!!! The next end this hot month of August, will be the District on Friday nite, August 24th!!! Hope to see everyone there!!! Lets cop us some Feels!!!!!
The FEEL Aug 14, 2018
Well break is over, time to Cop some FEELS....the place to be will be the Pershing Inn!!! Gonna be a nice night to unwind from that first week of school ( all you EPISD Teachers!!!) Lets unwind and groove to the best Classic Rock, Dance Rock, with a bit of Country and Spanish Rock in the mix!!!
The FEEL Aug 05, 2018
A little snippet of our show at the Tap and Cork on Saturday...was a HOT day but fun nonetheless!!! Thanks to all the folks and staff at the Ft Bliss MWR, and Lora-Lynn for having us at this awesome event!! We have a weekend off....Isaac will be on Holiday for a week...we will be seeing you all at the PI on August 17th!!!
The FEEL Jul 31, 2018
a little bit from our gig at The Brooklyn Lounge at Bowl El Paso. Thank you Jose for the Video!
The FEEL Jul 26, 2018
This Sunday!!!
The FEEL Jul 22, 2018
Rocking The District tonight at 930pm! See you there...🎶💃🍻🙌
The FEEL Jul 18, 2018
Hard to believe 2018 has already passed the half way mark. Well here is a listing off our gigs to the years end....keep up with our FB and these gigs will be posted as reminders to come cop a FEEL!!! Hope to see you Friday at the PI!!!
The FEEL Jul 16, 2018
Class A Musicians. The FEEL would like to thanks these two drummers who filled in during our drummers absence. Chris Serrano and Anthony Pacheco are top notch drummers who, without rehearsals, rose to the occasion. Any bands in need of some serious drumming....don't hesitate to call these cats!
The FEEL Jul 15, 2018
The FEEL will be at it this Friday at The Pershing Inn....some FEEL coppin' tunes and of course a special guest drummer....oh no wait...THE NACHINATOR is back (Get it together Nacho!!) Show starts at 9pm!!!! Then on Saturday catch us at The District (930pm)
The FEEL Jul 08, 2018
Hello Feel peeps!! Was a well deserved weekend off for us. Got the chance to relax with our families. We will be at it this Saturday at the Clamato Mistico at 6974 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79915, with the great Anthony Pocheco sitting in for the Nachinator. Show is 8pm to 12am....come on out and enjoy some great food and party with The FEEL!
The FEEL Jun 30, 2018
what this..Hector playing bass???..special guest Rick Brooks
The FEEL Jun 30, 2018
table 69...
The FEEL Jun 30, 2018
dancing and dancing