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The Explorers Club Aug 08, 2019
The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club Dec 06, 2018
This is your yearly reminder to enjoy our recording of THE BAND ‘s Christmas Must Be Tonight : Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all
The Explorers Club Sep 13, 2018
Who is coming to see us THIS SATURDAY at VintageVibe Festival in Los Angeles ? TICKETS ON SALE NOW !
The Explorers Club Aug 14, 2018
Who is coming to see us at VintageVibe Festival in Southern California?
The Explorers Club Jul 12, 2018
From J. Brewer: “Ten years ago our debut album arrived and it was quite an experience to that point. So glad to have been able to share those songs with everyone. Thankful to all the guys who worked on the album and the keen engineering of Matthew J Goldman. They brought the Vision to life. Grateful to Dead Oceans for releasing the record to the atmosphere. “ Share your thoughts and favorite tracks with us in The comments below.
The Explorers Club Mar 20, 2018
We are hearing rumblings of new EC performances and music on the horizon...
The Explorers Club Mar 11, 2018
Some of you may know we have a touring beach boys Tribute act : Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute - we have a ton of dates this year so come see us and we can give you some tidbits on new EC happenings and play your fav Brian and Mike Jams !
The Explorers Club Nov 13, 2017
Hey everyone! Wyatt and Jason just started a pretty amazing podcast you guys don’t want to miss ! DOWNLOAD NOW!
The Explorers Club Oct 05, 2017
Great article about VintageVibe Festival ! You guys coming ?
The Explorers Club Sep 23, 2017
We are less than a month away from playing with Best Coast and other awesome bands at VintageVibe Festival ! Get your tickets NOW!
The Explorers Club Aug 11, 2017
The Explorers Club Aug 06, 2017
So - we have a killer show this Friday at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. Come be part of some recorded experiments and hear some great EC music !
The Explorers Club Jul 24, 2017
Hey Nashville! We can not wait til August 11 at Mercy Lounge ! Come see us for the first time in a while performing songs from all of our records.
The Explorers Club Jul 06, 2017
Check out the studio where we made TOGETHER ! Reel Recording - if you need to make a record - there aren't many better places to do so.
The Explorers Club Jul 06, 2017
So who is coming to Palm Springs this fall to see us, Best Coast, Generationals, and Sonny & the Sunsets at VintageVibe Festival ?
The Explorers Club Jun 23, 2017
One year ago we released our third album TOGETHER on Goldstar Recordings ! To celebrate we are giving away some LPs. Like and comment about your favorite tracks from this album and we will pick winners for the free LPs!
The Explorers Club May 27, 2017
The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club May 20, 2017
We're heading out to California again later this year for Vintage Vibe Fest!! #Repost @vintagevibefest ・・・ ✨The Explorers Club: October 21st 2017 @vintagevibefest ✨ TICKETS AVAILABLE SOON ____________________ #sneakpeek #tunein #vintagestyle #palmsprings #california #moretocome #musicfestival #theexplorersclub
The Explorers Club Apr 17, 2017
The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club Apr 17, 2017
The Explorers Club's cover photo
The Explorers Club Apr 15, 2017
The Explorers Club's cover photo
The Explorers Club Apr 15, 2017
Tonight we are playing the album that has inspired and intimidated the members of The Explorers Club probably more than any other. We are so excited to play this show and we hope you'll be there to share the experience. Pet Sounds Live at the Mercy Lounge. Doors at 8.
The Explorers Club Apr 10, 2017
Last night Wyatt and Jason got to hang with two pop heroes! Darian Sahanaja and Colin Blunstone
The Explorers Club Apr 08, 2017
The Explorers Club