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Play for Keeps
Play for Keeps
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Born Ruffians and The Elwins at Phoenix Concert Theatre (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Phoenix Concert Theatre (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
The Elwins Apr 16, 2019
feeling cute
The Elwins Apr 16, 2019
SXSW pics from our sweet daddy @jumper @ Austin, Texas
The Elwins Apr 16, 2019
BIKE CLUB (our punk band with our manager Eric) returns tomorrow night at The Cameron House. I have a hunch it’s gunna be a SLAM DUNK kinda time ✌️
The Elwins Apr 14, 2019
300 songs into this now... Sort of crazy that it has gotten to this point. Thanks for following along and being open to checking out all these tunes on this funny ride that is the modern curated playlist. Feel free to tell anyone else about it that you know who may be into this kind of thing. Following the playlist and/or our artist page does help us even if it is minuscule. No theme this time but I will say it's one of the more whacky ones yet in terms of variety. As always, Matt did a great job with the art. Spotify
The Elwins Apr 10, 2019
National Sibling Day! Honestly it is so inspiring to see these two work so closely alongside each other. People ask us if having a pair of siblings in the band is hard but honestly I often forget they are brothers.
The Elwins Apr 08, 2019
go easy on yourself today buddies it’s just a lil Monday 📷: @zachdriftwood
The Elwins Apr 06, 2019
Last known photo of The Elwins before they completely transcended into DJs. Look out @skrillex watch your back @marshmellomusic
The Elwins Apr 05, 2019
my face tomorrow when people ask me to play a song other than “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé feat Jay-Z during our DJ set I AM DJ CRAZY IN LOVE
The Elwins Apr 02, 2019
This is so freaking sweet and kind! @thisistheelwins made their own Play For Keeps vibe sneakys ♥️❤️♥️ @ California
The Elwins Mar 30, 2019
The Elwins Mar 28, 2019
#tbt to some baby Elwins performing at Wolfe Island Music Fest in 2015. The kind people behind Wolfe Island have always been so supportive of us and other artists. Tonight we are hosting / “hanging out” at their Winter Ball at The Great Hall to help support the festival so they can keep it goin strong! Doors at 7:30
The Elwins Mar 27, 2019
Tomorrow night we host The @wolfeislandmusicfestival Winter Ball at The Great Hall in Toronto and guess what bud WE GIVING AWAY FREE (slightly water damaged) VINYL!! So come out and who knows what will happen!!! @ Toronto, Ontario
The Elwins Mar 26, 2019
Our amazing bud Roger Galvez came on the road with us last fall and filmed it and then edited it and now we are posting it! Now thats what I call CONTENT
The Elwins Mar 26, 2019
We HOSTING the Wolfe Island Winter Ball on Thursday GET THOSE TIX BUD GIDDY UP
The Elwins Mar 24, 2019
Another two weeks gone by :) Chrz to some more tunes. Subscribe/heart/like etc. if you waaaaant to Have another good two weeks! Spotify
The Elwins Mar 22, 2019
Does this look like the face of someone who is ready to rock?? WELL IT IS! Thanks to Spotify for including “Never Felt So Good” on the Ready To Rock playlist!!!! Link below: #rock #rockmusic #readyfreddie
The Elwins Mar 21, 2019
We freaking love @CHAI ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 #chai #punk
The Elwins Mar 20, 2019
We r hosting The Wolfe Island Music Fest Winter Ball!!!! These r our outfits maybe. March 28th! Buncha surprise performers! GET THOSE TIX…
The Elwins Mar 17, 2019
Dumboiz last day at SXSW! @ Austin, Texas
The Elwins Mar 15, 2019
Did you expect anything less? 📷: @jumper
The Elwins Mar 14, 2019
The Elwins Mar 13, 2019
About 2 hit the stajé. L👀k out SXSW.
The Elwins Mar 12, 2019
I am the loneliest pepperoni in all of Texas but SXSW SHOWCASE TN!!! B.D Riley’s at 10:00pm ✌️ #sxsw #sxsw2019 SXSW
The Elwins Mar 12, 2019
We made it mom @sxsw