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The Elwins Aug 19, 2019
tell all your doggies, we are playing The Phoenix w/ @metric on Thursday for Cureapalooza ✌️
The Elwins Aug 17, 2019
Peterborough I have personally tested all the chairs for tonight’s show even though you won’t need them cause it’s gunna be a freaking party ✌️ @ Peterborough Musicfest
The Elwins Aug 16, 2019
Tomorrow night we play Peterborough with the great @ruralalberta 🌞 it’s the last show of @ptbomusicfest for the year so you know it’s gunna be a time. Oh ya ITS FREE YOU SILLY GOOSE COME GET TAMBO ON YOUR FACES
The Elwins Aug 14, 2019
ya mom, we had fun last night
The Elwins Aug 12, 2019
disappointed dad that can’t stay mad 📷: @wafka @ Toronto, Ontario
The Elwins Aug 11, 2019
Hey hey! Incase you're new to our page here, we do a curated playlist on Spotify that you can check out. It's called Never Repeated and ten songs are added to it every two weeks. There's no repeated artists! 😏 ALSO! Feel free to check out two new playlists we started... Frankie's is called "Elwins Platinum Premier Playlist" Matt's is called "Weekend Primer" So yeah! Enjoy y'all 🙂
The Elwins Aug 09, 2019
Does this count as fan art? @thisistheelwins
The Elwins Aug 08, 2019
and just get attached
The Elwins Jul 29, 2019
MOM’S FAVOURITE BAND IS HEADED TO HAMBURG 🇩🇪 We are soaring over in September for Reeperbahn Festival but are also looking to play some more while we’re over there! Drop us a line if you feel like helping out ✌️#reeperbahnfestival
The Elwins Jul 28, 2019
silly Walmart recording is finished ✌️ if anyone can guess what we were purchasing they will be my new dad
The Elwins Jul 24, 2019
Sears vibes 📷: @roger.a.galvez
The Elwins Jul 23, 2019
Full list of summer shows! aka the pink eye tour 2k19
The Elwins Jul 23, 2019
Us dogs are going to be headlining the Copper Kettle Festival on August 24th at Creemore Springs Brewery! It’s gun be fun times woof woof 📷: @laurrojas
The Elwins Jul 19, 2019
Fan submission into our tinder photo series. Retweet if you think he googled us real quick. Also shout out to special guest stars @theglorioussons on this one ✌️
The Elwins Jul 18, 2019
soak up the sun
The Elwins Jul 16, 2019
Use the promo code ELWINS75 for tickets to the reunion tour 👴🏻
The Elwins Jul 16, 2019
Hope nobody thinks we are just laying around, cause we got some tunes cooking in a microwave oven and they are just about warm enough. 📷: @laurrojas
The Elwins Jul 15, 2019
Travis’ solo record is out today!!!! It’s called “Drummer Have Songs” and it absolutely SLAPS peep the link in our story to check it out!!!
The Elwins Jul 12, 2019
Travis's solo album is streaming on Exclaim!
The Elwins Jul 11, 2019
🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 📷: @wafka
The Elwins Jul 09, 2019
Our very own @travisstokl AKA Sivart is putting out a solo record and our good buddies @indie88toronto put him on the airwaves ✌️✌️ stay tuned
The Elwins Jul 07, 2019
Tonight’s the night! Free show at The Bentway!!! Elwins at 8 bb but come early for @ellevatorband & @commondeermusic
The Elwins Jul 05, 2019
It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that our cat Chezzum Bradley will no longer be making appearances at our live shows after taking a tumble today. If you have ever taken a photo of/with her pls send it in. @ Aurora, Ontario
The Elwins Jul 05, 2019
This Sunday bb!! Going to be playing some new tunes at @thebentway Block Party! We hit the stage at 8 but come early to hear the sweet sounds of @ellevatorband & @commondeermusic ✌️ ITS ALSO FREE AND ALL AGES OKAY LUV U BYE 📷: @djsoch
The Elwins Jul 04, 2019
Don’t even talk to me til I get my timmies