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Play for Keeps
Play for Keeps
And I Thank You
The Elwins Dec 19, 2018
I think someone has been a VERY good boy this year
The Elwins Dec 16, 2018
So apparently “Hey! Ya, You” was the 11th most played song at Alternative radio in Canada this year?!? So you KNOW Feurd and I celebrated last night. Thanks so much to everyone who has spun us boys music 😘 It’s coo coo bananas
The Elwins Dec 15, 2018
Swung by the Indie88Toronto sock drive 2day! Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs challenged us and now with a few hours left we would like to challenge RUSH Joni Mitchell & Neil Young
The Elwins Dec 14, 2018
Look which herd of deer made it on the new release page of Spotify 😍 Very honoured to be shared alongside @spiderman because we are seeing Into The Spiderverse at 6:40 #newmusic #newspiderman #spidermanintothespiderverse
The Elwins Dec 13, 2018
Thanks so much to everyone who asked for a postcard!! Was not expecting so many of y’all would want one, gunna send them out ASAP!
The Elwins Dec 12, 2018
WHO WANTS A FREE HOLIDAY POSTCARD????? Follow the link below and throw in your mailing address (or the address of someone you still need a gift for) and we will send all the nice vibes! Only 40 available. Luv ya buddies 😘
The Elwins Dec 11, 2018
Original Christmas tune from us to you bbs 😘 Has all of your Elwins singin a chunk! Check it out on all your nice music places! Link:
The Elwins Dec 10, 2018
Keep your peepers peeled for a lil something tomorrow
The Elwins Dec 04, 2018
Yo buddies! Where would you like to see your smelly boys play in 2019? 🤷‍♂️ 📷: @roger.a.galvez
The Elwins Dec 01, 2018
Thanks to our new bud Megan for helping us achieve our lifelong goal of looking like deer
The Elwins Nov 28, 2018
Keep an eye out for us on the new Apple billboards. Images captured on a iPhone XR #shotoniphone
The Elwins Nov 25, 2018
At last!..the final NEVER REPEATED of the year ❤️ Thank you to anyone who has ever even checked this out in the first place. It's a small labour of love to which we are very pleased to have possibly had a hand in exposing some songs and/or artists for those who follow this playlist of ours on Spotify. It's fun, right!? We figure that December is too busy a time to be doing this, so this will be our final one of this year BUT stay tuned because you best believe that we'll be kicking it back up next year! Every second Sunday of each month. Ten new tunes are added. Sometimes there are themes. No artists are ever repeated. Custom artwork. NEVER REPEATED.
The Elwins Nov 21, 2018
Looks like Buddy Holly isn’t the only thing Weezer looks just like nowadays...
The Elwins Nov 19, 2018
A star is reborn Lady Gaga A Star is Born #astarisborn
The Elwins Nov 18, 2018
Family road trip ft. Romantic Ghost Stories
The Elwins Nov 17, 2018
Steve Jobs reincarnate pre Apple keynote / post Apple keynote @ Apple Inc.
The Elwins Nov 16, 2018
Did you think I was done with this bit? THINK AGAIN BUDDY
The Elwins Nov 15, 2018
Really looking forward to when I hand off all of our social media to @thisistheelwins
The Elwins Nov 15, 2018
Huge thanks to @blundstoneca for keeping our lil footies warm on this chilly tour ♥️ 📷: @roger.a.galvez
The Elwins Nov 13, 2018
The new film “Travi’s Big Adventure” screening tonight at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver in theatres nationwide this Christmas!
The Elwins Nov 13, 2018
Sooooo looks like we will not playing Seattle tonight due to some border business. BUT @pbloopers are still playing at The Crocodile so if you’re around you should definitely peep them ✌️
The Elwins Nov 12, 2018
Somebody tell those old fogeys in AC/DC and The Rolling Stones that there is a new band with a patch creeping on their turf
The Elwins Nov 12, 2018
Let’s pretend this is the Space Needle because WE PLAY SEATTLE FOR THE FIRST TIME TONIGHT! Hitting the stage at The Crocodile at 8:15 ✌️🇺🇸
The Elwins Nov 11, 2018
Playstation boys play Victoria 2nite ✌️
The Elwins Nov 11, 2018
ATTENTION! For fans of our NEVER REPEATED playlist, this will be the second last instalment of the year. The theme is "19th Century Composers" this time around. Haven't followed the playlist yet? No problem. You can do so now ;) Spotify