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The Elwins Feb 14, 2019
It is with heavy broken hearts that we have to announce that there will not be a Valentine’s Day Livestream this year. Due to circumstances I will not disclose here Feurd and myself will be spending Valentine’s Day separately. We have been in contact about working together on live-streams in the future. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused. Thanks to everyone who has made the last 2 years of streams so special ♥️
The Elwins Feb 10, 2019
Vol.26 Here's another batch of ten songs that we think are good :) Artwork done by our very own Matt once again. *follow us on Spotify as well as follow the NEVER REPEATED playlist...please & thank you ;) Spotify
The Elwins Feb 05, 2019
The Elwins Feb 01, 2019
Our good bud Wyatt ( @wafka ) took some sweet pics while we were making the Grind You Down live video! Peep this first batch and if you haven’t seen the vid yet check the link below!
The Elwins Jan 30, 2019
Really stoked to share this vid with y’all. I wrote this song in a period of some mental health struggles. I wasn’t feeling so hot and went out for a bike ride to one of my fave spots to get out of my head and write. The words that came to me were almost like words of advice I’d give to someone if they were feeling the same way. We made this video last year with the help of some amazing buds, and hope if you’re feeling down it can help ya in some way! Link below!
The Elwins Jan 27, 2019
Well it’s official my parents have adopted Feurd 🤷‍♂️
The Elwins Jan 27, 2019
Hey hey! For our first themed edition of the year we decided to have another round of songs just from the 80s :) Matt did the artwork once again 🤘🏼 Hope you enjoy... *be sure to follow the playlist if you have not already AND follow us on Spotify ;)
The Elwins Jan 25, 2019
MAKE ME LIKE MIKE #basketballneverstops
The Elwins Jan 23, 2019
Want to get back to playing shows REAL BAD 💥 📷: @jumper
The Elwins Jan 17, 2019
Bringing our new stage looks to SXSW! Can’t wait to use our new musical ring to create harmony and buzz about the future of the musical landscape.
The Elwins Jan 14, 2019
Come sit on the bed buddy, dad needs to talk to ya.
The Elwins Jan 13, 2019
Hope y’all are ready for some #bangerz this year @mileycyrus 📷: @leandraearl
The Elwins Jan 13, 2019
The return of NEVER REPEATED starts now! Vol. 24 let's do this. *follow us on Spotify if you haven't already and please follow the playlist while you're at it ;) **new design layout for the year by our very own Matt <3
The Elwins Jan 10, 2019
new year. same stains. 📷: @kmylli
The Elwins Jan 08, 2019
US buds! Your commercials just got a lot more elwiny ✌️ Video courtesy of the preeminent Elwins account @thisistheelwins
The Elwins Jan 08, 2019
Feurd’s a Style Boy 4 LYFE
The Elwins Jan 05, 2019
great sunset. terrible photo. happy friday ya buds
The Elwins Jan 03, 2019
Father & Son
The Elwins Jan 03, 2019
I mean out of all of them I’d say Jeffrey Weiner #twinning
The Elwins Dec 31, 2018
Thanks so much for a sweet 2018 everybud! Very thankful we get to play music together. As you can see we have already started practicing our smiles and making calls for 2019. Hope ya like new music! SEE YA IN 2019 @ Planet Earth
The Elwins Dec 31, 2018
Your 3 Adidaddies are going to ripping some covers tomorrow night at The Rivoli to bring in the new year RIGHT. Thanks to our beautiful bud @hannahgeorgas for letting us pick some INSANE songs 🙏
The Elwins Dec 27, 2018
PRAISE BE!! @indie88toronto included “Never Felt So Good” & “Don’t Walk Away From Me” on The Great 88! Indie was one of the first stations to play ya smellwinz so we will always give them our devotion and first 88 children ❤️
The Elwins Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays buds! Hope it is nice / naughty but most of all safe chill vibes! 📷: 102.1 the Edge
The Elwins Dec 19, 2018
I think someone has been a VERY good boy this year
The Elwins Dec 16, 2018
So apparently “Hey! Ya, You” was the 11th most played song at Alternative radio in Canada this year?!? So you KNOW Feurd and I celebrated last night. Thanks so much to everyone who has spun us boys music 😘 It’s coo coo bananas