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Play for Keeps
And I Thank You
The Elwins Jun 20, 2019
family portrait
The Elwins Jun 19, 2019
🍊🍊🍊🍊 📷: @ashleyharriscaptures #goodboys
The Elwins Jun 19, 2019
we are suckers for a good livestream and had the freaking pleasure of playing on one the other day ✌️huge shoutout to everyone who made it possible!! @justpressit 📷: @ashleyharriscaptures @ Toronto, Ontario
The Elwins Jun 19, 2019
Hey! Ya, You is now on Facebook Live Watch the full session here 🐢
The Elwins Jun 17, 2019
SUMMER SHOWS BB 😘 (stay tuned for more)
The Elwins Jun 16, 2019
Hello! Hey! We're going Live on Facebook today at 2PM. Tune in! 🐈🐈
The Elwins Jun 16, 2019
Feurd is going to be a star on the daddy day livestream at 2pm
The Elwins Jun 14, 2019
Free show coming HOT 🔥🔥🔥 We are headlining The Bentway Block Party on July 7th it’s gunna be spicy and free and fun and spicy stoked to be sharing the stage with Ellevator & Common Deer 📷: @djsoch
The Elwins Jun 14, 2019
This Sunday we are going live on Facebook to play a couple tunes from BC (Beauty Community) {our last record} come join and celebrate daddy. CAUSE ON MONDAY WE GOING IN TO FINISH THE NEW RECIRD
The Elwins Jun 14, 2019
yooooooooooo buddies join us on Facebook Live this Sunday for a special LIVE performance!!!! CELEBRATE DADS WITH US LIVE
The Elwins Jun 14, 2019
Proud Curator Dads for @nxne Dakota Tavern doors at 8 WE STREAMING THE @raptors GAME
The Elwins Jun 13, 2019
Get these guys a spinach dip pls
The Elwins Jun 12, 2019
In the process of figuring out a way to stream the game at our @nxne curator show tomorrow at the Dakota!! STAY TUNED!! DOORS AT 8 !! @ The Dakota Tavern
The Elwins Jun 10, 2019
FREE MERCH ALERT!! Giving away a bunch of “vintage” elwins stuff at the show we curated for @nxne !!! This Thursday at The Dakota ✌️ super duper excited dis lineup ( @bunnytwunny @sureband @robin__hatch @strangeprocess )
The Elwins Jun 10, 2019
TORONTO!! Very excited to announce we are playing a sweet charity show with Metric !!! CUREAPALOOZA BB ( raising funds for the incredible Make-A-Wish Canadaa & Canadian Cancer Society ) Tix on sale now (link in story)
The Elwins Jun 07, 2019
Dad has to get to WORK @ Daddy's Love - A Happy Father's Day My Great Dad
The Elwins Jun 04, 2019
if you’re not sure what you should say when you match with someone on Tinder might I suggest using an Elwins gif?? Cause apparently that is a thing you can do
The Elwins Jun 04, 2019
Been hurt by a meanie?? Call Matthew Sweeney. He guarantees fair compensation and will bring that meanie to JUSTICE. Call toll free 1 800-GUD-DADD
The Elwins Jun 03, 2019
One of these asses is back from Ireland bb! ✌️
The Elwins Jun 01, 2019
Feelin cute...can’t think of a caption tho... 📸@roger.a.galvez
The Elwins May 30, 2019
We picked the bands, we planned the night and we guarantee you’re gunna want to write a 2000 word essay unpacking what even happened... The Elwins @nxne curated show on June 13th at @thedakotatavern. Featuring the genius @robin__hatch, the delicious @sureband, the infectious @slamdunkchump, a bop of an Elwins DJ set and a intriguing and beautiful art installation by @strangeprocess. Be there or suffer the pain of regret. Art by @primeministergraham & design by @matthewwsweeney
The Elwins May 27, 2019
the higher u climb the farther u fall
The Elwins May 22, 2019
Honestly folks don’t let anyone ever tell you that dreams don’t come true. We’ve made it
The Elwins May 20, 2019
was nice to leave our lil recording hole to play some tunes but now we must return back to where we came. As the tides rush upon the beach only to return to the ocean. lol 📷: @djsoch
The Elwins May 18, 2019
@djsoch took some saweeet pics of last night 😍