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Canyon of Echoes
The Dykeenies Sep 24, 2018
We are very sorry to say, that we have to unfortunately cancel our forthcoming show on 7th Dec at Glasgow QMU. Refunds from point of purchase. Please look out for future announcement, we look forward to seeing you all in 2019.
The Dykeenies Aug 14, 2018
Support acts confirmed!
The Dykeenies Aug 07, 2018
If we covered a song which song should it be?
The Dykeenies Jun 22, 2018
Tickets on sale now from ticketmaster
The Dykeenies Jun 21, 2018
Pre order tickets on sale now at gigs in Scotland!
The Dykeenies Jun 20, 2018
Pre sale tomorrow at 10am gigs in Scotland! General sale Friday 10am. Happy Wednesday folks.
The Dykeenies Jun 19, 2018 Come back tomorrow 10am and we will tell you a secret.
The Dykeenies May 31, 2018
Some amazing photos of our show in Aberdeen
The Dykeenies May 28, 2018
Big shout out to all our brothers and sisters that came to one of the gigs and or bought a copy of the EP! Without the support you show us we couldn’t go on, you’s make it for us ❤️💙 spread the word, get your pals to gigs.
The Dykeenies May 28, 2018
Most memorable moments of the 3 shows. 1. Best fans in the world. 2. Naked Jonjo in union street 3. leaving half of our equipment in Aberdeen 4. Aldo’s amp bursting into flames in Edinburgh. ROLL ON THE WORLD TOUR 😂
The Dykeenies May 27, 2018
Young Ryan modelling the new orange hoodies ahead of tonights sold out show in Edinburgh! Like if you think hes a dickhead!!!
The Dykeenies May 27, 2018
Choose life, choose live music, choose four legends, choose drinking on a Sunday, choose the mash house, choose Edinburgh, choose The Dykeenies! Get down tonight last few tickets left 💙
The Dykeenies May 20, 2018
Last tickets remaining for these shows still up for grabs! Get your ticket to avoid disappointment, it’s been a while people this will be special ❤️
The Dykeenies May 12, 2018
Now available on google play and Spotify.......
The Dykeenies May 12, 2018
So who all got the EP? What’s your favourite track so far?
The Dykeenies May 11, 2018
After seven years our latest release is here....New E.P "I wanted to show her all the beautiful things in the world" is now available to download on iTunes. Here is a preview of the track "Seventeen" Two weeks to learn the words before our shows in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh... Enjoy folks. X
The Dykeenies May 03, 2018
Support Acts Confirmed!!! Not long now and we will post more details on our new upcoming release soon!
The Dykeenies Apr 25, 2018
********PRE ORDER AVAILABLE NOW********* We are men of few words. Our EP ‘I wanted to show her all the beautiful things in the world’ will be released via iTunes on the below date. 11/05/18 Buy it. Eat more fibre. Solid Wednesday advice. Brian. (The Dykeenies)
The Dykeenies Mar 21, 2018
New dates announced for our new up coming release. Tickets on sale Friday at 9am. More info coming soon.
The Dykeenies Feb 28, 2018
Some never seen before photos of the dykeenies at sxsw 2008.
The Dykeenies Dec 12, 2017
Glasgow Live
The Dykeenies Dec 10, 2017
**Appeal for help*** Our bass guy Andrew found this art folder on a train and we want to get it back to its rightful owner and artist. The train was from Glasgow Via Motherwell to Edinburgh so possibly an art student in Edinburgh. It’s a girls folder with the name Laura written on it. If we can find the artist we would like to have her design the artwork for our up and coming release. So let’s pull together and do a good thing people let’s find Laura the artist!
The Dykeenies Nov 30, 2017
Which dykeenies song would you like to hear on acoustic? Maybe a new track? Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts.
The Dykeenies Nov 26, 2017
On tape.