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The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls Aug 05, 2019
EVERYBODY - i don’t often promote press or interviews, but this conversation with brian foster (of critical role) was really, really...something special. we talked long and hard and deep (and i believe we both burned through three cocktails each - how could we not - somebody had made corpse revivers and they were VERY DELICIOUS). there were tears throughout. enough said. i’ve been waiting for this one to be released for ages...and it’s airing tonight at 7pm Pacific on and will be available on youtube on wednesday, august 7th at xx
The Dresden Dolls Aug 01, 2019
HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! are you aware that Brian Viglione is offering 50% off drum lessons for the month of August? $50 / hour - Drum Lesson or Project Advice to ask any questions you have to help pull your project into focus. IN PERSON (Los Angeles) or SKYPE/ FACETIME avails! Book at: [email protected] 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 photo by Kenny Mathieson - The Dome, London
The Dresden Dolls Jun 20, 2019
MERCH SALE!!!! we have a few of the metal design shirts leftover from the sold out london shows last halloween, and now you can pick them up super cheap from the UK store, shipping worldwide!! 💀 check em out at (-posted by UK merch queen alex)
The Dresden Dolls May 30, 2019
#tbt Our amazing tour down under in 2012 <3 - How long must it be till we see you again?
The Dresden Dolls Dec 03, 2018
Photos by Kenny Mathieson
The Dresden Dolls Nov 26, 2018
TODAY is the LAST DAY of our HOLIDAY MERCH BONANZA!!! you can get restocks of your old favorites and new merch, including shirts, totes and patches with our new logo designed by christophe “lord of logos” szpajdel and brand new metal art long sleeve with art by dan seagrave. more details HERE:
The Dresden Dolls Nov 21, 2018
it’s time for HOLIDAY MERCHING! all of the new merch designs we had at the london shows are now up online as part of our holiday merch bonanza. check out the brand new dresden dolls logo shirts, patches, long sleeves & hoodies. details HERE:
The Dresden Dolls Nov 03, 2018
Cracking show, everyone- ❤️🤘🏽 ↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️ Amanda Palmer Brian Viglione “Watching The Dresden Dolls is like watching a revolution unfold beneath spotlights. They’re the perfect combination of punk fuelled anger, musical cabaret and feminist power. Each note they play, each song they sing carries the rage of a nation that will no longer be silenced. The Dresden Dolls aren’t just a band, they’re a community. The voice of the outsider, the alternative, the different, in a society that’s so desperate to eradicate unrepresented voices. And what better way to revolt than through the joy and celebration of live music?”
The Dresden Dolls Nov 02, 2018
In the spirit of reconciliation, on the Dolls Bandiversary in England, and in our tradition of dressing up as other bands on Halloween, we pay tribute to one of England's finest. Inspired by the band's 1996 landmark gigs (night 2 outfits for us) at Manchester's Maine Road, we celebrate on our second night of the Dolls shows at Troxy in London. Brian as Noel, mimicking the arms out stretched and bows to the audience, and Amanda with the trade mark tambourine and each with his favorite beer, we went for broke with Andrew and Ben Ellis on bass and had a great time hearing you all sing along. ~ "Those two gigs were important. They came at a crucial time in Oasis history, landing before Knebworth had been announced but after the release of ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)?’, after ‘Roll With It’ vs ‘Country House’ and after ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘Wonderwall’ had done their thing in the charts. The band were in a curious, fleeting position: teetering on the edge of being a bona fide cultural phenomenon, yet still with something to prove. In retrospect the shows marked the last moments Oasis could truly be considered a band ‘of the people’, rather than a band ‘for the people’. On a more basic level they were the first time the band had ever headlined a stadium and, thanks to a snappily released VHS documenting the event (the ‘There And Then’ live video hit shelves within half a year), the first time kids who couldn’t get into the gigs had a chance to see what all the fuss was about. I’d wager that a lot of successful post-Oasis British rock musicians’ first ‘gig’ was that live footage. Here, with fresh input from rhythm guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs and Oasis sleeve designer Brian Cannon, are five reasons why those gigs ruled: 1). Noel’s guitar Probably the most famous instrument in British music since Macca’s Hohner bass, Noel’s Union Jack Epiphone Sheraton was played for the first time at Maine Road. It’s become the epitome of what Britpop was all about – unabashed pomposity married to traditionalist grandeur. Apparently, according to Bonehead, it was a gift from Noel’s then-girlfriend, Meg Matthews. “She got a guy in London who did up guitars to spray a Union Jack on it. I remember he pulled it out and I was like, ‘Whoa…’. It’s pretty iconic now. Instantly recognisable. You stick a picture of a Union Jack Epiphone on any wall and say, ‘Name that guy’ and it’s ‘Noel Gallagher’ every time, isn’t it?” 2). The way the band walk on Oasis weren’t alone in the 90s when it came to having gallons of onstage confidence. From Cobain being wheeled out at Reading Festival to a frightfully youthful-looking Damon and Graham laid bare at Finsbury Park, to Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy’s chest-beating heroics, to The Spice Girls, to Bjork, Nick Cave and Radiohead re-defining the word intense, the entire decade felt brash and OTT when it came to how spectacular gigs could be. Latest News This was in huge contrast to the inhibited shoe-gazing scene that preceded grunge, and few walk-ons in rock have ever been as self-assured – as cocky – as Oasis’ second night at Maine Road. Everything about it was forceful, from the drama of the chopper sounds being played at full blast over the PA (surely a sly nod to the gang culture that still existed on the streets around the stadium and in Moss Side at that point), to the way Noel strides onstage: arms outstretched, dead-eyed, face purposely screwed up yet blatantly trying hard not to break into a massive smile. Even his jacket became iconic at that gig. It was made by Penfield and, helped along by ‘There And Then’, it pretty much re-defined what the word ‘cagoule’ meant for people under 30. I’m not kidding here: that jacket is still being ripped off today and, sensing its influence, Penfield re-issued a carbon copy of it as part of their 40th anniversary campaign last year. Vogue paid tribute in an article entitled ‘How Noel Gallagher Made the Nerdy Trainspotter Anorak a Streetwear Classic’, by writing that the guitarist’s attire at the gigs “became an instant hit with city-dwellers across the globe”. You can credit him, it continues, “with elevating the anorak from trainspotting mundanity to the realm of streetwear cool”. Full article: Oasis’ Maine Road Gigs Turn 20 – Five Reasons Why They Defined The Mid-90s:
The Dresden Dolls Nov 01, 2018
Big up Rutherfordphotography for the pre-show snaps and BRILLIANT live show photos within- miss the gig? Check these out roight heah: Amanda Palmer Brian Viglione #Troxy #London
The Dresden Dolls Nov 01, 2018
Thank you all for making this 18th Halloween Bandiversary Celebration a landmark event for us! A combined crowd of over 7,000 souls over three nights at The Dome & Troxy making our largest (and most rejuvenating) UK shows to date! THANK YOU ALL, WE LOVE YOU!! XXXXTRA Special Thanks to our crew for pulling this crazy circus off with us - David Hughes on sound, Jeff Maker on lights, and the indefatigable Hayley Rosenblum, Michael McComiskey, Jordan Verzar, and Joep Hendrikx for myriad action & effort beyond description but not beyond our deepest appreciation, Olya Viglione for beautiful vocals on 'Delilah', and Andrew O’Neil for emceeing the living daylights outta these shows. ~ VIVA THE PUNK CABARET ~ Photo: Hayley Rosenblum Photography
The Dresden Dolls Oct 31, 2018
Happy 18th BANDIVERSARY, DD FAM!! (We're old enough to vote now!) :D WE LOVE YOU ALL!! Brian Viglione Amanda Palmer & the whole CREW! Photo: @schlogoat
The Dresden Dolls Oct 26, 2018
The Dresden Dolls Oct 24, 2018
LONDON! we’ll have some brand new merch at The Dome and Troxy shows…. including this shirt and tote featuring our BRAND NEW METAL-AS-ALL-GET-OUT logo designed by Christophe Szpajdel - Lord Of The Logos! ISN'T IT AWESOME?
The Dresden Dolls Oct 08, 2018
Help fight hunger and bid on a pair of tickets to our SOLD OUT show at Troxy in London on Oct 30th on charitybuzz. This auction is in support of WhyHunger, and you can bid now until Oct 18th. More details at the link below.
The Dresden Dolls Oct 03, 2018
tickets to our newly added london WARM UP show at The Dome, Tufnell Park go on sale at TODAY at 3pm GMT. we'll be joined by special guests Maxim & Mercury, Grace Petrie and Ruby Wednesday.
The Dresden Dolls May 23, 2018
LONDON! tickets to our HALLOWEEN shows at Troxy on are ALMOST sold out. get tickets while you still can!!
The Dresden Dolls May 21, 2018
LONDON TICKETS FOR THE DRESDEN DOLLS ARE NOW ON SALE!!!! only two shows, and the pre-sale sold out in under 15 minutes: GET TICKETS NOW, HERE: BOOK FLIGHTS, PLAN OUTFITS, DUST OFF HATS, FIND STRANGERS TO CRASH WITH, IRON HANKIES, GET READY. october 30th & 31st at Troxy LONDON photo by jonathan beckley at blue hills bank pavilion 2016
The Dresden Dolls May 18, 2018
LONDON UPDATE for the halloween shows...the allotment of about 3,000 pre-sale tickets sold out in UNDER 13 MINUTES. holy balls!!!!! we hope you're all choosing outlandish outfits, ironing your hankies, dusting off your all-gender fishnets and otherwise preparing to scream and love. did we mention we will be playing new songs? no? we will be. two shows only, oct 30 & 31st, at Troxy. the rest if the tickets (another 3,000) go on sale to the public on MONDAY MORNING at 10 am British Standard Time. they will VANISH. set alarms or miss out. here's the link: photo by our beautiful photographer friend KRYS FOX Photography, backstage at coney island in 2016.
The Dresden Dolls May 17, 2018
we're feeling the love. you zipped through the pre-sale for the halloween shows at Troxy on october 30 & 31st FAST!! we have some good news: MORE TICKETS WILL BE ADDED to the pre-sale at 5pm BST today.
The Dresden Dolls May 16, 2018
it's dolls fever week!!!!!!! but we must pause for a brief Brian Appreciation Post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Brian Viglione, musician, chef, artist, maker, freedom-fighter, animal-lover, bowler-hat-aficionado, van-tetris-master, and THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORRRRRRRLD. love amanda photo by lauren goldberg/Fairytale Vegas Photography p.s. to everyone else: tickets for the first london dolls shows in 12 years are going on sale in about 24 HOURS!
The Dresden Dolls May 15, 2018
What do you reflect? ☀️ 2003 -Joe's Pub - NYC Photo by Francine Daveta 📸
The Dresden Dolls May 14, 2018
THE DRESDEN DOLLS ARE RETURNING to LONDON on HALLOWEEN FOR *TWO SHOWS ONLY* at Troxy, october 30th & 31st! head here for ticket info:
The Dresden Dolls May 14, 2018
THE DRESDEN DOLLS ARE RETURNING to LONDON on HALLOWEEN FOR *TWO SHOWS ONLY* at Troxy, october 30th & 31st! head here for ticket info:
The Dresden Dolls May 14, 2018
THE DRESDEN DOLLS ARE RETURNING to LONDON on HALLOWEEN FOR *TWO SHOWS ONLY* at Troxy, october 30th & 31st. these are our first shows in the UK/Europe in TWELVE YEARS and these are the only shows we’re doing - no other UK/Euro dates are being added. there are 3,000 spaces per night and tickets will vanish. tickets go on sale to the public on MONDAY, MAY 21st, pre-sale starts on THURSDAY, MAY 17th. get on the dolls' mailing list STAT to make sure you get in on the pre-sale: (IMPORTANT: you must join the email list before 11:59pm BTS on wednesday local london time to get thursday's ticket pre-sale email. a limited number of tickets have been allocated for pre-sale.)