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The Dreaming Jan 18, 2018
Now that the SW reunion is over it's time to get back to the serious work of The Dreaming. I spoke to Metropolis records today and we are pushing hard to finish the new album by June and have it in your hands (and ears) by September!
The Dreaming Aug 11, 2017
this is a song by some east coast friends of mine. they asked me to together. check it out and if you like it you can pick it up from their iTunes store!
The Dreaming Jun 12, 2017
The Dreaming Feb 09, 2017
Jinxx bvb tracking guitars on the new Dreaming album!
The Dreaming Jan 20, 2017
Live review of the Jinxx and brent dreaming reunion is up! Enjoy 🙂
The Dreaming Jan 17, 2017
Killer shots by @deliquesceFlux from bar sinister Saturday night
The Dreaming Jan 11, 2017
Awesome rehearsal tonight. So much fun playing with these again.
The Dreaming Jan 06, 2017
Potential set list for Bar sinister. and no this isn't open to requests. democracy is dead. Dead to me make it go away ugly let it burn bullet sticks and stones it's no good send me an angel breathing there will be blood every trace
The Dreaming Jan 05, 2017
10 days until the Jinxx and Brent reunion. First rehearsal tonight. This is going to be fun. Bar sinister Jan 14
The Dreaming Dec 08, 2016
So yeah this is really happening. Jan 14th at bar sinister. Jinxx Brent Johnny and I will reunite and play the forgotten songs of Etched in Blood. it's going to be epic.
The Dreaming Oct 03, 2016
Ultimate SW VIP experience!! you can meet the band get stuff signed and even hear me sing some acoustic songs. check out the link below.
The Dreaming Sep 28, 2016
go to to get your limited edition SW reunion show Tshirt!!
The Dreaming May 31, 2016
we've finally finished compiling all the remixes from Rise Again together onto one remix album! Carlton is going to start mastering ASAP and get it over to Metropolis so you all can get your hands on it! I just finished listening to the whole thing and it's a very diverse collection mixes ranging from full on industrial dance mixes to bizarre noisy ambient mixes. Look for a release date soon!
The Dreaming May 02, 2016
The Dreaming's cover photo
The Dreaming Apr 17, 2016
Here's another example is what you will see if you follow my personal instagram @dreamingchris
The Dreaming Apr 01, 2016
6 members of the dreaming spanning 13 years at Johnnys wedding. Chats @johnnyharo
The Dreaming Mar 11, 2016
hey everyone. sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time. I've been swamped between raising 2 kids as a stay at home dad, working a night job doing sound design for a video game company and trying to write a new album. not much news. I'm slowly but surely putting 10 songs together with walters help. Carlton is still super busy with Orgy but he has been able to chip in some guitar tracks on a cool new song of Walters. so far we haven't reworked any old songs still looking forward. but I'm getting the itch to finally record a proper version of crawl. it was never intended to be an acoustic song. I'm waiting for some new software. I built a really killer PC audio computer. I got sick of paying twice as much money for half as much computer to just to have an apple logo so I said f it and built my own. Intel i7 4ghz processor. 32 gig of ddr4 ram, awesome gaming 7 mobo with thunderbolt and USB C. 2 gig video card and 2 TB of SSD drive storage. it's a beast and less than the cost of a base model iMac. now to get all my software loaded up and get back to some music!! hope everyone is well. chris
The Dreaming Feb 22, 2016
Here is an example of the photos I'm posting on my Instagram page. Follow me! @dreamingchris
The Dreaming Jan 11, 2016
Walter and I had the honor of sharing the stage with David Bowie in NYC when we were in SW and he was as much a gentleman as he was a brilliant musician. We have lost a great talent. Rest in peace sir.
The Dreaming Jan 01, 2016
Happy new year to our friends and fans everywhere. Walter and Carlton and I have been working hard on a remix album of rise again to come out in early 2016. These are electronic industrial dance versions of the entire album and its pretty freaking cool to hear the songs in such a different light. My favorite so far is Walter's remix of blink of an eye. Crazy good. Walter and I have also written half a dozen new songs for a new album. I'm even more excited about these. If you get the chance go see Carlton and orgy on tour this winter. They will be out heading out next week. Everyone have fun tonight and be safe. Chris
The Dreaming Dec 25, 2015
Here's a little Christmas song for ya'll. Hope everyone has a great holiday. Chris
The Dreaming Nov 25, 2015
Gibson has a little brother. Say hello to Kai Christopher!
The Dreaming Nov 11, 2015
So Walter and Carlton have already jumped ship so I guess it's time for me to get on board too. yes we are all switching from protools to Abelton Live. but it's really hard to go from a program that I am a virtual ninja on to a new program where I am stumbling around blind in the dark. I'm too old to learn new things. haha. any tips send em my way!!!
The Dreaming Nov 07, 2015
here is a link to our cover of Garbage's Number 1 Crush. I thought everyone already had this. I just saw a comment asking for it so I will post it up here for everyone to download for free. we don't sell cover songs. we just record them for fun and then share them with you. enjoy if you don't have it already.