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Strange Days
The Doors
The Doors Jun 26, 2019
🎶 There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles...🎶 What do you think of Vampire Weekend's cover?
The Doors Jun 25, 2019
“Jim was feeling the pressures of Miami when we did this show. He hadn’t even gone to trial yet, and all the charges were pending.” - Ray Manzarek 50 years ago today, The Doors appearance on PBS’ ‘Critique’ with the Village Voice’s Richard Goldstein aired in NY. Watch The Doors’ full appearance, including their performance, on ‘Critique’ here:
The Doors Jun 21, 2019
"The horrible thing about a photograph is once it’s done, you can’t destroy it. It’s there forever." - Jim Morrison
The Doors Jun 21, 2019
Today we remember Blues legend, John Lee Hooker! “We always loved doing ‘Crawling King Snake.’ It was one of our favorite John Lee Hooker songs.” - Ray Manzarek The Doors covered The Hook’s classic single on their album L.A. WOMAN. Listen to the track here:
The Doors Jun 21, 2019
Hoje relembramos a lenda do Blues, John Lee Hooker! “Sempre adoramos fazer ‘Crawling King Snake.’ Era uma das nossas músicas favoritas de John Lee Hooker.” - Ray Manzarek The Doors fez um cover do single clássico do The Hook em seu álbum L.A. WOMAN. Ouça a faixa original aqui:
The Doors Jun 19, 2019
Own a piece of history! The Young Lion necklace, like the necklace worn by Jim Morrison in this iconic photo, is available in the official Doors web store:
The Doors Jun 17, 2019
Keep up with all things The Doors by signing up for the official Doors newsletter. You’ll know everything before everyone else and that’s a promise we won’t break. Come on through to the other side:
The Doors Jun 15, 2019
Where do you stand? Follow: Jim Morrison
The Doors Jun 13, 2019
“This brand new 4K restoration of THE DOORS in Dolby ATMOS® will provide far greater overall clarity and dimension for the audience…I wanted the film to be as immersive as possible to a real ‘60s Doors experience.” – Oliver Stone Oliver Stone's classic film has been fully restored for release on July 23, with a new edit to give the movie an even stronger ending. Get details about THE DOORS: THE FINAL CUT, theatrical screenings + more here:
The Doors Jun 13, 2019
Qual a sua opinião?
The Doors Jun 12, 2019
🎵“There will never be another one like you..” 🎵 Represent the band from Venice with the Oil & Water tee, available on the official Doors site:
The Doors Jun 10, 2019
Happy Birthday to blues legend and the original Back Door Man, Howlin’ Wolf! Give The Doors’ cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s 1960 single a spin here:
The Doors Jun 08, 2019
Ultimate Classic Rock
The Doors Jun 07, 2019
The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire—The Doors ‘67 Boyfriend tee is available now! You can’t lose with this one, baby. Grab yours now:
The Doors Jun 07, 2019
"A large audience, lights shining in my eyes, can't see the audience... [We were] excited because Albert King is coming onstage, so we played great. Then Albert comes on, and we played even better. We played dark and deep and funky.” - Ray Manzarek On this day in 1970, The Doors played the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. The show was a special one as Blues legend Albert King joined the band on stage, playing alongside them for four songs. Relive the magic here:
The Doors Jun 06, 2019
The Doors framed album art is now available on the official site! 🔥🔥🔥 Warm your home with the band from Venice:
The Doors Jun 05, 2019
You’ll be smiling too, as soon as you add this Doors raglan to your collection and introduce the band from Venice to your closet. 🚪 Get it now:
The Doors Jun 03, 2019
“Wishful, sinful, wicked blue.” 🎶 Karima Francis put her own touch on “Wishful Sinful,” from THE SOFT PARADE, and it does not disappoint. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We want to see your covers, too! Post a video of you covering your favorite Doors’ song & share it with the hashtag #CoverTheDoors -- we’ll reshare our favorites.
The Doors May 31, 2019
Sign up for the official Doors mailing list and your life will be complete. Follow us down and prepare yourself for updates on all things The Doors:
The Doors May 30, 2019
La canción “Touch me”, de The Doors es la última canción analizada en la serie “What Makes This Song Great?” de Rick Beato. ¿Qué tanto conoces sobre la segunda canción del álbum THE SOFT PARADE? Presiona play y analiza la canción Trust Me, con Rick: ¿Qué crees que hace que esta canción sea genial?
The Doors May 29, 2019
“Can't you feel it, now that Spring has come, that it's time to live in the scattered sun.” 🌤️ You don’t have to wait for the sun to show the world what you’re about with this Doors tie-dye tee. Brighten up the world around with it now:
The Doors May 28, 2019
"Touch Me" do The Doors é a última música a ser dissecada para a série "What Makes This Song Great?" de Rick Beato. Quanto você sabe sobre a faixa dois do THE SOFT PARADE? Aperte o play e curta "Trust Me" com Rick: O que você acha que torna essa música ótima?
The Doors May 24, 2019
The Doors’ “Touch Me” is the latest song to get dissected on Rick Beato - Everything Music’s ‘What Makes This Song Great?’ series. How much do you know about track two from THE SOFT PARADE? Press play and dig into “Touch Me” with Rick. What do you think makes this song great?
The Doors May 23, 2019
50 years ago today, The Doors filmed the panel interview for their appearance on PBS’ ‘Critique’ with the Village Voice’s Richard Goldstein. “It’s so funny now listening to that panel discussion. There’s this one guy [that] is so sure that we’re just going to be a flash in the pan and that no one will ever hear about us after another year. He was convinced that we would never influence anyone.” - Robby Krieger Watch The Doors’ full appearance on ‘Critique’:
The Doors May 23, 2019
Hoy hace 50 años, The Doors filmó una entrevista con un panel sobre su aparición en el programa de la PBS Critique, con Richard Goldstein del periódico Village Voice. "Es tan gracioso ahora escuchar la conversación del panel. Ahí estaba un tipo completamente seguro de que no íbamos a ser más que una estrella fugás y que en sólo un año más nadie iba a hablar de nosotros. Él estaba convencido de que nunca influiría en nadie". — Robby Krieger Vea el episodio completo de Critique con The Doors aquí: