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I'll Be Your Girl
The Crane Wife (10th Anniversary Edition)
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World
We All Raise Our Voices to the Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11)
iTunes Session: The Decemberists
The King Is Dead
Hazards of Love
The Crane Wife
Billy Liar
Her Majesty the Decemberists
Castaways and Cutouts
The Decemberists Dec 14, 2018
The 'Traveling On’ EP is available everywhere now! If you don’t have a copy yet, find order options here, including 10” gold vinyl, CD, and digital: All physical purchases of the EP include an immediate digital download.
The Decemberists Dec 05, 2018
We've added new items to our holiday sale! Shop now for up to 50% off select items and free shipping on all US orders of $75 or more at
The Decemberists Nov 30, 2018
We’re pleased to share that the title track from the ‘Traveling On’ EP is streaming now: Pre-order bundles are still available, including CD & 10” gold vinyl (released everywhere December 14, except UK/EU, released December 21), and a limited t-shirt.
The Decemberists Nov 27, 2018
Back in 2015, we performed “Oceanside” in bed for sick kids who are stuck in theirs as part of Children's Cancer Association's MyMusicRx #Bedstock. Make a difference by donating today at #GivingTuesday
The Decemberists Nov 20, 2018
We’re having a holiday sale in the Decemberists Shop with 50% off select apparel, posters, and more. PLUS, save on Illimat with a $50 bundle, including the Illimat Board Game, The Crane Wife Expansion, and Initiate Pin. Save now through the holidays at
The Decemberists Nov 19, 2018
ICYMI: ‘Traveling On’ EP pre-order bundles are available now, including CD & 10” gold vinyl (released everywhere December 14, except UK/EU, released December 21), and a limited t-shirt. EP purchases include a digital download upon release and an instant download of "Traveling On" and "Tripping Along (Full Band Version).” Shop now:
The Decemberists Nov 15, 2018
Here we are, in the final days of the YOUR GIRL/YOUR GHOST tour, the release of our 8th record, 'I’ll Be Your Girl,' a bare glimmer in the fogged rear-view mirror of time. Perhaps other bands would be content to rest on the laurels of another successful record released, another romp about the globe put to bed — BUT NOT THE DECEMBERISTS. No, folks, we have one last thing we’d like to impart to you before we go into our deserved siesta: We are announcing the 'Traveling On EP'! This little bugger is a sharp twenty-one minutes of songs that were recorded during the 'I’ll Be Your Girl' sessions but never quite found a home on the album those sessions produced. What’s the tracklisting, you ask? Look no further: 1. Down On The Knuckle 2. I Will Not Say Your Name 3. Tripping Along (Full Band Version) 4. Midlist Author 5. Traveling On This EP will be out on compact disc, 10” vinyl and, as is the mode, digital bits via your preferred streaming service. However, if you order it now via the Decemberists shop, you can opt to receive a bespoke t-shirt as well. Vinyl copies will include a coupon for a digital download. PLUS: if you order the EP through our web shop, you’ll INSTANTLY have access to digital files of two songs — "Traveling On" and "Tripping Along (Full Band Version)." 10” vinyl & CD released everywhere on December 14, except UK/EU, released December 21. Shop all pre-order options here:
The Decemberists Nov 05, 2018
We’ll have this limited edition poster designed by Jim Stoten at the merch table, while they last! See all remaining tour dates and find tickets at
The Decemberists Nov 04, 2018
The final leg of the YOUR GIRL/YOUR GHOST World Tour for 2018 kicks off tonight in Dublin. We’ll have this limited edition screen printed poster designed by Tony Millionaire available at the merch table. Visit for show details and tickets.
The Decemberists Oct 23, 2018
The YOUR GIRL/YOUR GHOST tour goes international. Bristol and Berlin are sold out and others are moving quickly. Tickets available now at
The Decemberists Oct 06, 2018
...these #hazardsoflove...never more will trouble us ❤️💀❤️ (until...?) thank you BOSTON thank you 💋BOSTON💋thank you!
The Decemberists Oct 03, 2018
The Decemberists Oct 01, 2018
Thank you, Tulsa!❤️ #yourgirlyourghosttour
The Decemberists Sep 28, 2018
GA and VIP tickets are on sale now for Colin’s solo show at The Old Church Concert Hall on January 19 to benefit Victory Academy, a school for kids on the autism spectrum.
The Decemberists Sep 27, 2018
New Orleans, we really, really, really love you.
The Decemberists Sep 25, 2018
The future is voting. Register to vote with HeadCount by texting “VOTER” to 40649 or visit #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
The Decemberists Sep 24, 2018
Colin will be performing at The Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, OR on January 19 to benefit Victory Academy, a school for kids on the autism spectrum. Tickets go on sale Friday, September 28 at 10AM PT:
The Decemberists Sep 21, 2018
Thank you, Columbus and Cincinnati!
The Decemberists Sep 18, 2018
Thank you, sweet Hamilton!🔨 #decemberists #thedecemberists #yourgirlyourghosttour
The Decemberists Sep 17, 2018
The YOUR GIRL / YOUR GHOST tour continues tonight in Hamilton, ON. Get your tickets now and be sure to swing by the merch table for the latest silk screened tour poster, designed by Tony Millionaire and limited to 300 copies.
The Decemberists Sep 05, 2018
Listen to the latest episode of Song Exploder where Colin shares the making of The Decemberists’ song “Once In My Life”.
The Decemberists Sep 05, 2018
ICYMI: Our lyric video for "Sucker's Prayer" is out now. Play it loudly:
The Decemberists Sep 04, 2018
The YOUR GIRL / YOUR GHOST tour recommences in just a couple weeks. Find all upcoming tour dates and tickets at
The Decemberists Aug 29, 2018
We're pleased to share the lyric video for our latest (and perhaps mostly humorously bleak) single, "Sucker’s Prayer." Turn up your laptop speakers till they make that weird brittle cracking sound, the way this song was intended to be heard!
The Decemberists Aug 20, 2018
ICYMI: Watch us perform songs from 'I'll Be Your Girl' for CBS This Morning's Saturday Sessions. Sucker’s Prayer: Once In My Life: I’ll Be Your Girl (web exclusive):