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The Dean's List Aug 23, 2019
Saturday night at the ELITE BASS Tournament: Frontenac Park - Union Springs - The Dean's List and Fireworks ! 6 PM ! Don't miss it Baby !
The Dean's List Aug 21, 2019
Excited for this weekend!! It’s going to be a blast!!!
The Dean's List Aug 21, 2019
Excited for this weekend!! It’s going to be a blast!!!
The Dean's List Aug 21, 2019
The Dean's List Aug 20, 2019
Perhaps we will see some of this at the Elite Bass Masters Tournament this Saturday - with The DEAN'S LIST - 6PM at Frontenac Park in Union Springs Because this weekend - it's ALL about the Bass.....
The Dean's List Aug 10, 2019
The Dean's List Jul 30, 2019
"Business Meeting" with 3/5 of the guys...
The Dean's List Jul 14, 2019
When 2 of your faves collide... Members of Night Train with our own Jeff, Tim & Scott! Good times...
The Dean's List Jul 06, 2019
Fun group and great time last night at Bottomless Brewery celebrating with Mix 98.5.
The Dean's List Jul 05, 2019
What are the boys in the blue blazers up to this summer? Check out our schedule below! It's gonna be a HOT summer! *Please double check dates, times and new show listings on our EVENTS page.*
The Dean's List Jul 05, 2019
Not sure how we missed it but Happy Belated Birthday to the man of many voices (AC/DC to Kelly Clarkson!),the leader of the pack, our booking agent, etc, etc, etc,! Here he is in his Birthday Suit yesterday. Happy Birthday Mark Hillis.
The Dean's List Jun 29, 2019
Marge's Lakeside Inn was rocking tonight!!!
The Dean's List Jun 18, 2019
A very Happy Birthday to our beat maker, organizational Guru, mechanic, double checker, friend and drummer, Jeff Sitter!!
The Dean's List Jun 17, 2019
Happy Father's Day from The Dean's List !
The Dean's List Jun 09, 2019
Enjoying this beautiful day at Tim & Mari's property on Honeoye Lake!
The Dean's List Jun 06, 2019
The Dean's List May 28, 2019
Thanks to Superfan Kristi in Auburn....THIS IS NOT US ! Sorry to our Auburn fans... THE Dean's List will NOT be at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneatales on Sunday Aug 18th for an event ... they are "Dean's List" - a country band out of the Southern Tier...we WILL be in town at KOSTA'S on Friday, Aug 16th ! See you there Baby !
The Dean's List May 27, 2019
Never forget.....
The Dean's List May 18, 2019
Had a great time last night at the Williamson Apple Blossom Festival!! The sunset was amazing!
The Dean's List Mar 31, 2019
Thank You WeBe Brewing for including The Dean's List in your 1st Anniversary Celebration!! And Thank You to all that came out that made it a great party! We love you all! 🍻❤🎶
The Dean's List Mar 30, 2019
The Dean's List Mar 30, 2019
We are here, you should be too!! Let's, I mean ROCK!!
The Dean's List Mar 17, 2019
ST. PADDY'S DAY ON THE HILL! Getting our green on!
The Dean's List Mar 17, 2019
Slow Riders getting the crowd movin' - Still time to get here to join the Dean's List !