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Dodge and Burn
Sea of Cowards
Live At Third Man Records West
The Dead Weather Jun 26, 2019
Listen to The Raconteurs' new album "Help Us Stranger" with track-by-track commentary from Jack White. Out now where you listen to music –
The Dead Weather Jun 22, 2019
The Raconteurs have returned with their new album Help Us Stranger. Listen loud!
The Dead Weather Apr 02, 2019
Longtime friends and musical collaborators helped make HELP US STRANGER along with The Raconteurs members Brendan Benson, Patrick Keeler, Jack White, and Jack Lawrence, including keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita.
The Dead Weather Dec 19, 2018
The Raconteurs are back! “Now That You’re Gone” & “Sunday Driver” are out everywhere now:
The Dead Weather Apr 29, 2017
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Third Man Records Vault Package #32 featuring The Dead Weather’s historic 2009 LA Mayan show on vinyl & DVD.
The Dead Weather Apr 25, 2017
Third Man Records Vault Package #32 featuring The Dead Weather LIVE at The Mayan LP & DVD. Sign up here:
The Dead Weather Apr 24, 2017
Jack, Alison & Dean backstage at The Mayan in LA after The Dead Weather's August 26th, 2009 show. Sign up for Third Man Records Vault Package #32 before the April 30th deadline to relive this ferocious concert. 📷: David James Swanson
The Dead Weather Apr 11, 2017
Hot on the heels of the release of their debut album Horehound, The Dead Weather played an absolutely incendiary set at the legendary Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on August 26th, 2009. This fiery live performance will now be released as a vinyl LP & DVD for @Third Man Records Vault Package #32. The package also includes a 7” featuring Dodge and Burn tracks “Three Dollar Hat” and “Lose The Right” pressed on black and yellow vinyl, along with a deluxe box to house all six of the Dodge and Burn Vault 7” records. Find out more about Vault Package #32 and sign up before the April 30th deadline here:
The Dead Weather Oct 24, 2016
The countdown is on for Third Man Records Vault Package 30, which features The Dead Weather 'Live at Disgraceland' recorded at the now infamous Alison Mosshart house party seen on a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The LP also features The Kills' performance from the same night and a set from Nashville guitarist William Tyler. Learn more about the complete Vault 30 package and sign up before the October 31st deadline here:
The Dead Weather Oct 05, 2016
Third Man Records Vault Package #30 features the exclusive Live at Disgraceland LP on transparent vinyl with blue streaks, the only way to hear The Dead Weather's full set from Alison Mosshart's house party recently featured on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown's Nashville episode. Learn more about the package, hear a clip of the performance and sign up before the October 31st deadline here:
The Dead Weather Oct 03, 2016
Many thanks to Anthony Bourdain for including The Dead Weather in last night's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Nashville episode. Were you watching last night?
The Dead Weather Sep 30, 2016
Tune in to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown this Sunday, October 2nd to experience Nashville the way Alison Mosshart knows it and catch a special performance by The Dead Weather!
The Dead Weather Sep 29, 2016
This Sunday at 9ET/PT, watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on CNN to see Anthony take Nashville by storm — cooking with Alison Mosshart and attending a house party featuring a live performance by The Dead Weather.
The Dead Weather Sep 26, 2016
Tune in to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown this Sunday, October 2nd, to see Nashville like you’ve never seen it before and a special performance by The Dead Weather!
The Dead Weather Sep 12, 2016
The White Stripes' 5th genius collaboration with Michel Gondry.
The Dead Weather Sep 07, 2016
Explore Jack’s songwriting career and his new compilation album Jack White ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS 1998 – 2016. Navigate the timeline to discover never–before–seen photos, artwork, commentary, collectibles, and rare live performances from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and his solo work. (View on desktop for full experience.)
The Dead Weather Jun 08, 2016
In case you haven't heard, the new album from Alison's The Kills is out now! Listen and buy 'Ash & Ice' today.
The Dead Weather Apr 21, 2016
Alison discussed recording #DodgeAndBurn and The Kills new album Ash & Ice with Vs. Magazine for their Spring/Summer 2016 issue on newsstands now. Photo by Ellen von Unwerth
The Dead Weather Apr 19, 2016
More from The Kills! See Alison in the brand new video for "Heart of a Dog," directed by Sophie Muller.
The Dead Weather Mar 23, 2016
The Kills are back! Watch Alison in the video for new single "Doing It To Death": 'Ash & Ice' is out June 3rd. Pre-order the album at
The Dead Weather Mar 21, 2016
The record's out! We are loving #PostPopDepression. Congrats to Iggy, Josh, Dean, and Matt on a job well done.
The Dead Weather Mar 17, 2016
The “Impossible Winner” playlist is also now on TIDAL and Apple Music! TIDAL: Apple Music:
The Dead Weather Mar 16, 2016
Listen to the new “Impossible Winner” playlist now on Spotify. Let us know your favorite song in the comments below.
The Dead Weather Feb 25, 2016
Jack White will appear on The Muppets ABC season finale Tuesday, March 1st to help his friend Kermit with some matters of the heart... Don't miss it! #TheMuppets
The Dead Weather Feb 23, 2016
Impossible Winner: