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24-7 Rock Star S**t
For All My Sisters
For All My Sisters (Deluxe)
The Cribs
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In the Belly of the Brazen Bull (Bonus Track Version)
Record Store Day 7"
Ignore the Ignorant
Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever
Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever
The Cribs Jul 22, 2019
3 years ago tonight. A beautiful evening in Millennium Square. Thank you to every one of you who came along and sang and danced with us under the stars - it’s a night we will never forget and we are forever grateful to you all for that x #MSQ2020 📸:@danny_payne @ Millennium Square
The Cribs Jun 27, 2019
Anyone recognise this building? Granada Theatre, 50 Mitcham Rd, Tooting, London, UK Photo by Bert Hardy #Coverlocation #musicalmaps
The Cribs Jun 17, 2019
Thanks Radio X for making MNWNW tonights classic album.
The Cribs May 14, 2019
Timeline Photos
The Cribs Mar 26, 2019
Proud to announce that we will be sponsoring @wakefieldunited in their debut season! Not only do we love our town, but this club is a truly great initiative, bringing asylum seekers and refugees together with city residents under the banner of football #unitingnationsinwakefield
The Cribs Mar 14, 2019
Meanwhile, back in Wakefield...
The Cribs Mar 08, 2019
The Cribs Mar 06, 2019
Exactly 10 years ago today, we entered the studio in Laurel Canyon, LA to begin sessions for “Ignore The Ignorant”
The Cribs Feb 28, 2019
2019 Official Fan Club badges are now available in our webstore! Plus, 24-7 Rock Star Shit shirts, tons of other stuff...
The Cribs Dec 12, 2018
Yr boys are the featured guests on the latest edition of the Phil Taggart Slacker Podcast! We go deep with lots of reminiscing and nerdy insights - listen and be enlightened! (Seriously it’s rad)
The Cribs Nov 28, 2018
Excellent new documentary on John Grabski released this week. Would really appreciate it if people took the time to read these words and then check out the movie about this inspiring person. “ I met John Grabski, and his brother Ben very briefly, in the late autumn of 2011. The Cribs had just arrived in Chicago overnight and checked into Electrical Audio Studios as John was finishing up sessions there with his band Teeth, for their album "The Strain". We bumped into each other in the communal areas and said hi, asked how the session had gone etc. Typical exchange of pleasantries really, before we proceeded to load in our gear, ready to get to work the next day. During our sessions Steve (Albini) filled us in on the story behind Teeth, and enthused about how great the session had been. We learned that John was suffering from terminal cancer, and was channeling his life-force into making an album documenting his experiences, helping him make sense of things somewhat and, I'm sure providing him with some much needed catharsis. We were stunned…dealing with our own issues around that time, John's strength really helped contextualise our own shit and helped us move past it - I felt so lucky to be in the studio with my brothers making an album and doing what I love. All the external stuff seemed diminished. After the sessions finished, I was alone at Chicago O'Hare airport flying home to Portland. I found that I couldn't stop thinking about John and Teeth - I wanted to know more about their story - so I logged into a computer and looked them up online to see if I could find out any more info on them. This led me to the Teeth Facebook page, where in several very sincere and honest posts John had laid out his goals and plans for the record he was in the final process of putting together. I had a feeling that I could maybe use some of the contacts I had gained from my years in the music industry to help him out, so I contacted him there and then in the departure lounge via email. When I touched down at PDX he had responded. We emailed back and forth for several weeks - it was great getting to know him, share in his excitement and aspirations, and come up with ideas to get the record out there. He was very clear about his direction and his hopes for the album, and I essentially adopted a pseudo-PR person role for Teeth, sending his music out to people that I knew would understand and appreciate it. Everett True was a huge fan, and as a legendary grunge-era journalist he became a legitimate Teeth champion - something we were so psyched about. Several people down at the NME were into the album too, and I was working on getting Teeth a 'New Bands' piece when I received word via Everett that John had passed away. Please understand that I am not trying to insert myself into John's story - I just want to give a little background into my personal relationship with Teeth. I very much enjoyed corresponding and plotting with John, it was a very satisfying and exciting mission to be a (small) part of. I was merely a fan and believer in him and his music, and thought his was a story that needed to be heard. So, in that spirit - please check out "Rock Vs. Cancer" the brand new documentary movie on John released this week. And if you feel so inclined, feel free to also help share his story. Love, Gary xxx”
The Cribs Nov 23, 2018
‪No Cribsmas this year? Get your Cribsmas fix by pre ordering this brand new limited edition White 2018 version! (Ships 14th Dec) All classic colours available in the store too! ‬ ‪Use FREEPIN at checkout to receive a free enamel badge with any merch order this Black Friday!‬
The Cribs Nov 09, 2018
Spotify UK have made their own official Cribs mix-tape, “This Is The Cribs”...and I have to’s pretty legit 🤘. Listen here
The Cribs Oct 20, 2018
Today is the 20th October- the same date these 2 guys came into the world by Caesarean section. Happy birthday Gary and Ryan- thank you for the music.
The Cribs Oct 13, 2018
Happy #NationalAlbumDay (isn’t every day Album Day..really?). Thanks to everyone out there messaging us and telling yr stories, it means a lot to us. Here are some photos from the National Album Day display at London Waterloo Station. You can also check it out at Manchester Piccadilly and Glasgow Central.
The Cribs Oct 08, 2018
Thanks to and BBC Music for selecting “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” as ‘one of the most iconic album artworks of all-time’ for #NationalAlbumDay! It will be displayed alongside albums from 1949 to the present day as part of the National Album Day exhibition at London Waterloo, Manchester Picadilly, and Glasgow Central Stations. Also, please consider voting for MNWNW as your favourite artwork here
The Cribs Oct 02, 2018
Killer new Toltec pickups, custom made and installed by Cribs tech Lee Laverack (@laverackguitars). “Gary Jarman custom 1/4lb P-Bass set. 11.6k A5 Deep Coil. Packing a huge low end whilst retaining clear string definition and killer dynamic response”.
The Cribs Sep 29, 2018
Finally received our gold discs for “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever”! We now feel like legit rock stars, thanks to all you guys. Seriously, thanks for still caring about this record, it means the world to us x
The Cribs Sep 22, 2018
Happy Birthday @ross_jarman - playing a show on his birthday, again! No rest for the 🤘wicked🤘 Pictured here in Liverpool on the first album tour
The Cribs Sep 21, 2018
After yesterday’s response to @Raging_Bullen’s Cribs artwork, we will be making this t-shirt available to pre-order for a limited time only! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis after the pre order ends.
The Cribs Sep 20, 2018
Awesome Cribs art from @the_raging_bullen 💖
The Cribs Sep 18, 2018
Ryan’s guitar world 2018 @fender @orangeamplifiers @matampofficial
The Cribs Sep 14, 2018
Next show - Manchester, September 22nd...Ross’ birthday! With Franz Ferdinand 👇
The Cribs Sep 13, 2018
#TBT Some cool shots from our recent show @bmlivefestival 📸: QRO Magazine @ Bingley Music Festival
The Cribs Sep 06, 2018
#TBT The Springtime years, circa 2002