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Counting Crows Jun 21, 2019
Ep. 67 You Get What You Need In which the boys talk to the completely awesome Kiley Lotz, the brilliant singer/songwriter behind Petal, check out her Garden Sesh, and then have an epic chat with the legendary Cyndi Lauper and her bandmates-for-the-night Hollis Brown all about growing up in Queens and playing rock and roll. Plus...dig my killer Keston Cobblers' Club t-shirt!
Counting Crows Jun 14, 2019
Weird to think about Oracle closing. I spent a lot of my childhood there. Saw ELO there in 78 on Out Of The Blue, Springsteen on Born In The USA, The Police On Synchronicity, Roxy Music on Avalon, a bunch of Grateful Dead Shows. LOTS of @Warriors games, saw the California Golden Seals Hockey Team beat the Rangers in ‘75. Just a great place. Lots of memories.
Counting Crows Jun 12, 2019
Dig this! You can now go check out the new Counting Crows Playlist on TIDAL!
Counting Crows Jun 08, 2019
Big day today. Not only did I get out of bed and make it to the Golden State Warriors game but we’re also announcing that THE HUNTS The Hunts ARE PLAYING Underwater Sunshine Fest In Nov. at Rockwood Music Hall. Staffer Charlie Ericson writes "Listening to Darlin' Oh Darlin' brings you closer to the natural world in a joyous, surprising way, as though you've gone on a walk in the woods and heard harmonies blowing through the trees." #Check his profile out
Counting Crows Jun 05, 2019
Ugh. I’m annoyingly sick but it’s still time for the Underwater Sunshine Podcast Ep. 66 Avant Gardeners James is out of town recording this week so we spend this podcast on Garden Sessions and interviews with Maria Taylor, Cameron McGill & What Army, and Ryan Hamilton. You’re not going to want to miss this one. We talk about stuff. PS. Thanks to courtney barnett for the title assist
Counting Crows May 31, 2019
For me, the best measure of our fest’s success is that bands want to come back. We want that too. Marcy Playground returns to Underwater Sunshine Fest this November 8-9 at Rockwood Music Hall. Katie writes about her experiences w/them last time as we welcome them to the Fall 2019 Festival “To say their live performance is a punk act is an understatement. They’re a freight train. Keefe and Lavie are both masters of complicated rhythms and time signatures, and that guitar solo from “Everything I’ve Loved I’ve Left” should have tipped me off that Woz was basically just biding his time until he could get an electric guitar and an amp in his hands. I was overwhelmed by crashing walls of melody and volume.” Pics by Z & Dan Vasta
Counting Crows May 30, 2019
Ep. 65 Superstar Trek III The Search For Spock In which we talk not a whit about Spock, Dr or Mr, and instead concentrate solely on Superstar’s brilliant 1988 release Palm Tree, which is either their masterpiece or…well, not, depending on whether you simply happen to think some other record is…or, I suppose, isn’t, as the case may be. How do you feel about run-on sentences? I love them sometimes…but…well, not all the time.
Counting Crows May 24, 2019
Pondering thoughts of deep complexity/gravitas/lunch while doing research for the podcast and thinking how happy I am to announce another artist for the next Underwater Sunshine Fest: the pride of Denton, TX Claire Morales ...which reminds me of something @James Campion once said: “Our musical landscape needs more artists like Claire Morales. Her songs are weird. And great. But weird. ... All of it tends to straddle uncomfortable in that way in which draws you to artforms like music in the first place.” Yeah...what he said. Check out James’ Profile of Claire here:
Counting Crows May 22, 2019
Ep. 64 Jesus Christ……Superstar! We continue the epic tale of the Bellshill Glasgow kids we began in the "Teenage Superstars" episode by taking a deep dive into the music of one of my all-time faves: Joe McAlinden and his amazing band SUPERSTAR. This is music that’s completely out-of-print and unavailable. You can’t hear it on Spotify and it’s nearly impossible to find a copy of this album anywhere. There’s really only one place you can easily hear this music and that is RIGHT HERE. Underwater Sunshine presents….SUPERSTAR!
Counting Crows May 22, 2019
Oooops?! You can take the boy outta San Francisco, but ya can’t take San Francisco outta the boy... Immy sez Greetings (and Dead Heads unite)! A couple of weeks ago my buddy Tom Freund called me to help out on some tunes, and THIS just sorta happened at my home court Boulevard Recording in Hollyweird (thanx Clay Blair)… Tom Freund: Upright Bass, Vocals, Inspirato Wally Ingram: Drums, Percussion Yours truly (Bindi Boy): Mandola, Pedal Steel, B-Vox Justine Bennett: B-Vox Enjoy! Itunes: Napster:
Counting Crows May 21, 2019
See you in San Francisco on Friday, August 9th at Outside Lands Music Festival! Single Day tickets on sale now!
Counting Crows May 17, 2019
Fairhazel freaking blew my mind at the last Underwater Sunshine Fest in April so we asked them back to play a bigger stage in November at Rockwood Music Hall. Read Andy’s moving profile about how they’ve affected him here and make your travel plans NOW!
Counting Crows May 15, 2019
Ep. 63 It’s Onliest Rock n Roll We stick with the #GardenSessions for one more week, this time featuring the incredible Twinspeak music of Ganessa & Tiffany James’ band Onliest, our interview with Roan Yellowthorn, and the wild visionary folk music of Teddy Thompson. You’re gonna flip. Dig it.
Counting Crows May 10, 2019
‪I cannot believe we get to add Onliest to our lineup for the November 8-9 Underwater Sunshine Fest at Rockwood Music Hall. Their #GardenSessions in April blew my mind and I told everyone that night that we HAD to get them for November. ‬Katie writes of the palpable joy & tenderness they infuse into their music for their band profile, check it out here: #onliest #underwatersunshinefest #indiemusic #nycindiemusic #freemusic #freemusicfestival
Counting Crows May 09, 2019
Ep. 62 Skout’s Honor We stick with the #GardenSessions but this time we begin by announcing one of the bands we discovered playing their Garden Session who are going to be playing the next Underwater Sunshine Fest in November... Skout ! Plus we play the Garden Session and our interview with Fort Frances and finish up with some Amy Vachal and a little Matt Sucich. Dig the good word!
Counting Crows May 08, 2019
Really cool to be able to welcome to Underwater Sunshine Fest one of my favorite bands from The Roadshow days Town Meeting ! Staffer Lindsay writes, “Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because there’s no way you will be able to stand still…. When Town Meeting plays, you move.” Be there November 8-9 at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC Read Lindsay’s intimate portrait of the band and check out their music here: . #townmeetingband #underwatersunshinefest #indiemusic #freemusic #indiemusicfestival
Counting Crows May 03, 2019
Wish the man, the myth and the legend, IMMY, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
Counting Crows May 01, 2019
Seán Barna is one of my best friends and a brilliant artist. Read his autobiographical story of being queer and coming out, THE DISHONEST ARTIST, written as a guest in our pal James Campion’s column REALITY CHECK in The Aquarian Weekly. It matters.
Counting Crows Apr 29, 2019
Matt Sucich is the 1st announced artist for the next Underwater Sunshine Fest Nov 8-9 at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC! Click the link for a Profile of Matt Along with videos and music!
Counting Crows Apr 24, 2019
Ep. 60 Rock & Roll Stew It begins with a breathtaking version of “Bleed” and goes from there. In order to get in the mood for the release of more Garden Sessions, the Sunshine Boys finally release the long awaited Sesh and interview with Stew & The Negro Problem pretty much Adam’s favorite band in existence. We talk some shit, they play some magic, and on top of that you get a little of the end of their Underwater Sunshine Fest set at The Bowery Electric and THEN...we rock a little Kasey Anderson for good measure. It don’t get any better than this. Get sum. #GardenSessions filmed & recorded by Ehud Lazin.
Counting Crows Apr 14, 2019
Dig the good word! Underwater Sunshine Fest returns for the 3rd time this NOVEMBER 8-9 on ALL THREE STAGES at Rockwood Music Hall !!! Join us! Start making plans NOW!
Counting Crows Apr 13, 2019
‪Alright, who out there is not following our music festival Underwater Sunshine Fest here on FB and at @underwatersunshinefest on IG? Ummmmm...why not?‬ PS. I love this pic of me introducing Petal . “She makes music about what it’s like to feel and dream and love and fail and be human.”
Counting Crows Apr 12, 2019
Greeting Earthlings! Immy here just letting you know I’ll be out on the road at the end of this month with my compatriot's Monks Of Doom - Catch us if you can, I DARE ya! (Dates below) 4/26/19 Savannah, GA - The Jinx 4/27/19 Atlanta, Georgia - 529 4/28/19 Charlotte, North Carolina - The Evening Muse 4/29/19 Nashville, TN - Spring Water Supper Club 4/30/19 St. Loius, Missouri - Blueberry Hill 5/1/19 Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen 5/2/19 Madison, WI - Ruby 5/3/19 Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Hall
Counting Crows Apr 10, 2019
HEY!! Seán Barna & me say “Check Out this week’s podcast TEENAGE SUPERSTARS! It’s all about Scotland-ish shit!” Randall Slavin is like “HOLY CRAP! No way!” TEENAGE SUPERSTARS! Dig it! Get some. . Ep. 59 “Teenage Superstars” (link also in bio) In which I follow a musical family tree so far up my own ass that flowers come out of my mouth. And then...we trace one of the coolest musical scenes ever all the from Gran’s house to the stars.