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Desolate Divine
Hold on Pain Ends
Know Hope
My Devil In Your Eyes
We All Have Demons
The Color Morale Aug 21, 2019
A look back on the making of our 1st album on Rise Records :: "We All Have Demons" // Tour of “Casa de Sturgis”. This was BEFORE Joey Sturgis moved his studio into his actual home. Garret gives a tour of the humble abode. It was so much fun waking up every morning and driving to the come back to the house and putz around and reflect on the day.
The Color Morale Aug 14, 2019
Hello everybody! This is Steve Carey here. Just wanted to let you all know we are 2 weeks away from a H U G E day that holds dear to all of us. The release date of our 1st album “We All Have Demons” that came out on September 1st, 2009! I’ll be taking the liberty to post ooooold photos & videos to reminisce on the months leading up to that date. // Behold...2008 TCM w/ Garret Rapp, John Bross, Justin Hieser & Ramon Mendoza. I do believe this was our very first legit photo shoot we booked ourselves, well before Rise Records came along. #MySpace
The Color Morale Nov 07, 2018
Just thought you should know. #knowhope
The Color Morale Oct 04, 2018
By a show of likes & shares....who out there in the Facebook world would be interested in seeing us do a 10 year anniversary show(s) of our first album “We All Have Demons”? 👀
The Color Morale Aug 26, 2018
Kyle had a personality and a smile that were absolutely contagious. Today brought heartbreaking news to us all, but remember his talents and spirit that left us laughing and appreciating our time together. Eternally grateful for our memories on stage as well as off. Rest easy Kyle Pavone.
The Color Morale Feb 28, 2018
Tattoos part 4
The Color Morale Jan 19, 2018
“this is where the devil goes to take a shit.” I’ll never forget the day that I got to quit my job to be in a full time touring rock band. I set sail to the open asphalt with my best friends southbound to Florida, only to be completely broken down and stranded in Gulfport Mississippi just days after leaving home for the first time. We met a local there that quoted the above to us as we were broken down and stranded at a local Gulfport gas station. Mississippi was hot that time of year, a perfect correlation between hell and the devil, and apparently the unforgiving world of touring in a rock band. Fast forward to nearly a decade later and here I am writing this eventuality. The Color Morale was birthed as more than a band name, more than it’s members, and more than just the music. It was a mission statement and an idea of something greater. Even the name was a reflection of an alternative cognition, agreed upon by it’s creators. Whether that message was from a place of practiced spiritual refuge or some perplexed chaotic depressive sabotage, it was always brutally honest. I can’t believe that nearly 10 years and 6 albums later, I still can’t go a single day without reading a message or comment about how that very same design affected and continues to affect you all in positive ways. That is the greatest privilege I have ever known in my life. This is where you start to assume that this is The Color Morale announcing it’s break-up. When Steve and I started this band the goal was never to sell thousands of records, be on magazine covers, or even leave the midwest. The goal, along with the rest of my band mates was to have fun making art with my best friends. It always started there, in a garage across a field from a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere is exactly where you discover who and why you are. Within the expanse of that idea, The Color Morale could never break up. If it broke, it was only because it wasn’t ours anymore. While we’ve been through many member changes over the years, the reason has been the same and for that same very reason this band will never expire. The truth is after over a decade, strife demands rest. For the time being we’re going to get back to being human…enjoy some other outlets, challenges, and comforts. We’ll be prioritizing focuses we probably should have, and revisiting influences that drove us to create in the first place. Call that a hiatus if you will, but this will never be over. I’m going to continue to post things on our social media, communicate as much as possible with you all, and get back to writing again eventually. The illustration above consists of thousands of photos of your tattoos together as one, a beautiful symbol of the community we share. You are all loved and greatly appreciated…beyond social media and beyond prose. -Garret Rapp “Ocean tides move to the voice of the moon, Strange how we move. How strange that I move to the voice of the moon, Love ringing out of tune. Leave your bad limbs behind, For they are conduits to the heart.” -as cities burn, tides
The Color Morale Nov 13, 2017
Last chance to grab this hoodie, it's gone tom!
The Color Morale Nov 10, 2017
"Blister" by Jimmy Eat World has always been a huge inspiration to us as a band. Find out more why Garret chose this as his cover for our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP! 🌎:
The Color Morale Nov 08, 2017
Find out why Aaron chose "The Failsafe" (originally performed by Misery Signals) as the song he wanted us to cover for our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP! Check out the cover now at!
The Color Morale Nov 07, 2017
You guys asked for it! Get this custom Version Of Me hoodie now. Available for 72 hours only! Get it here 👇🏼
The Color Morale Nov 03, 2017
Listen on our new EP ‘Artist Inspiration Series’ on Spotify today :
The Color Morale Nov 02, 2017
Check out our latest EP ‘Artist Inspiration Series’ EP on Apple Music here:
The Color Morale Nov 01, 2017
Find out why Devin chose "Fix You" originally by Coldplay for our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP! 💿:
The Color Morale Oct 31, 2017
Get your hands on our 'Artist Inspiration Series' bundle at!
The Color Morale Oct 31, 2017
If you haven’t already, you can listen to our new EP ‘Artist Inspiration Series’ on Amazon here:
The Color Morale Oct 30, 2017
Find out why Steve chose to cover "Stare At The Sun" by Thrice on our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP. The EP is available now at!
The Color Morale Oct 29, 2017
Our new EP ‘Artist Inspiration Series’ out now. Check it out on Google Play here:
The Color Morale Oct 28, 2017
Listen on our new EP ‘Artist Inspiration Series’ on Spotify today:
The Color Morale Oct 27, 2017
Check out why Mike chose to cover "Wake The Dead" by one of his favorite bands Comeback Kid in our new 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP. Hear the cover now at
The Color Morale Oct 27, 2017
What do you guys think of our first cover "Wake The Dead" (originally performed by Comeback Kid) off our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP?! Hear a clip of it below + pick the EP up at!
The Color Morale Oct 27, 2017
The Color Morale
The Color Morale Oct 27, 2017
The Color Morale's cover photo
The Color Morale Oct 27, 2017
We are excited for you to hear our 'Artist Inspiration Series' EP featuring some of our favorite songs. Pick the EP up on Apple Music now at!
The Color Morale Oct 26, 2017
We are excited to announce our 'Artist Inspirations Series’ EP - a collection of cover songs that helped shape who we are. Pick up the EP now on Apple Music at! Track List: 1. "Wake The Dead” originally performed by Comeback Kid 2. "Stare At The Sun” originally performed by Thrice 3. "Fix You” originally performed by Coldplay 4. “Blister” originally performed by Jimmy Eat World 5. "The Failsafe” originally performed by Misery Signals