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How to Be Human (Instrumental) [Instrumental]
Phoenix (Instrumental)
Albatross 10th Anniversary Tour (Live in Seattle)
How to Be Human
What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited
The Silver Cord
The Classic Crime Apr 03, 2019
Seven years late, but I finally fixed the cover art for Phoenix online. The original upload compressed weird, making it more teal. It now matches the physical copies. I then counted how many original tracks we've released as The Classic Crime. The number is 75 (not counting acoustic versions or live recordings). 15 years as a band, and the sum total output is 75 recordings. 5 songs per year. It seems like a low number in hindsight, and recognizing this really makes this next batch I'm writing feel more important (pressure). I then listened to our album Vagabonds, which is 9 years old this month. I winced, laughed, elated, and even welled up with some tears. It's the weirdest mixture of embarrassment and pride, feeling like I didn't know enough back then, but how that also helped me. The lyrical themes on Vagabonds were about getting older, accumulating life lessons and distilling them into metaphors about gratitude and living simply. I was 26. Granted, we'd seen a lot by that age, and some of that wisdom is precocious, but I also can't help but think "You're in for some more storms, kid." Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts as I was feeling nostalgic. Back to work. Cheers, Matt
The Classic Crime Mar 27, 2019
Going live to write on Twitch
The Classic Crime Mar 26, 2019
Going live on twitch soon!
The Classic Crime Mar 20, 2019
it's amazing how you can achieve what feels impossible when you work on it every day
The Classic Crime Mar 20, 2019
wrote a juicy little track today
The Classic Crime Mar 05, 2019
We are going live on
The Classic Crime Feb 28, 2019
Hello spotify people
The Classic Crime Feb 27, 2019
The Classic Crime
The Classic Crime Feb 27, 2019
's cover photo
The Classic Crime Feb 27, 2019
GOING LIVE ON TWITCH FOR THE FIRST TIME (we dont know what we're doing yet) - 5 minutes:
The Classic Crime Feb 21, 2019
Ongoing debate: If we wanted to quit all this monopolized machine learning social media, what's the best decentralized app to use? Minds? Mastadon? Thought about Discord, but ugh. I'm pretty sure they own the data as it's on their servers. "Go where the people are" rings in the background, but as social media becomes more decentralized, it's hard to know where to go. Need blockchain mass adoption!
The Classic Crime Feb 19, 2019
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Solo Songwriting Tour. We had big rooms and small rooms, but every room was a living room; unique, alive and interactive. Thank you for your energy and love. See you next time! __________________ #tccacoustic #theclassiccrime #mattmacdonald #tcclp6 #tcctour
The Classic Crime Feb 13, 2019
My kids wanted to hear my music and dance so I put Vagabonds on the Apple TV and guess what? It’s actually a great record -Matt
The Classic Crime Feb 13, 2019
Backers, check your exclusive updates on Kickstarter for the first video installment from the tour and songwriting. 3 more coming!
The Classic Crime Feb 09, 2019
I'm loving these living room shows because they each seem novel and unique. The performance is never the same, and the setlist will never be replicated exactly. The rooms and the groups of people are different each time. In an age where things seem more and more permanent online, the spontaneous nature of these intimate live events feels more valuable than ever. Boise tomorrow and then we're done. Thanks to everyone who came out!
The Classic Crime Feb 08, 2019
Next week I’ll be performing TCC songs solo & acoustic in Dallas. I’ll also be talking about songwriting for a workshop at #bcxcon2019. Tickets still available via @badchristianpod profile.
The Classic Crime Feb 08, 2019
Facebook only posts one of the multis from Instagram btw
The Classic Crime Feb 06, 2019
What's happening, people?
The Classic Crime Feb 05, 2019
Photos from Phoenix workshop/show. Albuquerque tomorrow! Come!
The Classic Crime Jan 31, 2019
Playing in Las Vegas tomorrow night.
The Classic Crime Jan 31, 2019
I’m in Vegas playing acoustic tomorrow for a small group, if you want to join (for free) leave a comment and we’ll give 4 tickets away -Matt
The Classic Crime Jan 29, 2019
Yelling in living rooms. Coming up: Mission Viejo • Las Vegas • Phoenix • ABQ • Manitou Springs, CO • Farmington, UT • Boise, ID • • • Tix on our website 🙌
The Classic Crime Jan 25, 2019
Acoustic songs will be played (and songwriting workshop talked) in Bakersfield tonight (tickets on sale until 3pm I think). Tomorrow - Los Angeles. Then Riverside & Mission Viejo. Then it’s thank u next to California but don’t worry I’m already so grateful while dating u
The Classic Crime Jan 24, 2019
Time well spent on ideas for #tcclp6 with @cikeene . . . . #theclassiccrime #tccacoustic #tcctour #mattmacdonald
The Classic Crime Jan 24, 2019
A little podcast on songwriting and what's going on right now, with me, Matt. Cheers to you.