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What Was Done: Vol. 1 (A Decade Revisited)
How to Be Human (Instrumental) [Instrumental]
Phoenix (Instrumental)
Albatross 10th Anniversary Tour (Live in Seattle)
How to Be Human
The Silver Cord
The Classic Crime Aug 20, 2019
38 left of 100 total. Details at
The Classic Crime Jul 30, 2019
Going live in 5 to chat with whoever, since it's Tuesday. Come say hey: -Matt
The Classic Crime Jul 04, 2019
If you like chat communities with tons of topics feel free to join ours! It has TCC bonus content, and is like a group text with TCC friends all over the world but without the notifications:
The Classic Crime Jun 25, 2019
about to go live to work on a new demo at
The Classic Crime Jun 11, 2019
Playing a show in Everett, WA this Friday with Vocal Few. It'll be super casual, all ages with beer & wine available for 21+. Come hang with us and support some local tunes (we play at 8:15pm). Cheers! - Matt
The Classic Crime Jun 04, 2019
About to go live on Twitch to work on a demo rhythm section 👉
The Classic Crime May 28, 2019
If you're not on our Discord server what are you even doing
The Classic Crime May 24, 2019
Going live in 5 on Twitch to talk about my basic demo template, plugins and sounds. Check it out at
The Classic Crime May 21, 2019
Be on twitch in 5 to work on a demo, come say hi! -Matt
The Classic Crime May 20, 2019
It's my birthday and I'm having a party right now on our Discord server. This is your official invite: -Matt
The Classic Crime May 16, 2019
about to stream some writing on twitch in a few
The Classic Crime May 14, 2019
In case you've missed the Twitch streams, here's a sample of a recent audience-informed freestyle:
The Classic Crime May 13, 2019
about to go live on twitch to mess around with a song start:
The Classic Crime May 10, 2019
Going live on in a few to work on a rhythm section
The Classic Crime May 08, 2019
Going live on Twitch in 5 mins at:
The Classic Crime May 03, 2019
Going live on Twitch shortly to work on some new demos
The Classic Crime Apr 27, 2019
At a wedding here today. Looks a bit familiar but I can’t figure out where from 🧐 -Robbie
The Classic Crime Apr 26, 2019
We’ve see a lot of messages about Vagabonds not being on Spotify. We don’t own or administer that master since we recorded it on a label and ownership transferred a few times, so we can’t do anything about it outside of recording our own new master and releasing that. It’s still on Apple Music I guess. This is a good reason to thank everyone who has supported us independently for these last seven years. The masters for Phoenix, What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited, Albatross: Live in Seattle, and How to Be Human are all safely in our care, thanks to you. 🙏
The Classic Crime Apr 25, 2019
Clip of THE SAUCE from yesterdays stream:
The Classic Crime Apr 24, 2019
About to go live on twitch to work on some demos at
The Classic Crime Apr 03, 2019
Seven years late, but I finally fixed the cover art for Phoenix online. The original upload compressed weird, making it more teal. It now matches the physical copies. I then counted how many original tracks we've released as The Classic Crime. The number is 75 (not counting acoustic versions or live recordings). 15 years as a band, and the sum total output is 75 recordings. 5 songs per year. It seems like a low number in hindsight, and recognizing this really makes this next batch I'm writing feel more important (pressure). I then listened to our album Vagabonds, which is 9 years old this month. I winced, laughed, elated, and even welled up with some tears. It's the weirdest mixture of embarrassment and pride, feeling like I didn't know enough back then, but how that also helped me. The lyrical themes on Vagabonds were about getting older, accumulating life lessons and distilling them into metaphors about gratitude and living simply. I was 26. Granted, we'd seen a lot by that age, and some of that wisdom is precocious, but I also can't help but think "You're in for some more storms, kid." Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts as I was feeling nostalgic. Back to work. Cheers, Matt
The Classic Crime Mar 27, 2019
Going live to write on Twitch
The Classic Crime Mar 26, 2019
Going live on twitch soon!
The Classic Crime Mar 20, 2019
it's amazing how you can achieve what feels impossible when you work on it every day
The Classic Crime Mar 20, 2019
wrote a juicy little track today