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Live At Shea Stadium
Hits Back
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Hits Back
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Live At Shea Stadium
Live At Shea Stadium
Cut the Crap
The Clash Jun 21, 2019
Thank you Tiny Concert for the sketchbook animation of I Fought the Law.
The Clash Jun 19, 2019
1982: It started as a 4-night residency at the Hollywood Palladium, became a 5-nighter and tonight was the finale!
The Clash Jun 12, 2019
Now the King told the boogie men...
The Clash May 30, 2019
Happy Birthday Topper!
The Clash May 28, 2019
1981: Booked to play 8 shows, wound up playing 17 - the first night of the Bonds Casino run started on this day 28th May. Who was there?
The Clash May 14, 2019
Combat Rock was released on this day in 1982. What's your favourite track? 📻
The Clash May 11, 2019
The Cost of Living EP, released on 11 May 1979 (one week after the UK general election)
The Clash Apr 30, 2019
30 April 1978. The Clash played the “Rock Against Racism” concert in Victoria Park, Hackney, London. Were you there?
The Clash Apr 28, 2019
Good Luck to all running the London Marathon today. On the 17 April 1983, Joe finished the marathon in 4 hours 13 mins. (C) Steve Rapport
The Clash Apr 23, 2019
This is a public service announcement.. On the 23rd April 1982 Know Your Rights was released 📻
The Clash Apr 18, 2019
Hear the full story now: Stay Free: The Story of The Clash narrated by Chuck D Listen here:
The Clash Apr 13, 2019
To celebrate the birthday of the producer Guy Stevens, here's video footage of him and the band recording London Calling in Wessex Studios
The Clash Apr 08, 2019
On the 8th April 1977, the debut album 'The Clash' was released. What's your favourite track? 📻
The Clash Mar 27, 2019
Episodes 1-4 explain the hurdles The Clash faced before landing a deal and shooting to world recognition, with two ground-breaking records, two pivotal tours and everything else that came in between. Public Enemy’s Chuck D narrates - Stay Free: The Story of The Clash Listen here:
The Clash Mar 18, 2019
All the power's in the hands Of people rich enough to buy it. White Riot released on 18 March 1977
The Clash Feb 28, 2019
The Clash : Now on Instagram
The Clash Feb 27, 2019
On this day in 1982, The Clash played Thamasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. While there, Pennie Smith shot this album cover. Listen here:
The Clash Feb 15, 2019
What does Chuck D think of The Clash? Starts on 28th February.
The Clash Feb 15, 2019
"I met them at their ICA gig in 1976 and went to Chalk Farm to photograph them soon afterwards. They look cool and lean and hungry. They had iconic status even then.” - Sheila Rock © 2019 Rockarchive
The Clash Feb 15, 2019
The Clash
The Clash Feb 07, 2019
Shout out to to our mates at KEXP on #InternationalClashDay. ⓒ Pennie Smith
The Clash Feb 06, 2019
The Clash Jan 18, 2019
On this day in 1980, The 16 Tons Tour arrives in Caird Hall, Dundee.
The Clash Dec 25, 2018
25-DEC 1979: The Clash host their ‘Christmas Dinner Dance’ at Acklam Hall, off Portobello Road under the Westway. Happy Holidays.
The Clash Dec 19, 2018
“… Simonon’s feet retracing moves from his Clash days and gut-rumbling bass to the fore.” - Q, 4/5 stars Paul is heading out on the road in 2019 with The Good The Bad And The Queen All dates can be found here: