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Different Days
Modern Nature
Modern Nature: The Remixes EP
Tellin' Stories Live 2012
Who We Touch
Some Friendly and Greatest Hits Live at The Roundhouse
Some Friendly (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
You Cross My Path
Up At the Lake
Us and Us Only
Melting Pot
The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers
The Charlatans
Up to Our Hips
Between 10th and 11th
Some Friendly
The Charlatans Aug 22, 2019
TimsBreakfastBangers (Constantly Changing) Feat. The Charlatans Buzzcocks Stereolab Lambchop is a Band Tim Presley Jorge Elbrecht FRANKIIE and many more
The Charlatans Aug 17, 2019
I am playing two solo shows this weekend Cotton Clouds Festival and Hardwick Live see you there if your going or if you’re not and you just want to get in the mood try this 🙂 Tim x Spotify
The Charlatans Aug 13, 2019
6 years since we lost Jon. Always in our thoughts.
The Charlatans Aug 11, 2019
Thank you Scotland! Party at The Palace
The Charlatans Aug 07, 2019
Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over 7 August 1995
The Charlatans Aug 04, 2019
Good times thanks everyone at A Summer's Tale
The Charlatans Aug 02, 2019
OK, so the BBC are keeping the most watched sets from Glastonbury on BBC iPlayer for another year. Loads of big names like Miley and Kylie.... We were the 12th most viewed set. Thanks everyone! We love you
The Charlatans Jul 28, 2019
Last chance to watch our Glastonbury set today on BBC iPlayer
The Charlatans Jul 24, 2019
Brushing up on these beauties in prep for my solo performances at Kendal Calling this weekend #CallingOutStage & #TimPeaksDiner - See you there x Tim
The Charlatans Jul 23, 2019
Germany: We'll be playing two shows in November at Rolling Stone Park and Rolling Stone Beach. Tickets are on sale now:
The Charlatans Jul 22, 2019
#RobertJamesCollins Only seems like yesterday 23/2/1963 - 22/7/1996 Best keyboard player Some friendly -
The Charlatans Jul 20, 2019
Tim's Spotify playlist feat. Tim Burgess Pixx Keel Her of Montreal Emerson Snowe The Cure Lambchop is a Band Sade PAINT FRANKIIE George Clanton Negative Gemini and more
The Charlatans Jul 18, 2019
they opened for us on our Different Days Tour
The Charlatans Jul 14, 2019
‪There’s still a couple of weeks left to watch our Glastonbury Festival (official) set on BBC iPlayer
The Charlatans Jul 13, 2019
Loved it Bospop Weert last night
The Charlatans Jul 12, 2019
Tim’s Instagram - regular posts and updates
The Charlatans Jul 07, 2019
Big love Vida Festival what a night x
The Charlatans Jul 06, 2019
The Charlatans Jul 06, 2019
TimsBreakfastBangers (Please follow) Spotify - Feat. The Kinks The Charlatans Keel Her R Stevie Moore Gary Wilson Average Sex Brion Starr Aldous Harding Nik Colk Void Magnetic Fields Lambchop is a Band Tim Presley Vashti Bunyan Vashti Bunyan Negative Gemini George Clanton Jorge Elbrecht Madness and more
The Charlatans Jul 02, 2019
Tim had a chat with the NME before our set at Glastonbury