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Hey Now (feat. Kyle)
Gordo Taqueria
The 13th Grade
Technohop Vol. 1
Technohop, Vol. 2
The Cataracs Sep 03, 2015
Check out this song I produced for Prince Royce, he's super talented.
The Cataracs Feb 18, 2015
Produced this one, awesome video
The Cataracs Feb 09, 2015
Sean Paul's album is nominated for a grammy! Worked on "Other Side of Love" and "Want Dem All"
The Cataracs Feb 04, 2015
Man... R.I.P. the Jacka... Bay area legend and spit probably the hardest verse to ever land on a cata beat
The Cataracs Dec 23, 2014
Happy Holidays... This is crazy S/o Josh Paler Lin (DJ Paler)
The Cataracs Nov 22, 2014
This is crazy!! I got asked to re-produce Santana's classic cover of "Oye Como Va" as a collab with Pitbull (don't hang me) and they just performed it at the Latin Grammy's. Check out the fireworks below:
The Cataracs Nov 15, 2014
The Cataracs Oct 28, 2014
"I Make Pop Music for the Average Schmuck" - Campa Of The Cataracs Is Back, as Momma | NOISEY
The Cataracs Oct 22, 2014
New song "All That" I co-produced with Dillon Francis, it's the first track on the album, peep it here
The Cataracs Aug 20, 2014
The Cataracs - Make Up Your Mind [HD] [Instrumental]
The Cataracs Aug 19, 2014
The Cataracs - Cantaloupe [OFFICIAL]
The Cataracs Aug 18, 2014
My little sister Becky G is killin' it! Here's a fun one I worked on
The Cataracs Aug 17, 2014
Who's been jammin' to "My Sweet Summer"?
The Cataracs Aug 16, 2014
Will you be my little devil tonight?
The Cataracs Aug 15, 2014
Ready for the weekend yallz?
The Cataracs Aug 14, 2014
The Cataracs Jul 13, 2014
The Cataracs
The Cataracs Jul 07, 2014
Summer is upon us!!! So I sat down w @complexmag and gave them a few ways for you to enjoy it, peep here: #CoronaSummer
The Cataracs Jun 30, 2014
You guys up on my little bro KYLE? Here's a track I made with him!!!!
The Cataracs Jun 28, 2014
You guys ever hear this one I did with Shwayze?
The Cataracs Jun 27, 2014
Happy Friday!!! Hope yalls havin a Sweet Summer
The Cataracs Jun 27, 2014
Throwback Cata and Diplo
The Cataracs Jun 26, 2014
Everyone slapped the new Santana? Shout out xicanossss
The Cataracs Jun 17, 2014
Game Of Thrones FTW!! No spoilers but wow... Such a good finale
The Cataracs Jun 07, 2014
This one was always special to me :)