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Stolen Diamonds
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So Many Nights
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The Cat Empire
Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Glastonbury, UK) Find tickets
The Cat Empire at Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre (June 27, 2019)
Venue: Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
BCUC, Goran Bregovic, Isha, Veence Hanao, and 10 more… at Atomium Square (June 28, 2019)
Venue: Atomium Square (Laeken, Belgium) Find tickets
BCUC, Goran Bregovic, Isha, Veence Hanao, and 10 more… at Atomium Square (June 29, 2019)
Venue: Atomium Square (Laeken, Belgium) Find tickets
BCUC, Goran Bregovic, Isha, Veence Hanao, and 7 more… at Atomium Square (June 30, 2019)
Venue: Atomium Square (Laeken, Belgium) Find tickets
The Cat Empire at Kulturzentrum Tollhaus E.V. (July 3, 2019)
Venue: Kulturzentrum Tollhaus E.V. (Karlsruhe, Germany) Find tickets
The Cat Empire at E-Werk - Erlangen (July 4, 2019)
Venue: E-Werk - Erlangen (Erlangen, Germany) Find tickets
The Cat Empire at KULTURZENTRUM SCHLACHTHOF (July 5, 2019)
Venue: KULTURZENTRUM SCHLACHTHOF (Bremen, Germany) Find tickets
The Cat Empire with The Barefoot Bandit UK at Lemon Grove (July 16, 2019)
Venue: Lemon Grove (Exeter, UK) Find tickets
The Cat Empire with Land of the Giants at Watering Hole (July 18, 2019)
Venue: Watering Hole (Perranporth, UK) Find tickets
Larmer Tree Festival Larmer Tree Festival 2019
Venue: Larmer Tree Gardens (Salisbury, UK) Find tickets
Blue Balls Festival Blue Balls Festival 2019
Venue: Blue Balls Festival (Luzern, Switzerland) Find tickets
The Cat Empire Apr 24, 2019
First announcement for our upcoming AU show dates - we're excited to be playing one of our favourite festivals in the north, Caloundra Music Festival this October. Full line up and tiks :
The Cat Empire Apr 18, 2019
Back in Melbs. Missing the road. Quietly reminiscing KILA in a cabin. See you in late June 😹
The Cat Empire Apr 16, 2019
Secret is out, we are playing Glastonbury Festival (official)! See you at the Avalon Stage on June 29.
The Cat Empire Apr 08, 2019
Amongst the controlled chaos that was the release of Stolen Diamonds, last month we announced our International Touring Grant in collaboration with the Australia Council for the Arts. We are overwhelmed by the response to this grant and are highly impressed with the standard of applicants. We have received the shortlist of highly ranked contemporary music artists/bands which we will choose from to be the recipient of financial support and one-on-one band and management mentoring, to help launch their international career. Stay tuned for the public announcement. 📸 Christie Goodwin
The Cat Empire Apr 03, 2019
The winner of our Busking Competition, in our opinion, epitomise what it means to busk. We were delighted to receive this email all the way from Guatemala. The Joy Sticks are a group of two Aussies, a Spaniard and an Englishman based in Guatemala. Rhiannon from the band says “we came together as travellers in this little town called San Pedro on Lake Atitlan and have been spending our days busking, gigging and practising in hope that we can spread the music love wherever we go.” Thank you to all who entered, for your time and for helping us launch Stolen Diamonds around the world. You can watch the full video here:
The Cat Empire Apr 01, 2019
Who’s That? Felix says it “is one of those walking down the street, can’t get that melody out of my head kind of songs.” It is about "what might happen unexpectedly. I’ve realised after all these years, that that’s the atmosphere people who come to The Cat Empire shows bring each night. This song tips our caps to them.” For April, start your “Music is The Language of Us All” playlist with Who’s That? followed by a bunch of your favourite tunes that have an infectious melody. To submit your playlist, simply create it on your favourite streaming service and share the URL in the comments of this post for us to see.
The Cat Empire Apr 01, 2019
We have touched down in our respective cities in Australia after what was a cold, but brilliant tour through North America. Whilst it is hard to believe our first tour of the year is already over, it is harder to believe that Stolen Diamonds was released six weeks ago. Thanks to those of you who took the time this month to play DJ and create your “Music is the Language of Us All” playlists. Congrats to Jen Budwal VandenBroek, you have won a merch pack for your submission. Jen’s playlist can be heard here: We will be back tomorrow with a new song to inspire your April playlists.
The Cat Empire Mar 28, 2019
Today we announce the fearless winner of our Karaoke competition. Thank you again to every brave person who entered, each of you brought your own style and interpretation of the music which is what it is all about. The band have convened and the winner is Mary Parsons! You can watch a compilation of the entries here: 📸 Alison Hale
The Cat Empire Mar 27, 2019
And Nth America, that’s a wrap!!! Amazing tour finished in San Diego tonight. Beautiful crowds across the whole run. We gave it everything, and I believe you did as well. Love and respect xoxo f
The Cat Empire Mar 26, 2019
At the El Rey in LA tonight. Many friends in the audience 🙏☄️✨ on the home stretch now
The Cat Empire Mar 25, 2019
Thanks to Cody Blocker Studio for this epic poster representing another sold out show at The Fillmore in San Francisco.
The Cat Empire Mar 24, 2019
Oscar Wilde in beautiful San Fransisco at the historic Fillmore theatre tonight! Yeeeahhh!!!! ✊️💥✨
The Cat Empire Mar 23, 2019
💥✨Portland 💍🌎🕴🏼 #homestretch #stolendiamonds
The Cat Empire Mar 21, 2019
Seattle spirit shone bright tonight!!!! X
The Cat Empire Mar 20, 2019
The drama of an opera kiss at the end of the night in Vic, Last show in Canada for the tour seemed well deserved. ❤️❤️✊️🙏
The Cat Empire Mar 19, 2019
Oscar Wilde from the middle of the The Commodore Ballroom. Two amazing nights there. Onto Victoria next. Thanks Vancouver ✨☄️✊️
The Cat Empire Mar 18, 2019
Vancouver you rocked hard tonight! Happy saint paddy’s day 🍀 here’s Danny boy pre chariot! 🙏☄️💥❤️
The Cat Empire Mar 17, 2019
A very rough night-off-in-a-hotel-room accoustic version of Who’s That? And you wonder why we don’t have guitars in the band... Vancouver shows coming up 😘
The Cat Empire Mar 17, 2019
The Cat Empire has always been a band that celebrates diversity through its music. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy in Christchurch. I signed this petition with Harry, and welcome you to do the same. Felix
The Cat Empire Mar 16, 2019
Calgary last night ❄️☄️❤️
The Cat Empire Mar 15, 2019
Edmonton Windspear you were great!!! 🥶💥❤️
The Cat Empire Mar 13, 2019
Shout out to those of you who have already shared your 'Music is The Language of Us All' playlists, here is Jack’s to get you inspired: To submit your playlist, simply create it on your streaming service of choice and share the URL in the comments of this post for us to see. For March, we want you to kick off your playlist with ‘Anybody’ and then the rest is up to you and your spectacular taste in music.
The Cat Empire Mar 13, 2019
Winnipeg lit up tonight. Lovely room, beautiful crowd 🙏❄️☄️✨
The Cat Empire Mar 12, 2019
Varsity theatre in Minneapolis tonight ❤️💥👌
The Cat Empire Mar 10, 2019
Well, what a joy this has been...We cannot thank you enough for your participation in our Oscar Wilde Karaoke Competition. To those of you who did not enter and are now inspired, we welcome your courage and joyfulness any time - feel free to send us your videos, or upload them for the world to see and we will be sure to shout out those who catch our eye. The Oscar Wilde Karaoke Comp winner will be announced next week...