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Long Gone Before Daylight
Gran Turismo
First Band on the Moon
Cardigans Dec 14, 2018
New EP by Magnus´s Råå out now. Please do enjoy! #NowPlaying
Cardigans Dec 12, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 12, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 11, 2018
Anyone interested in collecting gold and platinum award albums? Holla!
Cardigans Dec 10, 2018
Since there wasn’t a lot of decent music from ’98, I Magnus made this preshow tape instead! ( Our first plan was of course to make a playlist of songs from ’98 only.) Back then I was mainly listening to vintage reggae and soul, so no Manson/Garbage/Radiohead/Pumpkins for me...
Cardigans Dec 09, 2018
Dear Lily, why not do some shows together next year? Just have your people holla our people yes? Love- the band
Cardigans Dec 08, 2018
Thank you dear London for giving us such a great night! Who could have thought we would crash the PA system, not once but twice?!
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Such a great photo by Timo Schuster! Thank you dear people of Birmingham, we ❤️you!
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Cardigans Dec 05, 2018
Part 3:
Cardigans Dec 05, 2018
Glasgow! You guys made us do our most enjoyable show in years! So much love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cardigans Dec 03, 2018
Jenny Wilson on the way up to the stage
Cardigans Dec 03, 2018
Part two of the tourdiary!
Cardigans Dec 03, 2018
We have a tourdiary writer onboard! Jenny Wilsons boyfriend Christian has started a blog about the tour. Don’t miss!
Cardigans Dec 01, 2018
Our old friend Sebastian Borg took some beautiful pics at our show in Lund. Please enjoy!
Cardigans Nov 30, 2018
From last night in Lund! See U next week in UK! Photo by Gustaf Wiking
Cardigans Nov 26, 2018
Jenny Wilson
Cardigans Nov 23, 2018
Here’s an interview with Nina about the coming shows in UK. Enjoy!
Cardigans Nov 22, 2018
We are very very happy to have the amazing Jenny Wilson as the second of support acts for our UK shows!
Cardigans Nov 22, 2018
We are very very happy to have the amazing Moto Boy as one of two support Acts in UK. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cardigans Nov 12, 2018
Nina Persson
Cardigans Nov 08, 2018
Citizens of B’ham queing in their cars to get a ticket for our shows. You guys know better and go online to get yours!
Cardigans Oct 26, 2018
Howdy! Biljetter till Las Rebecas släpps på måndag kl 08. Välkomna till Mejeriet!
Cardigans Oct 19, 2018
We’re The Cardigans and you’re not