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Super Extra Gravity (Remastered)
iTunes Originals: The Cardigans
Long Gone Before Daylight (Remastered)
Long Gone Before Daylight
Gran Turismo (Remastered)
Gran Turismo
First Band on the Moon (Remastered)
First Band on the Moon
Life (Remastered)
Emmerdale (Remastered)
Cardigans Mar 21, 2019
Hello! We are grateful that so many want to hear us live in many corners of the world. But please understand that it’s not we in the band who decide where to play. The local concertagent from Mexico/Barcelona/Seoul/Costa Rica/Athens etc etc will have to give our people an offer for a show. Then, we look at the budget and decide. That is how it works. So before screaming Come to Mexico!!!, get together and email your local festival etc. Hugs- the band
Cardigans Mar 20, 2019
Muchas gracias Chilenos y los fans de otros paises! We had a wonderful time and we hope you all enjoyed it as well? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cardigans Mar 17, 2019
Soundcheck at 10.00 in Concepcion. Same climate as home.
Cardigans Mar 16, 2019
Three minutes before showtime in Santiago de Chile. Muchas gracias toda la gente! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cardigans Mar 01, 2019
A new rehearsalsession with headphones now for everyone. Silence is the new loud!
Cardigans Feb 16, 2019
Mags vs GT equals an interview!
Cardigans Feb 14, 2019
About the Pledgemusic mess: Yes, Universal did make a deal with them to handle pre-sales for these vinyl reissues and Boy are they in trouble... We as a band feel very sorry for this but had no knowledge of the deal (We're no longer under contract with Universal) or Pledgemusics poor financial status. We strongly suggest that you file claims through your credit card company or PayPal. will provide you with the goods if you want to support a privately owned store instead of the usual chains. Hugs- The Band
Cardigans Feb 08, 2019
Si, vamos a tocar en Concepcion tambien! Gratis! Bienvenido!
Cardigans Feb 07, 2019
Hello! To all of you who have ordered the vinyls from Pledgemusic, I Magnus am so sorry that this has happened to you. We as a band have no ties with them and the only reason I put up that link is that they were very early to welcome pre-orders. There's no hidden agenda, hell we don't get any money from these vinyls what so ever. Our contribution ( Peter really) was to overlook all master tapes and the mastering in NYC. Then all of us dug up photos from our collections and worked with Universal Sweden to make these records as beautiful as possible. I really really hope things work out quickly! Best wishes- Magnus
Cardigans Feb 01, 2019
Funny that Universal haven't told us, but our buddy Claes just got these goodies in the mail from Guess that means that the albums now are available worldwide!
Cardigans Jan 17, 2019
Chilenos! Nos vemos otra vez!
Cardigans Jan 17, 2019
Hej hej Oslo! Vi ses snart igen! Biljetter finns här: Varmt välkomna! Hello Oslo, we meet again! Tix are available now. Most welcome!
Cardigans Jan 12, 2019
Hej Norge! Vi kommer tillbaka till er i sommar, nämligen den 2.a juni i Stavanger. God förnöjelse!
Cardigans Dec 22, 2018
We wish you a merry Xmas and a happy New Year! 2019 looks promising with all vinyls and summer gigs in the pipeline. Hope to come back and play some festivals in Europe. The four UK dates came and went too fast, so we really want to play more. Tell your favorite concert agent to call our people. Big hugs! - The Band. Photocred: unknown genius
Cardigans Dec 14, 2018
New EP by Magnus´s Råå out now. Please do enjoy! #NowPlaying
Cardigans Dec 12, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 12, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 11, 2018
Anyone interested in collecting gold and platinum award albums? Holla!
Cardigans Dec 10, 2018
Since there wasn’t a lot of decent music from ’98, I Magnus made this preshow tape instead! ( Our first plan was of course to make a playlist of songs from ’98 only.) Back then I was mainly listening to vintage reggae and soul, so no Manson/Garbage/Radiohead/Pumpkins for me...
Cardigans Dec 09, 2018
Dear Lily, why not do some shows together next year? Just have your people holla our people yes? Love- the band
Cardigans Dec 08, 2018
Thank you dear London for giving us such a great night! Who could have thought we would crash the PA system, not once but twice?!
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Octopus Ride
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Such a great photo by Timo Schuster! Thank you dear people of Birmingham, we ❤️you!
Cardigans Dec 07, 2018
Cardigans Dec 05, 2018
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