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Camino Palmero
Calling Glory Dec 09, 2018
NEW SONG ALERT! Sorry we spoiled your Christmas present early but we couldn’t wait. “Holding on to Me” will be available on Christmas Day wherever you listen to music! #ccm #callingglory #christianmusic #jesus #worship #callingglory
Calling Glory Dec 07, 2018
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Stay tuned! #CallingGlory #CCM #Christianmusic #christmas
Calling Glory Dec 01, 2018
No longer in darkness because YOU light my way! #myredeemer #callingglory #ccm #worship #christisnmusic @fanoguitars @alclairaudio @heartbeatpercussion @worshipdrummer @wordworshipmusic @centricworship #pcb #panamacitybeach #florida #beach #bigstuf @bigstufcamps @meltdownretreat @spotify @newreleasetoday @centricitymusic
Calling Glory Nov 30, 2018
Thank you!! Our New song “Love Steps In” has only been released for 7 days and it reached 12,000+ streams already. You guys are amazing!! We are very blessed. #spotify #callingglory #ccm #worship
Calling Glory Nov 28, 2018
This guy has a good taste in music 😎
Calling Glory Nov 22, 2018
OUR NEW SONG, “ Love Steps In” Is OUT TODAY!
Calling Glory Nov 20, 2018
Dickson, Tennessee! @fbcdickson #worship #music #ccm #callingglory
Calling Glory Nov 13, 2018
We had a great DNOW weekend worshiping with First Baptist Church in Dickson, Tennessee!
Calling Glory Nov 11, 2018
We can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for the opportunities to share our stories through song with you all! What better way to say “Thank You” to each and every one of you than a NEW song on Thanksgiving?! While you’re gobbling down some turkey, sing along to our new single, “Love Steps In.” // This song would not have been possible without the help of the guys at Full Circle Music in Franklin, Tennessee. #single #release #ccm #worship #lovestepsin #music
Calling Glory Nov 10, 2018
Jesus got ups! 🙌🏼
Calling Glory Nov 10, 2018
“You took my sin away. You’ve broken every chain. I found my hope in You, my redeemer!” #callingglory #music #worship
Calling Glory Nov 08, 2018
Excited to be hitting the road this weekend! See you soon Dickson, Tennessee!
Calling Glory Aug 29, 2018
Hallelujah, You have broken every chain!
Calling Glory Aug 13, 2018
Just a little reminder for you... you'll always be a Child of Heaven.
Calling Glory Aug 13, 2018
you will always be His child:)
Calling Glory Aug 05, 2018
Sounds of Summer - Athens, Tennessee, thank you for worshiping with us tonight. 🙌🏼❤️🙏🏼
Calling Glory Jul 25, 2018
had a great week worshiping with Northside UMC in Atlanta, Georgia! #MAP
Calling Glory Jul 18, 2018
Calling Glory
Calling Glory Jul 16, 2018
Calling Glory
Calling Glory Jul 15, 2018
Calling Glory
Calling Glory Jul 15, 2018
A Year old today!!
Calling Glory Jul 15, 2018
A year old today!! Check out and share this single, You Keep On!
Calling Glory Jul 15, 2018
Wow! Thank you for all the support. Keep listening 😎
Calling Glory Jun 17, 2018
Are you coming to Sounds of Summer - Athens, Tennessee?!
Calling Glory May 20, 2018
we loved worshiping with all of you today at Jfest in Chattanooga!!