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Symphony Soldier
Symphony Soldier
Whisper War
The Cab Sep 25, 2017
The Cab Sep 22, 2017
Bohnes video for #SIXFEETUNDER, shot in #NaraDreamland, is here!
The Cab Sep 21, 2017
The Cab Sep 20, 2017
Pre-save the new Bohnes track on Spotify and listen to it once it's out this Friday
The Cab Sep 20, 2017
Alex & Bohnes
The Cab Sep 15, 2017
The Cab Sep 08, 2017
The Cab Sep 08, 2017
The Cab Sep 10, 2014
[email protected]'s night in a nutshell...
The Cab Aug 21, 2014
#regram from @butler_boy44
The Cab Jul 31, 2014
Too much fun with the #mirage app. Hit me up at alexdeleon. Been sending some hilarious ones back.
The Cab Jul 30, 2014
Addicted to this new #mirage app. been sending pics back & forth w/ fans all day! some hilarious ones. get it here:
The Cab Jul 24, 2014
#TBT. Slim's in SF on tour with The Summer Set, Jan 2012
The Cab Jul 14, 2014
serious business
The Cab Jul 12, 2014
haha this is great! #regram @primadonnaisme #lockmeup #moon
The Cab Jul 09, 2014
New playlist on our Spotify: BOOMSHAKALAKA all of these songs get me pumped. whether it's ready for a big game, getting me through a long road trip, or just lifting my mood.. each of these songs really get me going and i can count on each of them to get me higher than i was before listening to them. they range from indie rock.. to heavy metal.. to hip hop. the world around us is filled with so many different colors. life has so many ups and downs. it's what makes it incredible. we look at them all and learn from each. why shouldn't we do the same with music? i love this playlist because it gives me a little taste of everything.. a little view of every color.. and reminds me of how rad diversity can be. - Alex
The Cab Jul 01, 2014
love this #regram from @louie_gelzea. #lockmeup
The Cab Jun 27, 2014
Alex stopping by the Republic Records office in NYC this week!
The Cab Jun 27, 2014
Thank you for including our personal #SongsOfTheSummer on your list. Read what we said here-
The Cab Jun 24, 2014 posted a great interview with us, where we talk about wanting to be "The Rat Pack." Here's why:
The Cab Jun 19, 2014
this list is self explanatory. when the light switches go down and the sheets come up... we all want and need a little vibe. that's exactly what this playlist is. a vibe for the darkness. or if you're really kinky.. a vibe for daylight or even a vibe for public. just make sure to watch out for local law enforcement. - Alex
The Cab Jun 18, 2014
Follow us on #Spotify - we're loading up a playlist for you tonight! #Regram from @natalie__97
The Cab Jun 17, 2014
Tomorrow night, tune into #SYTYCD - our song "Stand Up" will be featured on the episode! #LockMeUp
The Cab Jun 12, 2014
We're back at work for you. #regram @alexanderdeleon
The Cab Jun 10, 2014
#regram from @ew.socializing. who else is listening? #lockmeup