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Violent Things
The Brobecks Sep 28, 2017
Throwback; old Brobecks show flyer
The Brobecks Jul 15, 2017
They have arrived and now available in the online shop! ***Coming soon The retro Dallon shirt like pictured here with pink & mint green swatches. #dallonweekes #thebrobecks #noneyoujerkrecords #breezyweekes
The Brobecks May 01, 2017
Throwback... Photography by: Breezy Weekes
The Brobecks Jan 24, 2017
Via Breezy Weekes : "We're back w/new merch items for you. Well kinda new, the skeleton is an old The Brobecks image based off a familiar pic of Dallon Weekes Also on sale a few leftover Sickly Sweet Sweaters & shirts(and when I say a few I mean that). Thanks for those who previously ordered & your patience, we got shipping better handled this time" <3 #dallonweekes #thebrobecks
The Brobecks Aug 04, 2016
Throwback Thursday
The Brobecks Aug 04, 2016
In case you missed it.... This is the third in a series of cover songs I've recorded on my own. Usually people like to cover popular songs by popular artists. I'm choosing to do the opposite and cover some obscure tunes that I really love a lot and think deserve to be heard. Every song (SONG, not video) featured in the series will be two minutes long, or less.
The Brobecks Dec 01, 2015
Dallon Weekes
The Brobecks Jun 18, 2015
Aguilar Amplification
The Brobecks Apr 14, 2015
Please VOTE for me for BEST BASSIST OF THE YEAR for Alternative Press Awards.. no peer pressure but it would be awesome if you did #APMAs Click here:
The Brobecks Dec 04, 2014
Vicky Hamilton is a friend who holds a special place in rock and roll history. I'm honored that she wanted to sit down with me and chat.
The Brobecks May 01, 2014
Hey guys thanks for the Brobecks love, but I need you to support my official Dallon Weekes page so you can stay up to date with my future projects...yes future projects. Oh, no peer pressure
The Brobecks Nov 09, 2013
Dallon when visited Aguilar Amplification in NYC and shot some promo pics. Here is ad #1!
The Brobecks Oct 24, 2013
Dallon recently visited Aguilar Amplification in NYC and shot some promo pics. Here is ad #2!
The Brobecks Oct 24, 2013
Dallons been up to some shennanigans. Check out the new Bassplayer Magazine to see his interview.
The Brobecks Aug 31, 2013
1 day left to bid, this is the last of it's kind...
The Brobecks Aug 30, 2013
A VERY rare Brobecks EP has been found in the Weekes homestead. I don't need it anymore, but YOU may! I don't know! If you feel so inclined, it's been posted on ebay for your bidding enjoyment. This fella will never be printed again. (Sorry, but also tough titties.) It also features two songs never released anywhere else....aaaand I'll sign it if you want. Now give me your dollars! ( So I can give them to my children. They're always eating.) -Dallon
The Brobecks Aug 27, 2013
The Violent Things Reissue may be sold out (for now), but keep an eye out. We'll print more at the first chance we get. Thanks to all those who have been buying!
The Brobecks Aug 08, 2013
This is mostly my band Brobecks stuff..if you want to follow more of what I do and current Panic! tour...
The Brobecks Aug 08, 2013
Still have some available, Physical Copy of THE BROBECKS - Violent Things, and signed posters too...
The Brobecks Jul 16, 2013
I got some fancy new duds for the new Panic! video. EVERYONE COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK! Everybody go check it out. Hi. -D. Weekes
The Brobecks Jul 08, 2013
For Sale on Ebay- the handmade BROBECKS banner from the May 4th 2013 shows in L.A.
The Brobecks Jul 04, 2013
Today, we in the colonies celebrate our independence from the British crown. "No taxation without representation!", they shouted some two hundred years ago. And as articulated by John Hampden in the Ship Money case; (Wherein Charles I of England tried to levy taxes without the consent of Parliament.) Said he: “What an English King has no right to demand, an English subject has a right to refuse” Truer words were never spoken. NOW LETS ESPLODE SOME EFFING FIREWORKS! 'Murica, Dallon Weekes P.S. Buy a copy of my stupid record. I'm hungry.
The Brobecks Jun 27, 2013
Celebrate D's fabulous new haircut by buying a physical copy of 'Violent Things' for your Grandma. She'll love it!
The Brobecks Jun 23, 2013
Hey everybody, A few people have asked me if the physical VT Reissue copies will be signed. Unfortunately I can't always be around to sign them before they are shipped, SO in order to be fair and to not leave any one person disappointed I'll only be signing limited or rare items that end up on the bandcamp merch. You dig? Don't worry baby, I still love you. Just don't leave me. Not for that other man. He can't love you like I can, girl. He aint got no job. Best wishes, Dallon J Weekes
The Brobecks Jun 18, 2013
AS PER YOUR REQUEST: Physical copies of The 'Violent Things Reissue' are NOW available to purchase!