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Live At the Wiltern Theater (November 5, 2009)
Stir the Blood (Bonus Track Version)
Stir The Blood
The Sun and the Moon Complete
The Sun and the Moon
The Bravery
The Bravery Jun 28, 2014
See Sam's new band The Mercy Beat play a FREE show this Monday Night in Los Angeles at Fold Silverlake - Bootleg Bar. They on stage at 9:30. Debut EP OUT NOW:
The Bravery Jun 17, 2014
The Bravery May 26, 2014
Sam's brand new band The Mercy Beat finishes their free month long residency TONIGHT at The Echo in Los Angeles.
The Bravery Apr 25, 2014
Dear Friends, This letter has been a long time coming. Honestly I think I've been putting it off because it's a difficult, bittersweet thing to write but now I find myself in a place where, although it's difficult to discuss the past, I'm excited to discuss the present. To answer your many queries, the band has not "broken up," nothing so dramatic as that. We just aren't doing anything together and don't have any plans to for the foreseeable future. There's been no "falling out," no bad blood, we all just have different interests now and are involved in our own projects. The Bravery is a beautiful thing that we are all immensely proud of, but after many years it is just not where our passions lie anymore and continuing simply out of habit or momentum would be unfair to our audience and ourselves. Will we get together again at some point? I don't know the answer to that, it's unclear, but for now we have no plans to. As for the present , many of you may have seen Anthony playing drums for Morrissey Official on tour, or more recently with Weezer. Anthony is currently finishing an EP for his new band X My Heart and will be touring this summer as the drummer for the band White Sea. Mike has been having success with his label Merrifield Records and is currently directing with his first feature length film. John has been busy at the vineyard crushing grapes and making wine with his business, Deep Sea Wines by Conway Family Wines. Michael is pursuing other creative interests outside of music. For myself, I am thrilled to say that I have a new band, The Mercy Beat , which I've started with a couple friends of mine in Los Angeles. You can hear a couple of our songs at, and we are playing a free residency at The Echo next month, every Monday night in May. On behalf of all of us in the Bravery, it's been a magnificent ride and we can not thank you enough for making it possible. We have been given such a gift in the wonderful fans around the world that have supported us over the years, and we are immensely grateful. With love and thanks, Sam
The Bravery Apr 25, 2012
Timeline Photos
The Bravery Sep 09, 2011
Some shots for you to check out from the Playground Festival show this past Sunday.
The Bravery Sep 09, 2011
Anthony is officially tweeting! Follow him!
The Bravery Sep 04, 2011
We hit the stage tonight at 8:30 at the Playground Festival. Tweet us @thebravery and let us know if you are going.
The Bravery Aug 25, 2011
We are playing the Playground Festival in Irvine, CA on September 4th. Who is coming out to play?
The Bravery Aug 14, 2011
Happy Birthday Sam!!
The Bravery Aug 12, 2011
Dirt, Sam and Ant rocking No Lover songs at Merrifield Records birthday party for Dirt.
The Bravery Aug 08, 2011
Happy Birthday Mike "Dirt" Hindert! Thanks to everyone that came out to rbar last night to celebrate.
The Bravery Aug 05, 2011
We hit the stage tomorrow at 8pm at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego! Free Show for anyone there for the races. Will you be there? @delmarracing
The Bravery Jul 08, 2011
Check out PUMA's Lean In and Ride with Us Video Series featuring our very own John Conway.
The Bravery Jun 21, 2011
The Bravery are back at the Del Mar Racetrack for the 2011 Summer Concert Series on Friday August 5th. See you in San Diego,
The Bravery Jun 21, 2011
The Bravery will be at Summerfest on July 10th. Come out Milwaukee and party!
The Bravery Jun 03, 2011
John is obsessed with Ducatis. Here's a teaser for an upcoming documentary that John is involved in about motorcycle culture.
The Bravery Jun 01, 2011
some cool shots from sxsw
The Bravery May 20, 2011
SXSW 2011 - The Bravery finished up their 2011 SXSW shows by having Dennis Quaid join them on stage to cover "Gin and Juice".
The Bravery May 19, 2011
quote that inspired the bands name
The Bravery May 17, 2011
Sam is on Twitter. Follow him for the latest in fascinating useless information.
The Bravery Apr 14, 2011
Live from SXSW
The Bravery Feb 05, 2011