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The Waking Nightmare
The Waking Nightmare
The Blood of Heroes
The Blood of Heroes
Blood Of Heroes Apr 21, 2019
Happy Easter everyone and enjoy your day with family and friends!! We are looking forward to seeing all of your faces soon!!
Blood Of Heroes Apr 18, 2019
Coming up next is our show with our friends in Violent Victim at Bad Ass Renee's in Tulsa OK! Show some love for this venue and all they do to support local and touring acts. Come out if your in the area we are looking forward to throwing down on MAY 4th! Voodoo Queen Management Posinivy Promotions VQM Kingdom of Promotions page Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine
Blood Of Heroes Apr 16, 2019
We are very happy to call Brax E. Goth a brother! He has pushed and supported us many times. Our guys look forward to sharing the stage with him and the crew of Violent Victim at Bad Ass Renees in Tulsa on May 4th!
Blood Of Heroes Apr 09, 2019
We apologize for not being able to do our April shows, we are back in full swing In May!! We had very important stuff to finish.
Blood Of Heroes Apr 01, 2019
Looking for possibly two Metal bands to play at the Looney Bin in Bourbonnais Illinois May 17th, with BOH and Vile Cynic
Blood Of Heroes Mar 26, 2019
Ft. Wayne it’s on!!!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 18, 2019
Milwaukee you are up next!!! We are so ready to throw down for you with our new brother H1Z1, Disappearance , Ratbatspider this Saturday......
Blood Of Heroes Mar 10, 2019
Download our Debut CD ... Symbolic Voices !!!!!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 08, 2019
Reap What You Sow is the new release from the SYMBOLIC VOICES album. Check it out and SHARE!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 07, 2019
Blood of Heroes will be playing at the South Street Saloon in Danville Illinois this Saturday for the Amber Cockrell benefit!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 07, 2019
Download our debut CD....
Blood Of Heroes Mar 06, 2019
Voodoo PR & Booking
Blood Of Heroes Mar 04, 2019
They say metal is dead!!! Haha!! Look at these beautiful people!! Mark S Berry, Yvonne Loveland.
Blood Of Heroes Mar 03, 2019
Blood Of Heroes wants to thank the following, Mantra Of Morta, Murder Machine, Hell Came Home!! Stellar performance all of you!! Exit 210 amazing Venue!!! Brad-Janet Key!! Mark Spalding excellent sound!! Michael Beach our videographer!! All of the fans that made it out, you all were so amazing it makes our jobs easy with so much energy you all put out last night wow!!! Hopefully if all goes well we will see you outdoors this summer!!! Thank you all again so much!! Metal is still alive!!!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 03, 2019
Hey all we have so much going on but we don't want anything to slip through the cracks. Especially when companies such as Madness To Creation take the time to interview us and listen to our album. Please take a moment and read what we connected with them on.
Blood Of Heroes Mar 02, 2019
#Boom We are online and available for download!!!!!!!! Come get it\../
Blood Of Heroes Mar 02, 2019
Amazon moving some metal product!!!!!!!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 28, 2019
Brother in Arms !
Blood Of Heroes Feb 28, 2019
CD comes out Worldwide this Friday March 1st !!!!!!!!!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 20, 2019
Happy Birthday to our awesome Manager of everything VQM!! We are so proud of you and proud to be working with you and for the years to come, we couldn't ask for a better person to work with or for, you go above and beyond for all you care about and that does not go unnoticed!! We love you and hope your day is filled with love and joy!!! Happy Birthday Yvonne Loveland!!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 19, 2019
Its gearing up to be a big night who is planning their weekend properly?
Blood Of Heroes Feb 12, 2019
Thank you Sharon Allgeier and Crows Calling VQM for these photos from the Top Fuel Saloon this past Saturday 2-9-2019. Got Yvonne Loveland. ( Voodoo Queen Management) with her live Birthday salute!!! Great night!!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 11, 2019
Huge thanks goes out to The Top Fuel Saloon and Yvonne Loveland for her VQM Birthday Bash!! We had a great night, bands were all great!! Staff was awesome!! Made some new friends and seen some familiar faces as well!! Freak went out of his way to show us some of his private stash of guitars, Dimebags guitar he played in Chicago and a Randy Rhoads flying V. Wow isn't even close, the holy grail!!! The Top Fuel Saloon has a spectacular stage and sound and well as one the best sound guys around, thank you Dwayne for always taking care of us!! Thanks to all the fans that bought merch, much love!!!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 09, 2019
First show with this bad boy!
Blood Of Heroes Feb 05, 2019
Tickets are now on sale at the Exit 210 in Oakwood IL just $10 for a great evening of music!! Some of the midwest great bands!! You won't be Disappointed!!! Blood Of Heroes CD release party!!