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The Waking Nightmare
The Waking Nightmare
The Blood of Heroes
The Blood of Heroes
Blood Of Heroes Jun 25, 2019
Blood Of Heroes had a fantastic weekend, we want to thank all the bands from this past Friday, Viken, Wolftooth, Hell Came Home, all were fantastic!!, thank you Rob Jones for letting us throw down once again at Big Shots Ballroom. Thank you Ladonna Starkey for saving our ass at the Door, Thank You Cory O Runyon for running sound, great job man! Thanks to all the Metalheads who showed up, you all are at the top, energy was magnificent!! Moving on to Saturday, we did Metalheads for Autism in Youngstown Ohio and the venue was amazing, sound was great all the bands were really good, Jesse Kalhoun did a great job putting things together, we were glad to be a part of this great cause. Made some new friends and we hope we get to do it again!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 22, 2019
Blood of Heroes is back at the Exit 210 with some great metal bands!!! All ages outdoors on the big stage!! Metal is back in the area my friends!! Let's do this !!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 21, 2019
Wish everyone a great show tmrw night at the Fubar in St. Louis. Great bands, great venue!! Anyone it the St.Louis area this will be a great night!! We promise you won't be Disappointed!!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 21, 2019
Hey St Louis peeps! We are coming back to Fubar Saint Louis June 28th for a Backstage Productions showcase with our friends from MN Blue Felix! It has been a while since we have seen them but we know these guys are killer musicians and we hope to see a lot of our Voodoo Queen Management family out there in full swing. We are about three hours away and we are pushing tickets to make sure the bill is solid. So if you have the want to either make a road trip of come out from the corners of the MO area hit us up! We got a ticket just for you!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 20, 2019
Did you know why we wear the face paint?
Blood Of Heroes Jun 18, 2019
This Friday Muncie IN we are back!!!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 18, 2019
Blood of Heroes has a show July 26th at the Rock House in Memphis TN needing local support if any band is interested hit us up
Blood Of Heroes Jun 12, 2019
Hey everyone we are heading to State Street Pub tomorrow night for a show with Live At The State Street Pub! Yatra, Blood Of Heroes, Drude we want to thank Jenny Bee Bledsoe for working with us and setting this event up. Please check out the venue we know our team at Voodoo Queen Management with our manager Yvonne Loveland has already connected and we would love to see some metal faces out and about! Looking forward to it!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 10, 2019
Indianapolis IN we are coming for you! June 13th at the State Street Pub so if you all can tag someone who may not know who we are in the area and give them a taste of us just by watching the video we would appreciate the support. Check it out and share!
Blood Of Heroes Jun 04, 2019
So heading down the road over the weekend to Pitston Pennsylvania we had no idea what was gonna happen at the Border Bar, started things off right when we found a distillery nuff said!! Haha, we roll into town and decided to get a bite to eat at the Pitston Dinner, Excellent Excellent food!, head to the club shortly after, see people showing up early and the vibe instantly goes upward!! We see our Management queen Yvonne Loveland show up and staff member Kim Perry making the long drive, so naturally we are excited to see them!! Bands start rolling in John Barchi comes opens up the club and all start pilling in. Show starts with Sonic Salvation which stomped ass!! BOH to follow, Then ThreatPoint comes up and crushes it!! Finishing the night off we legendary band Royal Hell who also throws down a great set. As you see in the photos what an epic night it was. The party was on the ramp of the BOH trailer shortly after!! Thank you all for everything, Chris James and crew, Amanda Touch and crew, Philly Bob, VQM Staff, John Barchi and the Border Bar, Sound Guy, all who came out and made it the most epic night in 2019!! Pitston Pennsylvania you are at the top of the Mountain!!!!
Blood Of Heroes May 28, 2019
Blood of Heroes will be heading to Pitston Pennsylvania to throw down with our brothers from Threat Point, it's a long journey but gonna be worth it!! This Saturday night is gonna be a good one!!
Blood Of Heroes May 18, 2019
We wanna thank the Looney Bin and Nick Huffman for a great time last night!! Bands EphinEpic & Vile Cynic you guys killed it!!
Blood Of Heroes May 17, 2019
Happy birthday Mark S. Berry from all of us! Rock on in every way!
Blood Of Heroes May 13, 2019
Big weekend in store for us as we invade the Looney Bin in Bradley IL and Cheers Pub in South Bend Indiana. Looking forward to seeing our friends both nights as we play with some great bands!! Both venues have some great vibes and great history. See you all soonish!!!
Blood Of Heroes May 07, 2019
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check this awesome review out and read it. Thank you to the man BEHIND THE SCENES Anthony Nadeau for writing such a strong article!
Blood Of Heroes May 04, 2019
Tulsa guess what!!?? We are all yours tonight!!! Thank you for all the love you have given us!!
Blood Of Heroes Apr 21, 2019
Happy Easter everyone and enjoy your day with family and friends!! We are looking forward to seeing all of your faces soon!!
Blood Of Heroes Apr 18, 2019
Coming up next is our show with our friends in Violent Victim at Bad Ass Renee's in Tulsa OK! Show some love for this venue and all they do to support local and touring acts. Come out if your in the area we are looking forward to throwing down on MAY 4th! Voodoo Queen Management Posinivy Promotions VQM Kingdom of Promotions page Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine
Blood Of Heroes Apr 16, 2019
We are very happy to call Brax E. Goth a brother! He has pushed and supported us many times. Our guys look forward to sharing the stage with him and the crew of Violent Victim at Bad Ass Renees in Tulsa on May 4th!
Blood Of Heroes Apr 09, 2019
We apologize for not being able to do our April shows, we are back in full swing In May!! We had very important stuff to finish.
Blood Of Heroes Apr 01, 2019
Looking for possibly two Metal bands to play at the Looney Bin in Bourbonnais Illinois May 17th, with BOH and Vile Cynic
Blood Of Heroes Mar 26, 2019
Ft. Wayne it’s on!!!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 18, 2019
Milwaukee you are up next!!! We are so ready to throw down for you with our new brother H1Z1, Disappearance , Ratbatspider this Saturday......
Blood Of Heroes Mar 10, 2019
Download our Debut CD ... Symbolic Voices !!!!!
Blood Of Heroes Mar 08, 2019
Reap What You Sow is the new release from the SYMBOLIC VOICES album. Check it out and SHARE!