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Recreational Love
Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1 (A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates)
Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
The Bird and the Bee
The Bird and the Bee
the bird and the bee Jan 31, 2019
Is it possible that #crazyfromtheheat is not available on audible? With narration by #davidleeroth ??? How can we remedy this? Xoxoinara
the bird and the bee Jan 28, 2019
#raygunsarenotjustthefuture turned 10 years old today! It seems so crazy that 10 years have passed since we made this record! We had such a good time making this one. And we feel endlessly fortunate that some of you out there have enjoyed listening to it. Love, Inara and Greg #thebirdandthebee #10yearanniversary
the bird and the bee Jan 25, 2019
I didn’t realize, but our first album turned 12 yesterday! So many birthdays... Xoxo
the bird and the bee Jan 24, 2019
Did you know that 3654 days ago #raygunsarenotjustthefuture came out!! That’s 10 years and 4 days ago! This photo is an outtake from the photo shoot for that record taken by the lovely and talented @autumndewilde !! Can you believe it’s been 10 years? Almost!
the bird and the bee Jan 18, 2019
I co-directed this video with my long time collaborator Hinju Productions for Alex Lilly 's song #pornographicmind FLOOD Magazine premiered it today! You can watch the whole video here Big thank yous to everyone invloved! Cameos by Ryan Harper Gray Wendy Wang Benjamin Charles Jaffe Tiny sax soloist #vikramdevasthali Grabby hands Lexi Pearl Daiana Feuer and #melissalilly Hair and Makeup Jenny Karl And of course the giant, beautiful and creepy ear was made by To hear #alexlilly 's new album
the bird and the bee Jan 17, 2019
Our first album loves going on dates with @alexlillyland ‘s new album!!
the bird and the bee Jan 11, 2019
Alex Lilly debut album is out now! Hear it here: Buy vinyl here:
the bird and the bee Jan 09, 2019
It was hard finding a picture where Greg and I were smiling. Looks like we don’t really have the teeth to be a true member of the Gibb family. #thebeegees #howdeepisyourlove #covers #sia #thebirdandthebee
the bird and the bee Jan 08, 2019
Where’s my mustache?? #darylhallandjohnoates #darylhall #johnoates #interpretingthemastersvolume1
the bird and the bee Jan 01, 2019
For #thebirdandthebee 2018 hasn’t had a lot of action, but I’d say it’s been more about quality than quantity. We’ve finished up #interpretingthemastersvolume2 which we will release next year. And we’ve played some very fun shows for very important causes with very cool people. Greg and I are forever grateful for your love. And we are grateful to still be making music together! Happiest of New Years to you and yours!! Xoxoxgregandinara
the bird and the bee Dec 21, 2018
Ooh I love this!! #Repost @hellahellapink with @get_repost ・・・ Snip from a backyard session with my handsome teammate @jayr_deguzman. I love this version of the song from #thebirdandthebee . . . . . I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS BOMB ASS SONG . #richgirl #hallandoates #yourearichgirl #popping #cypher #popper #funkstyles #japantownsj #thegetdown #dsplayers #freestyle #freestyler #tinydancer #johnnycupcakes #pogiboy #bumpboxx Bumpboxx #suedeadidas #bayshit #baysian #dancesession #danceanywhere #getonup #streetdance
the bird and the bee Dec 19, 2018
I meant to put this on @birdnbeemusic music first!! I guess that’s the trouble with having too many online identities #Repost @inara_george with @get_repost ・・・ #raygunsarenotjustthefuture is turning 10 years old next month! Which seems so crazy! Maybe in this shot my past self is singing a song from that record?
the bird and the bee Dec 12, 2018
#Repost @inara_george with @get_repost ・・・ Watch our Song club show on the bird and the bee Facebook page!! Like around 7:30pm PST tonight! December 11th!
the bird and the bee Dec 10, 2018
So sorry to say it, but we had to cancel the Tuesday December 9th largolosangeles show!!! I thought I should make up some crazy story as to why, but the honest truth was that we could sell enough tix. The holidays are so busy, I don’t blame you for not being able to come!! BUT! For those who are still interested, we’re going to record the show and release it later as a podcast! So stay tuned!!! Xoxoxoinara
the bird and the bee Dec 07, 2018
The Bird and the bee (Inara George and #gregkurstin) are playing this Tuesday December 11th at Largo at the Coronet Get your tix!!!
the bird and the bee Dec 07, 2018
Nice little write up in the LA Weekly . OK!! So who's coming???? Get your tickets here
the bird and the bee Dec 07, 2018
That’s a lot of minutes!! Thank you all for listening!!!!! Xoxoxoinara&greg @Spotify
the bird and the bee Nov 30, 2018
#gregkurstin and I are making the exchange. Top secret! Coming up on our 10 year anniversary for #raygunsarenotjustthefuture 📸 by @autumndewilde
the bird and the bee Nov 30, 2018
Here’s a #tbt in anticipation of the 10 year anniversary of the release of our second album #raygunsarenotjustthefuture Which just boggles the mind that it’s been 10 years since that record came out!! We had such a fun time taking photos with @autumndewilde , as always. I don’t usually love holding guns and aiming them at people, but if you look closely you’ll notice I’m holding a ray gun! #thebirdandthebee
the bird and the bee Nov 28, 2018
Greg and I did a cover of “into something good” like a million years ago, and I swear that thing has been licensed more than anything we’ve recorded! And I didn’t even know it, but it was on @dirtyjohnbravo this past week! That was a fun surprise! Link to song in bio! Or here
the bird and the bee Nov 27, 2018
It's #givingtuesday !!! I've got one for you if you're feeling generous! Greg and I contributed an original Christmas song to this charity a few years back. They have the song listed as just by me... but it's a @thebirdandthebee song. Have you heard it? "A Christmas Compromise" Here's a link to help out Safety Harbor Kids They need toys and gifts for foster kids this Holiday!!!
the bird and the bee Nov 20, 2018
#gregkurstin and I are going to be playing some holiday songs for this show! Ticket link in bio or here here ・・・ Song Club episode 2!!! At @largolosangeles This is going to be a great show!!! We are all going to be writing original holiday songs just for the occasion. And we’re raising money for such a great cause @cislosangeles !!! Moderated by #alexcohen And musical line up is @elenimandell #elenimandell @waterfoot_dandy #stevegregoropoulos @birdnbeemusic #gregkurstin #inarageorge @alexlillyland #alexlilly @bgruska #barbaragruska @wendywangmusic #wendywang @beejeldeej #benjaffee @ericacanalesmusic #ericacanales @mariadelpilarrrr #mariadelpilar #songclub ticket link in bio or here here
the bird and the bee Nov 09, 2018
I love this song... sung by @misssamanthasidley and written by @alexlillyland
the bird and the bee Nov 07, 2018
Hey you guys! You know Alex Lilly ? Right? She's been playing in our live band since the bird and the bee first started playing live! And I (Inara George) started my own little label called Release Me Records and I'm putting out her first full length album. She's amazing and hilarious and a keyboardist, which you know is very important to us! Go check her out! And read the article about her in Keyboard Magazine And listen to her first single here #releasemerecords #distractingme #thebirdandthebeebackupsinger
the bird and the bee Nov 06, 2018
My polling place was bumping! Hope it’s like that all over the country. Please vote today! More than ever before, it really feels like the future of our country is depending on us! Vote! Vote! Vote!!