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Bob and the Monster OST
You Come and Go Like a Pop Song
Bicycle Thief Jan 20, 2014
You can also vote by SMSing 1B to 34624. Voting closes at 5pm this evening. Thanks for your support last year. And thanks for helping us start 2014 with a bang :)
Bicycle Thief Jan 20, 2014
Hey Guys/Girls we've been nominated for a MK award!!! Voting closes today at 5pm so please be so kind to vote for us #bestmusicvideo
Bicycle Thief Dec 28, 2013
Hope everyone had an amazingly merry Christmas this week. Santa was working overtime. And so are we for the coming new year :) see you in 2014
Bicycle Thief Dec 09, 2013
Some strange but kiff news! We've been nominated for the MK Awards 2014 #Nominee #Bestmusicvideo
Bicycle Thief Dec 06, 2013
Our hearts and minds are with the nation today as we mourn the death of one of the most influential individuals you or I will have shared our time with on this earth. Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to this country. And its because of him that we have our freedom. So this morning, I want to dedicate this song to his memory, and to all of you guys. Thanks for a great year - Tim
Bicycle Thief Oct 14, 2013
The Sleepers were a massive influence on us when we were lighties!!! Check out this rig rundown!
Bicycle Thief Sep 20, 2013
These guys steal Oxygen, we steal Bicycles! enjoy :) The Oxygen Thieves
Bicycle Thief Sep 18, 2013
Bicycle Thief Sep 18, 2013
Catch us tonight at VIVA CAFE 7pm sharp
Bicycle Thief Sep 18, 2013
Our secrets have been uncovered!!!
Bicycle Thief Sep 11, 2013
we did an interview recently with Johann M Smith at MUSE Magazine - check it out. like / share / tweet.
Bicycle Thief Sep 10, 2013
wow. remember this track? - If we Pretend. this is some #oldschool Bicycle Thief. love this song.
Bicycle Thief Sep 08, 2013
Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted (Audio)
Bicycle Thief Sep 07, 2013
Hey, if you need your music mixed/mastered then this is your man
Bicycle Thief Sep 05, 2013
Dropped off our new single for mixing today :) may get some new tunes to you fairly soon
Bicycle Thief Sep 04, 2013
Just some glitch mob for your wed morning
Bicycle Thief Sep 03, 2013
Bicycle Thief Sep 02, 2013
Vote for us, get your friends to vote for us and in return we will make our new Single for free download, Vote here
Bicycle Thief Aug 31, 2013
Hey guys! WE NEED YOU! We really want to rock your world at Rocking the Daisies this year. So please give us a vote! you can vote multiple times from different browsers :) tell your friends. Spread the word. This is the ONLY post I am going to make about this. cause I believe in not spamming people. so Thanks for your support. And we hope to see you there :) - Tim
Bicycle Thief Aug 29, 2013
So yesterday our song Ammunition got played on 5FM, was a special moment for us! Thanks for all the support, new music coming soon!!! #summer
Bicycle Thief Aug 28, 2013
2 more views to 2000, lets do it!
Bicycle Thief Aug 26, 2013
something to end off your Monday
Bicycle Thief Aug 26, 2013
Recording this weekend :) we're really excited for how these tracks are coming out. #SUMMER
Bicycle Thief Aug 23, 2013
We got a little mention, do you agree with this article??
Bicycle Thief Aug 21, 2013
hey you lovely people, its no secret that we wanna play Rocking the Daisies, so lend us a helping hand by telling RTD on their fb page and twitter!!! awe