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The Deep Set
The Bats: Volume 1
Bats in Berlin
Live at Natasha's
Free All the Monsters
The Guilty Office
The Guilty Office
How Pop Can You Get?
Some Settling May Occur - Digital Version
At the National Grid
Daddy's Highway
Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres
Fear of God
Compiletely Bats
The Law of Things
Daddy's Highway
The Law of Things
The Bats Dec 05, 2018
The Bats Nov 17, 2018
Hostage Negotiations with Sound Guy Begin as Sound Check Moves into 5th Hour
The Bats Nov 10, 2018
South Island Kokako spotted on Heaphy Track.
The Bats Nov 03, 2018
Wakey Wakey is a new song from Jay Clarkson and the Containers. The taster test mix from Tex was on offer for a couple of days but has now expired. Keep your eyes and ears open for the final mix and other new songs ..
The Bats Oct 15, 2018
Mik - The Bats - Rooftops cover
The Bats Oct 15, 2018
The Bats Bandcamp site has had some additions from the back catalogue including this classic LP with additional tracks from the Made Up In Blue ep recorded in London in 1986.
The Bats Oct 08, 2018
Setting up for Bats spring recording session today
The Bats Sep 22, 2018
Below is a message from Michael to The Bats website and a link to his anthology. Comment: Hello, I've just uploaded a music and video anthology of early 90's indie rock (true indie) and have included several of your songs - 3 of which I made videos of. I've also used the video you made of your song "Courage" and synced-it up to the cleaner, better-quality CD version. I've been a fan since '95 after hearing "Afternoon In Bed" on WFMU - a radio station here in New Jersey, USA. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to see you play live, but your songs are special to me. Thank you for the tunes.
The Bats Aug 27, 2018
Here we are!
The Bats Aug 26, 2018
SPOTIFY - it has proved to be very popular on our planet as a means of listening to music. As music makers we despised it for a while as it competed with our ability to recoup costs through sales of our music. We have got next to nothing from Spotify for people use of our music.. BUT things are improving for NZ and Australian recording musicians .. AND Bats music has received millions of plays around the world. That re-assures us. We create music to share with the hope that we can invest in future recordings and tours. So please enjoy what you find of our music on Spotify, share it - and if you want to support us further invest in your very own Bats downloads from our Bandcamp site And you can watch some of our videos on our website for free anytime
The Bats Aug 26, 2018
Talking Heads and The Bats 1st album feature on 2BOB Radio
The Bats Aug 01, 2018
High Fans from France recorded a great version of Block of Wood. We love it. How about you?
The Bats Jul 07, 2018
This is The Bats managed Bandcamp site. Unlike Spotify where the musicians receive next to no payments, you are able to support the band directly on this site .. please share
The Bats Jul 05, 2018
Love this - The B(r)ats version of North By North
The Bats Jun 18, 2018
Who’s raised kids on The Bats music?
The Bats Jun 16, 2018
Great to hear. We had a couple of 20year olds front of stage at the The Cook gig who were raised on The Bats from holiday trips in their car seats.
The Bats Jun 11, 2018
How long will this take you to finish? 35 piece jigsaw of the Bats in France. Post your time.
The Bats Jun 09, 2018
Pre sales have closed for tonights Bats show at The Cook. We have reserved some doorsales for anyone that’s missed out but don't be too late. Jay Clarkson and The Containers are on first and well worth seeing so get there by 9pm. Apologies to rugby fans .. Cook doesn't appear to have any Sky. Bransons will be the closest option 3 blocks away.
The Bats Jun 07, 2018
Which comes first? Rugby or The Bats?
The Bats Jun 01, 2018
I first posted this on my personal FB page but thought I’d reach a bit wider to The Bats community. Not much use if you’re not in NZ .. but... I’m thinking of selling my bass rig. 2 x 15 JBL K140 ply speaker cab with Galien Kruger 800 RB. For the music and volume I play these days it’s a bit like driving a V8 when a 6 will suffice. Very reliable amp and speakers were re-coned about 5 years ago. Anyone interested? And what the hell is it worth? Photo of it on my FB profile page.
The Bats May 23, 2018 Now posted on YouTube with credits - any luck with seeing and hearing this in USA?
The Bats May 19, 2018
Did Grant Robertson say to compare budgets was like comparing The Bats with The Chills?
The Bats May 12, 2018
Thankyou kind people. Check out the Under The Dome Piece at Stuff about the history of the corner of High and Lichfield.
The Bats May 04, 2018 The Bats and The Containers at The Cook - Saturday 9th June 2018
The Bats May 01, 2018
Robert has a Bandcamp site with lots of goodies from Electric Blood to more recent solo material. Please feel free to share