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Sonido Basico
In the Rude! (Live)
The Age of Entitlement
My Brain's Off (And I Like It)
Wait For You
Keep Your Friends Close (Bonus Track Version)
Get Back
Stand Out/Fit In
Cosmic Neighborhood
Haven Road

The Basics (Live)
The Basics Feb 03, 2019
Photo by Julieta Cervantes
The Basics Feb 03, 2019
's cover photo
The Basics Jan 23, 2019
Home again
The Basics Jan 22, 2019
Met some great folks this time around in New York City, and this place The West Brooklyn is one of the best. Decided to do an impromptu performance to say thank you to everyone here. Sad to be leaving #heyrain Check our Instagram for the other song #lovehurts
The Basics Jan 18, 2019
♥️ #john #yoko #nyc
The Basics Jan 16, 2019
Here’s some Wal-O-Cam ahead of tonight’s shows at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Still tickets available for the 7pm show: And 930pm show:
The Basics Jan 15, 2019
10 years. No discernible differences. #2009vs2019 #nyc #usa #ghostbusters
The Basics Jan 13, 2019
New York City baby! Come see us this Wednesday at Rockwood Music Hall, some tickets still available for both the early and late shows (and yes, two different set lists).
The Basics Jan 10, 2019
Meeting Phil Keoghan from @theamazingrace_cbs was hands-down the 2nd greatest moment of my life (after meeting Sir George Martin). He was an absolute gentleman and thanks to Butt/Bert for the photo #theamazingrace #theamazingrice #newzealand #australia
The Basics Jan 09, 2019
Instastories starting strong #basicsofinstagram #newyorkcity #brooklyn #basics #playinglive #jan16 @rockwoodmusichall
The Basics Jan 08, 2019
For photos as superlative as this, make sure you follow our Instagram Stories @the_3_basics over the next 2 weeks. “Some people play fortnite, others live it” - Muasa, the Red Rasta #newyorkcity #loves #thebasics #wearethechampon
The Basics Jan 08, 2019
Is there any photographers based in/around NYC that would like to do a shoot with us next week?
The Basics Jan 07, 2019
📸 by James Bryans Eastern Bloc Studios, Hawthorn; 2006 “Stand Out/Fit In”
The Basics Jan 07, 2019
📸 by James Bryans The Union Hotel, Windsor; 2004
The Basics Jan 07, 2019
“Hey, Bongo! Have a banana!” #snack #lunch #bananaman #fruit #recording #health #potassium #studio #session #stand #out #fit #in
The Basics Jan 03, 2019
Hello everyone - Wally here! Happy New Year to you all, I hope it's already started excellently 🥳 Here's an idea: get yourself and those around you in a good mood with this playlist of hand-picked Basics songs I myself put together on Spotify: And if you’re in the NYC area on January 16th, perhaps it will get you pumped for our upcoming one-night-only sets Rockwood Music Hall that night. There are tickets left for both 7pm and 9pm, where we’ll do two completely different sets of material. Lots of love! 🥰 Wally
The Basics Jan 03, 2019
📸 @alain.bouvier_photographer #soundpark #recording #break #photoshoot #candid #blackandwhite #closeup #film
The Basics Dec 21, 2018
Link in bio #NYC
The Basics Dec 21, 2018
Link in bio #NYC
The Basics Dec 05, 2018
10 years since the 7” single came out and still objectively Wally’s best song 👌🏿✔️
The Basics Dec 05, 2018
This inspiring photo hides the exciting truth that our own Tim Heath has been elected to the Board of Directors of Music Victoria! Such great news for Tim and the great state of Victoria. Please join us in congratulating him!
The Basics Nov 23, 2018
Look at him. Look at our boy Wout, old grey dobbin. In total ecstasy. Knowing that the only band who could ever truly do justice to this song is THE BASICS 👻🙊💦 (with special guest Monty C on acoustic) Brought to you by @songroomsessions - check out the full clip on Facebook link in bio #somebodythatiusedtoknow #allothersareimitations #saturdayshenanigans
The Basics Nov 22, 2018
Great to hear The Espy @hotelesplanadestkilda will reopen it’s doors tonight. The place hosted us 25-30 times with four residencies, various Front Bar and Gershwin Room gigs and of course one EPIC photoshoot for the cover of 2007’s “Stand Out/Fit In”. Lots of laughs and crazy times and memories, hats off to the next generation who will stomp their own beautiful beer, sweat and love into those time-worn floors. #southside #special #theespy #classic
The Basics Nov 07, 2018
This amazing flyer from CLUB HEAVYSICK on our 2nd tour of Japan back in 2007. So long ago already! It was a wild one... we let them dance for sure 😜😜 #thebasics #history #japan #tokyo #heavysick #tourdiaries #thebawdies #taxman #wildtimes
The Basics Nov 06, 2018
Hello to all our new followers and friends! Here’s a cheeky little goodie from a little while back... Tim & Kris were doing a show in Melbourne while Wally was away on a trip to NYC, and the Internet link-up failed, so he recorded this “karaoke” version of their song ‘Just Hold On’ in his hotel room to project and play along to on stage. Enjoy! See you in January NYC! #justholdon #standoutfitin #hotelroom #karaoke #synchronicity #syncup #linkup