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Fake Noise from a Box of Toys
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Le Carillon
In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour
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Suicide At Strell Park
Autumns Jun 13, 2019
Listen back to this month's Dyslexia Tracks with an exclusive mix between myself and Broken English Club. Dublin Digital Radio - ddr.
Autumns Jun 13, 2019
Broken English Club x Autumns special on Dyslexia Tracks today! Tune in on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. From 4-5pm.
Autumns Jun 12, 2019
London The Waiting Room 29.06.2019 Playing alongside Joe Spurgeon (The Horrors), Proteus and Harry James.
Autumns Jun 11, 2019
Autumns Jun 04, 2019
My track “You’re Not An Artist, You’re A Dickhead” is on the new Clan Destine Records compilation, celebrating ten years of the label. Pre-order:
Autumns May 31, 2019
Made a new remix along with Years Of Denial for the new Velvet May EP. Pre-order now:
Autumns May 27, 2019
My track "Get Stuck In" from the recent Vastechoses compilation is now available to stream on my SoundCloud. Buy:
Autumns May 16, 2019
Listen back to this month’s Dyslexia Tracks radio show on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. This month I have a 45 minute mix of obscure hits from Touch Sensitive Records bossman Mark Reid. Listen:
Autumns May 16, 2019
Currently live on Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. With Touch Sensitive Records.
Autumns May 06, 2019
Listen to another track from my upcoming album on Death & Leisure (Broken English Club) via ÂUGHT Magazine. Also check out the interview:
Autumns May 05, 2019
Thanks to Trevor Jackson for playing my track "Get Stuck In" on his recent NTS Radio show. The track is available on the new Vastechoses compilation. Buy:
Autumns May 02, 2019
Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) live. Special thank you to Marc Ash.
Autumns May 02, 2019
Tresor I’m ready!!
Autumns May 01, 2019
Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) tonight!
Autumns Apr 28, 2019
Test pressing of the new album on Death & Leisure is sounding fantastic!
Autumns Apr 24, 2019
Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) baby! May 1st.
Autumns Apr 23, 2019
Improvising 20.04.19
Autumns Apr 23, 2019
Live in Dublin 20.04.19
Autumns Apr 21, 2019
May 1st. Tresor New Faces
Autumns Apr 19, 2019
Listen back to this month's Dyslexia Tracks with a cheeky guest selection from NERVE.
Autumns Apr 18, 2019
Autumns x NERVE Dublin Digital Radio - ddr. 4-5pm
Autumns Apr 16, 2019
DJ Mag is now premiering my track "Sometime Soon" from my upcoming album "Shortly After Nothing" which comes out this May on Death & Leisure (Broken English Club) Read:
Autumns Apr 12, 2019
“Shortly After Nothing” recording session. Photo: Caolán Austin
Autumns Apr 09, 2019
Live in Athens.
Autumns Apr 08, 2019
Listen to my new mix for SHFTD Listen: Tracklist: 1. Mokira - Cats In The Cradle 2. Scott Walker - Farmer In The City 3. Taj Mahal Travellers - Between 07:03 - 07:15 P.M. 4. Grinderman - Grinderman 5. Cute Heels - Golden Tears 6. Dungeon Acid - Nude Descending A Staircase 7. Marc Ash - Pray For Me 8. Cardinal & Nun - Freaks 9. IXVLF - Personal Divisions 10. Tinfoil - Caravan Life 11. Portion Reform - Reduction 12. Sterile Hand - The Hunter 13. Autumns - Talking To Yourself 14. Autumns - Recovery