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The Fury of the Aquabats (Expanded 2018 Remaster)
Hi-Five Soup!
Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2
The Aquabats! vs the Floating Eye of Death! And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 1
The Fury of the Aquabats!
The Return of the Aquabats
The Aquabats! Dec 15, 2018
Friday night? Call the Magic Chicken. He’s got a goblet of nuggets with your name on it. Photo: @fortiis_foto
The Aquabats! Dec 14, 2018
Hey Legion of Righteous Comrades! Here's a big juicy update on our Kickstarter campaign! See what we've been up to... PLUS a sneak peek at the Fury LIVE album and a special video message!!
The Aquabats! Dec 14, 2018
Congrats to The Cure on being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Enjoy this clip of when we did our tribute to The Cure earlier this year with our friends the Sweet and Tender Hooligans🦇🦹🏻‍♂️💐🔥
The Aquabats! Dec 12, 2018
Crash McLarson December 2018 Photo: @fortiis_foto
The Aquabats! Dec 10, 2018
This is a pretty good video from Saturday nights show at House of Blues Anaheim !! Pool Party baby. So much energy and fun! Thanks again everyone! Video from @anthonyxdisneypins
The Aquabats! Dec 09, 2018
Still tripping out about Friday night at the @hobanaheim .. THANK YOU @theecjramone And EVERYONE who came out and celebrated with us. We really love you all!! Happy Holidays. Photo by
The Aquabats! Dec 08, 2018
Last night we totally sold out... the show.. in Anaheim!! At House of Blues Anaheim !! Thanks everyone who’s made history with us! We love you peoples. See you soon!!
The Aquabats! Dec 08, 2018
Check it - we’re gettin a deck at House of Blues Anaheim thanks to YOU #furyoftheaquabats #wearetheaquabats @ House of Blues Anaheim
The Aquabats! Dec 08, 2018
Handful of tickets left at the door for our show tonight at House of Blues Anaheim!! And you can get some online & then scan from your phone...easy! Come out!
The Aquabats! Dec 08, 2018
SEE YOU IN 45 minutes!!! Anaheim House Of Blues!!! Meet and Greet!!
The Aquabats! Dec 07, 2018
Just one meet and greet package left for our show tonight House of Blues Anaheim! Meet and Greet starts at 5PM! Get there early! On your mark, get set....GO!
The Aquabats! Dec 07, 2018
The Aquabats! Dec 05, 2018
Just in case you were wondering ... there’s still a handful of tickets left. Merry Christmas to the world. #booyizzle #christmasmiracle
The Aquabats! Dec 05, 2018
Friday the Meet and Greet starts at 5pm!!! Be at the house of blues early to make sure you get in! A few tickets are left for the meet and greet party!! You get a sweet Merch package too!!
The Aquabats! Dec 05, 2018
WARNING!!! The House of Blues Anaheim has posted a LOW TICKET WARNING!! Quick people! Get those tickets! It’s gonna sell Out!! Come see the album that made the AquaBats happen! Check in with House of Blues Anaheim for more DEETS!! WARNING!!
The Aquabats! Dec 03, 2018
We didn’t want to do a full holiday webstore launch this year because of the big Kickstarter campaign we just completed (THANK YOU!) However, we didn’t want to just do nothing, so we launched a few surprises in our store. Previously, these were only available on our 2018 UK tour and we have one box each of the exclusive tour tees and two boxes of the POWER SCARF available now. Once they’re gone…you know how that goes. We also have a few special deals on some releases from the past year. Fury of the Aquabats” Re-issue third pressing is only $20 until the end of the holiday season. Limited to 1,000 copies, the yellow double vinyl is only $20 right now. If that’s not what you want, we have discounts on the Super Show Seasons 2 & 3 bundles if you missed out. GO TO KING’s ROAD MERCH!
The Aquabats! Dec 01, 2018
Watching a little video footage from the last time we did the FURY! Look it JOEL! Smile Mountain as the Phantasma Del Mar! Don’t miss show this Friday!!
The Aquabats! Dec 01, 2018
Attacked By Snakes - Live at the El Rey Theater
The Aquabats! Dec 01, 2018
Let’s get it now kids! Special rare shirt on. Avail at the Anaheim show next week end! One week from tonight!!! Woo!
The Aquabats! Nov 30, 2018
When the city's cutest kittens are abducted by gigantic teleporting cat men, The Aquabats trace it back to Kitty Litter, a ferocious feline with a truly evil plan! Guest starring Ben Garant as the voice of Kitty Litter.
The Aquabats! Nov 30, 2018
What if this was a shirt??! Would you come and get one??! #shirt #the #chrishemsworth
The Aquabats! Nov 29, 2018
It's ManAnt! Starring SpongeBob SquarePants' Mr. Lawrence, as the voice of ManAnt and the Super Show! narrator.
The Aquabats! Nov 28, 2018
Dudes practicing for next weeks big show! DECEMBER 7th! Be there! House of Blues!!Anaheim!!
The Aquabats! Nov 28, 2018
You're just some buns and patties, but I love you so much! A musical ode to burgers!
The Aquabats! Nov 27, 2018
Rest In Peace now Mr. Stephen Hillenburg. The Creator of SpongeBob is now gone but will not be forgotten. What an Amazing life. Thank you.