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Songs of God and Whiskey
Dope Machines
Such Hot Blood
All At Once
All I Ever Wanted (Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall)
The Airborne Toxic Event (Bonus Track Version)
The Airborne Toxic Event Aug 03, 2018
Hey everyone, I'll be writing a column for the Village Voice about music, culture and politics. You can read the first one below. Yes we are working on a record, yes there will be big things to announce soon! Happy August! - Mikel
The Airborne Toxic Event Jul 04, 2018
"I had this vision of an entire generation staring down at their phones. Millions and millions in separate rooms talking through wires on social media, like inmates knocking on a prison wall." Mikel wrote this.
The Airborne Toxic Event Apr 14, 2017
We've added some brand-new merch to our online store, including some fresh t-shirt designs, and a limited-edition, screen-print poster of our El Rey residency, signed by the entire band. Check it out here:
The Airborne Toxic Event Apr 07, 2017
A few tickets have been released for tonight's final show at the El Rey. Buy Tix here:
The Airborne Toxic Event Apr 04, 2017
A limited number of tickets for Thursday & Friday's shows at the El Rey go on sale TODAY at 10am: THU TIX: FRI TIX :
The Airborne Toxic Event Mar 29, 2017
50 Tickets for this Thursday, March 30 at the El Rey will be released and on sale to the public tomorrow, Wednesday March 29 @ 10am here:
The Airborne Toxic Event Mar 20, 2017
The El Rey Residency is not the start of a record cycle. It's not a showcase. It's not even a finished product. It's rock and roll in a sweaty room. We have new songs and we want to play them for you before we make a new record. Like the old days. We miss that. We want to sweat and jump, clap and scream, whisper and sing with you. Then maybe we'll record it. That's rock and roll.
The Airborne Toxic Event Mar 20, 2017
Hello everyone, El Rey. Thursday night. Show one of the Residency. We're doing new songs so no videos please. We request you keep your phones/cameras off and be in the moment with us. There's a lot going on. Thursday is step one. More to come. Can't wait. Mikel, Daren, Adrian, Steven, Anna
The Airborne Toxic Event Jan 10, 2017
The Airborne Toxic Event Dec 01, 2016
We have donated a pair of tickets for the sold out April 6 show at the El Rey to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which offers support and resources to musicians and music venue/bar workers currently battling or recovering from all forms of cancer and other extremely debilitating illnesses and injuries. Bidding is now open and ends Dec 15 at Charitybuzz. Click here to bid:
The Airborne Toxic Event Nov 15, 2016
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The Airborne Toxic Event Nov 11, 2016
Happy Veterans day! In our involvement through the years with various veterans charities I have met the bravest, kindest, most big-hearted, irreverent, funny, humble and courageous people. We’ve played music with you, we’ve drank with you (cough, Ireland), sat around and chatted and gotten to know you. In this time I've grown to have nothing but a deep-seated respect for you. On a personal note, Handsome Dan and Old Man Spitser -- good friends of mine both of whom served with distinction in the Navy and opened my eyes to the diversity of people, experiences, opinions and valuable perspectives of those that serve -- I want to thank your those conversations and the insight they afforded me. It’s worth noting in a very contentious time in America that veterans made a choice to defend this country, and did so out of a sense duty and honor and deep love for their fellow man. I am very grateful for this choice, a sacred one, which has for centuries protected the freedoms we as Americans cherish. So please give to veteran’s charities, support veteran's causes. And thank a veteran today for the fact that we can do as we please, say what we think and live our lives in peace. Happy Veterans Day. We are so very grateful for you. Mikel
The Airborne Toxic Event Nov 04, 2016
Tickets for our 4th and final show at the El Rey on April 7 GO ON SALE NOW:
The Airborne Toxic Event Nov 02, 2016
Pre-sale for April 7 at the El Rey starts NOW HERE:
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 31, 2016
We’ve added a fourth show at the El Rey in Los Angeles. The first three sold out in three minutes. Thank you for that. This one will be on Friday, April 7th. It too will primarily feature new material. There will be no other El Rey shows added. Pre-Sale Wed @ 10am: Public On Sale Fri @ 10am:
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 28, 2016
Tickets for April 6 at the El Rey GO ON SALE NOW:
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 26, 2016
Pre-sale for April 6 at the El Rey starts NOW HERE:
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 26, 2016
On “America”: My family is Jewish, Latino, African-American, working class and pissed off. From the moment Donald Trump descended that escalator and declared his candidacy by calling Mexican immigrants rapists, this has been personal for me. My grandparents were unskilled Italian immigrants that came to this country because they were broke and saw the United States as a land of freedom and opportunity. A place where we could thrive, where their children could do better than they did. My father was a mechanic. My uncle, a mechanic. My grandfather, a mechanic. My grandmother spent her life in America working every day cleaning rooms as a hotel maid. The decision to come to America wasn’t made for them. It was made for me. Two generations later as a product of Los Angeles public schools, I attended Stanford University and graduated with honors. When I stood in line and received that diploma, I knew that it wasn’t just me standing there. I knew I was the product of the hopes my ancestors carried as they sat in crowded boats, as they worked long hours in menial jobs. So that I could have opportunities they never dreamt of. They placed their hopes, the very lives of their children, in the founding documents of this nation which said: no matter your background, if you work hard you can live in peace and expect prosperity for you and your family. That’s what I see when I see fields of workers picking crops in the San Joaquin Valley. That is what I see in the throngs of men eager to jump in a truck in a parking lot at Home Depot — just itching for work. There’s nobility in hard work. There’s dignity in it. Because we don’t just work for ourselves. We work for our children and our children’s children. It is un-American to threaten the liberty of these people, to demonize them in sick ways that equate them with rapists and murderers. The most important work we will ever do is that which ensures that all people in the United States — regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, have a real chance to get ahead. That is what generations of soldiers fought and died for. That is what makes us uniquely American and why the entire world still looks to the United States a beacon of truth and freedom and progress. It’s an idea worth defending and it’s not given freely. There are thieves at the gate: hate-mongers, bigots and liars who seek to divide us, to tear down our sacred institutions with their panic and their fear. After all who is free in America if everybody isn’t? How am I safe from police brutality if a black man that matches my description in every way but one isn’t? How am I free to practice (or not practice) my religion if proud Muslim-Americans are placed one watchlists, profiled and demonized? What do I have to gain as a man, if an equally-qualified woman makes 79 cents on the dollar for the exact same work? What do any of us in a nation of immigrants have to say to immigrant families, new to this country looking for a better life for their children, if we turn their pain and marginalization into a wedge issue to scare people they’ve never met in hopes of using that fear to win an election? Who is free in America if everybody isn’t? This election is a unique threat like no other in American history. The very founding ideals of our democracy are at stake. But it’s also a unique opportunity. If we can just stand up together, now and say in one voice — white, black, latino, asian, native american, man, woman, gay, straight, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Agnostic— that this is our country, a land where bigotry has no place. If we can let the ideals of our founding documents guide us and remain in our hearts — we can, as others have done, defeat these forces of hatred and preserve the American idea for us, our children, and the generations to follow in whose trust we find ourselves, and whose innocence and opportunity we must defend. This is why we say America is the only country in the world founded on an idea. It's a simple idea: freedom and hard work equals prosperity for all, no matter who you are or where you come from. That was true for my Italian grandparents and it’s true immigrant families now. That is who we are. That is what America is. That’s why this is personal. For all of us. That’s why the Donald Trump is not a patriot, why he is uniquely anti-American in a dangerous and hateful way. And that’s why we must do everything in our power to ensure this man doesn’t become president. No less than the soul of our country is at stake. - Mikel Jollett
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 25, 2016
Good morning, We’ve added a third show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. This one will be on April 6th. It too will primarily feature new material. Artist pre-sale tickets go on sale Wednesday, October 26th, at 10:00 a.m. PDT on our website: - Pre-sale tickets are will call only The rest of the tickets go on sale on Friday, October 28th at 10AM PDT HERE: -All links will go live when pre-sale begins
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 25, 2016
"America" - The Airborne Toxic Event
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 24, 2016
We have a new song. Nothing will be for sale. This is for you. Vote.
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 21, 2016
Wow, we really didn't expect this to happen. The 2nd El Rey Show we added also sold out in under a minute. Thank you. Amazing. Having been holed up in some odd corner writing for a long time now, I just don't have a reference point for this anymore. I'm kind of stunned. We all are. I also want to say that we chose a smaller venue on purpose. The intimacy is the point. We're going to be playing new music and we wanted to get it in front of people, to work it out with people in a sweaty nightclub with loud amps and sweat and the smell of stale beer. That's how we started. That's rock and roll. And as much as I loved playing the Greek or Red Rocks, that's not where you go with new songs. (Great places to play with symphonies or choirs or six years of touring music under your belt). Again we want to point out that the 50 tickets that went to StubHub had nothing to do with us. It's a reality of the modern ticket marketplace and it's literally out of our hands. The El Rey is much better about this sort of thing than most venues. We hear you that this sucks and fully agree. Finally, from my basement here in Silver Lake with about 30 books stacked in the corner, my guitar, and a bunch of recording equipment laying around, I just want to say hello. Whatever room you’re in, wherever you are in your life, I’m glad we can relate over music. In some ways, this has been the hardest year of my life. In some others ways it’s been the best. I’ve never leaned so hard on my music as a way of dealing. I’m deeply honored you all have stuck with us and forever surprised to find people relating to the fucked up things I sing about. See you at the El Rey— Mikel ps - fuck Trump. vote that motherfucker down.
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 21, 2016
Tickets for March 30 at the El Rey Theatre are ON SALE NOW:
The Airborne Toxic Event Oct 19, 2016
Pre-sale for March 30 at the El Rey starts NOW HERE: