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Eye of Providence
Lullabies of the Dormant Mind
Once Only Imagined
The Agonist Dec 10, 2018
Next up on Matt McGachy of Cryptopsy's podcast Vox&Hops! The one and only Chris Kells of The Agonist! Learn about how he got into music, video production and jumping off rooftops in his youth as an extreme backyard wrestler! All the while sipping on some of Quebec's finest beers! Listen on Spotify
The Agonist Dec 10, 2018
💥 🎸 Photo by Mihaela Petrescu Photography
The Agonist Dec 07, 2018
WOW! You guys really like listening to us! ☺❤🙏. Thanks to the fans in all 65 countries for the millions of streams! In 2019 we will have a whole new record for you guys to sink your teeth into!
The Agonist Nov 26, 2018
Check out Vicky Psarakis team up with Firewind's Gus G Scar Symmetry's Per Nilsson and Twelve Foot Ninja to deliver a killer track for Toontrack's WORLD METAL BAND! We even get a special appearance from Vicky's pup Oreo! Tell us what you guys think! Read the whole story of how it came together at Gear Gods!
The Agonist Nov 15, 2018
TBT to the epic and ambitious photo shoot we did with the imaginative Von Wong! This BTS shot captures some of the fun we had between the many takes and Vicky Psarakis being a trooper as she was suspended in air for hours to get the right shot!
The Agonist Nov 11, 2018
When something is worth screaming about. Scream it like you mean it!
The Agonist Nov 07, 2018
Show day = Ab day 💪 Photo Crediit PIX 666
The Agonist Nov 06, 2018
Getting ready for work in the morning is different when you're in a band. On set for the first official video shoot!
The Agonist Nov 03, 2018
Paco’s got them weekend vibes. 📷by Olivier Jean
The Agonist Oct 30, 2018
Big stage, small stage, always get as close to the audience as we can! Photo credit : Pam Canales Fotografías
The Agonist Oct 27, 2018
Happy birthday to the life of the party, Pascal "Paco" Jobin! 🎂🎉🎈 Photo by Pam Canales Fotografías
The Agonist Oct 26, 2018
Go listen to Danny Marino talk touring, recording, craft beer and some little known history of The Agonist on Matt McGachy`s (vocalist of Cryptopsy) very 1st episode of Vox&Hops! Apple Podcasts: Spotify:
The Agonist Oct 25, 2018
TBT to writing sessions for Eye of Providence. We can always date the band era based on Paco's beard length. 🤣
The Agonist Oct 20, 2018
Last weekend at Lima Metal Fest!
The Agonist Oct 19, 2018
Beam us up 👽 Photo by Perú Metal (PM)
The Agonist Oct 18, 2018
Thank you, Lima!🤘🤘 Photo by Choy-Kifox Photography
The Agonist Oct 16, 2018
Thank you, Peru!! We had an amazing time playing for you and exploring your beautiful country. Hope to see you again soon!
The Agonist Oct 16, 2018
On top of the world for Simon McKay's birthday! A full day of hiking mountains, drinking pisco and exploring ancient inca ruins. Couldn't think of a more appropriate way to celebrate Simon's b-day!
The Agonist Oct 14, 2018
Great vid captured by Heavy Metal Peru last night!! 🇵🇪 🤘🤘 Tonight we take on Cusco at Inkas Metal Fest!
The Agonist Oct 14, 2018
Thank you Lima Metal Fest! That was awesome! Next stop 11000 feet in the air for our show in Cusco Peru!
The Agonist Oct 12, 2018
Lima Peru! We have arrived! Lima Metal Fest is tomorrow!
The Agonist Oct 11, 2018
Hey you! Yes you Peru! Were coming at ya to rock Lima Metal Fest and Inkas Metal Fest in Cusco! #flightdelays #baggageproblems #flightrebooking #nothingcanstopus
The Agonist Oct 10, 2018
Merci, Quebec et L'Assomption! We had a wicked ass time! Photo by Marie Eve Desmeules @ UltimRadio
The Agonist Oct 09, 2018
Quebec, écoutez Chris Kells aujourd’hui à 18h sur Metal Mental CJMD 96.9!
The Agonist Oct 06, 2018
Only a few hours to showtime, Quebec!