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In Spades
Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)
Do to the Beast
Black Love
Gentlemen (Remastered)
Up In It
The Afghan Whigs Dec 10, 2018
Livin’ After Midnight.
The Afghan Whigs Dec 04, 2018
Back in the saddle.
The Afghan Whigs Nov 30, 2018
Last chance for romance. Download You Want Love featuring James Hall TODAY ONLY (11/30) until midnight EDT. #VivaLaRosser #getyours
The Afghan Whigs Nov 23, 2018
Your Attention Please. Limited edition Afghan Whigs merch is available at Hello Merch. NOW through December 31st get 10% off using "Congregation18" at check out. #getyours while you can. ->
The Afghan Whigs Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. #tbt
The Afghan Whigs Nov 08, 2018
"...and one of the greatest rock records of the decade, Gentlemen by Afghan Whigs." Thank you Bruce Warren World Cafe WXPN NPR Music
The Afghan Whigs Nov 04, 2018
Dave Davis was my first friend when I moved to Cincinnati in 1985. He lived in the apartment across the hall. We had an immediate connection through our mutual interest in photography, music and gear. Through Dave, I met Michelle, the woman who would become my partner, wife and the mother of our two daughters. I met Greg Dulli, who would become my band mate, brother and one of my closest and dearest friends on earth. And I met Kelly Vanasse, whose beautiful family would become an extension of our own. All of that happened in one night! Although I would meet more cool and interesting people through my friendship with Dave, and be introduced to new experiences and opportunities, it was that night in the Spring of 1985 that changed my life in the most significant way. Dave was the vector for many friendships, bands and business ventures. He was often the first person to turn you on to some new idea, piece of gear, band. He was the first person I saw create and perform music and do legit graphics on a computer - years before I saw anyone else do it. Dave seemed plugged in to everything and everybody in the mid-late 80’s Cincinnati underground music scene. This would also be true for the 90’s, and so on… I had a small recording studio in my house in Camp Washington. As the Afghan Whigs began to play out of town more frequently, Dave helped by covering sessions and bringing in his own bands to record. Ultrasuede Studio was born. Ultrasuede outgrew two houses and we were beginning to the constraints of our Northside loft space when Dave discovered the QCA Studio Space was available. By this time, Dave had become a mastering engineer, partly in response to a growing need for this in Cincinnati. I think this job was Dave’s favorite. It allowed him to use his ears, musical curiosity and technical knowledge to help his fellow musicians. His patience, kindness and empathy were appreciated as much as his talent. Dave mastered thousands of records - everything from local bands to national releases. Dave and I worked together at Ultrasuede for almost 30 years. As I think about our friendship and professional relationship, I’m struck by the fact that most of what Dave did was motivated by a desire to help others. I’m not entirely sure he was aware of it, or would admit to it, if he did know. It’s part of what made him such a good engineer, partner and friend. His work with The All Night Party, MuisicLi and his time teaching at CCM and DAAP at University of Cincinnati are additional examples of Dave’s low-key altruism. He was a mentor and guide to many but his manner was so graceful and humble that you rarely were aware of it. It was just part of his personality. Dave was incredibly thoughtful and intelligent. We had countless, long, wide-ranging conversations on all manner of subjects. The studio is a great place for this, by the way. He was always trying to out-think the paradigm or re-invent the wheel. He could think fast and type faster. Ask Dave a question and you were likely to receive a 1200 word response that left you even more confused. He knew it, though, and thought it was funny, too. That said, he was never condescending and always respectful, patiently taking the time to explain himself, even if he strongly disagreed with your point of view. Last Friday morning, Dave was involved in a serious car accident. His injuries were severe and he arrived at the hospital in a coma, from which he never awoke. Yesterday, surrounded by family, Dave passed on. Those who had the pleasure of calling Dave a friend know that he would not have wanted to return to world where he would be deprived of the things he loved so much; intellectual conversation, interacting with people, helping others and enjoying music. Dave had a profound and positive impact on my life and the lives of many others I know. His contributions to the Cincinnati music community span 4 decades and touch the lives of thousands. Dave’s death is devastating loss to his family, friends and the community. It’s hard to process what has happened. An event like a car accident is so sudden that all you can do is react in a hazy, surreal way. There’s the shock of hearing the news and seeing someone you care about in that condition. There’s the sadness of seeing other people you care about in emotional pain. There’s the knowledge that soon you will miss this person and the feeling will become unbearable for time, then abate somewhat but never go away. Actually, this is good because missing someone keeps them in your heart. Major realizations and weird little fragments of memories arrive all at once, and bit by bit. Friends share news, memories and stories in the hospital, on the phone and electronically. A lot of Dave’s friends and clients will learn about his passing via the internet. Dave loved technology and would definitely have something to say about receiving this kind of news in a post on social media. I’m sorry I won’t be able to have this conversation with him anytime soon. I’m grateful beyond words for Dave’s friendship and everything that came with it. He has been a constant presence in my life since I moved to Cincinnati. I, and many others will miss him terribly and remember him fondly. A week in the hospital with the level of care that Dave required is expensive, to say the least. Dave’s loving and courageous wife, Karen, will have an unspeakable emotional burden. Please consider helping her with the financial burden by giving whatever you can at -John Curley
The Afghan Whigs Nov 04, 2018
Positively Vaughn St. I was an 18 year old freshman entering the University of Cincinnati when I first met Dave Davis. He became my first roommate. I knew nothing. He taught me how to play guitar and make Chinese food. He introduced me to punk rock and jazz. He showed me how to make movies and paint. He took me to the best parties and got me back onstage after I'd sworn it off forever. He encouraged me to drop out of school, follow my dream and move to California. Then he gave me a job when I inevitably came back to town with my tail between my legs. Through him I met John Curley, who would later join me in starting the Afghan Whigs. We had no bigger cheerleader than Dave Davis. He was whip smart, kind and funny. He was selfless and beautiful. He was my big brother, my mentor and my guide into the underground. He was my friend and I will miss him terribly. -Greg Dulli Los Angeles November 3, 2018
The Afghan Whigs Oct 31, 2018
Feeling Witchy? Happy Halloween, y'all. #NSFW
The Afghan Whigs Oct 27, 2018
20 years ago today. Favorite song, story, memory?
The Afghan Whigs Oct 06, 2018
Happy birthday to our favorite drummer...
The Afghan Whigs Oct 05, 2018
The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen
The Afghan Whigs Oct 05, 2018
Gentlemen is 25 today. We keep coming back for a little more of your love. #tellusyours Favotite song, story, memory.
The Afghan Whigs Oct 02, 2018
Happy Birthday Sting.
The Afghan Whigs Sep 29, 2018
greg dulli on Twitter
The Afghan Whigs Sep 15, 2018
This Album Changed My Life: Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen (1993)
The Afghan Whigs Sep 12, 2018
greg dulli on Twitter
The Afghan Whigs Sep 08, 2018
It's been a year, is your card still the same? Post below.
The Afghan Whigs Sep 01, 2018
The Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli Revisits 1965 and Pays Tribute to Aretha Franklin via Consequence of Sound
The Afghan Whigs Aug 16, 2018
greg dulli on Twitter
The Afghan Whigs Aug 12, 2018
It’s Jon Skibic’s birthday, y’all..
The Afghan Whigs Aug 12, 2018
Happy Sub Pop Day! We've been going out of business with you since 1989 and proud of it. Sub Pop Records #SPF30
The Afghan Whigs Aug 10, 2018
I’ve known these gentlemen for 29 of their 30 years of Sub Pop Records Tonight, we’ll help begin the celebration of their vision at the Mural Amphitheater with the fine folks of KEXP. Congratulations to Jonathan, Bruce, Megan and everyone that’s been at Sub Pop. - Greg
The Afghan Whigs Aug 10, 2018
The boys are back in town. 🎥 Greg Dulli #rehearsal #SPF30
The Afghan Whigs Aug 10, 2018
Reunited and it feels as weird as ever.