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Dorian Blue
The Advent: Best of Riot (#2)
Knowledge Ep
In My Mind EP
Sonic Intervention
Master Blaster EP
New Beginning
The Advent and Damon Bradley at Flash (April 5, 2019)
Venue: Flash (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Movement Festival Movement Festival 2019
Venue: Philip A. Hart Plaza (Detroit, MI, US) Find tickets
The Advent Feb 15, 2019
Which event are you attending? 🤘 Bookings | [email protected]
The Advent Feb 12, 2019
I want to share my latest Beatport chart with you guys... It's a list of tracks from the past and present in which I combined early 90's DJAX Upbeats tracks with Techno from the 00' by legends like Mike Dearborn and new stuff by Pfirter, Mark Broom and Cari Lekebusch 💣
The Advent Feb 11, 2019
Did ya'll had a good weekend? Here is a short impression of my live performance at The Loft Barcelona two weeks ago...
The Advent Feb 08, 2019
Good to be back in Poland again... Live electro tomorrow at Acid Plant with The Advent (live) 🇵🇱
The Advent Feb 07, 2019
DJ life Instagram Stories in the 90's... 📹 (Click video for sound )
The Advent Feb 01, 2019
Barcelona! Ready for a night full of live techno? Tonight | The Advent "90's Techno live" + Colin Benders Modular live
The Advent Jan 30, 2019
I made a remix for Aphrohead's "Ride I Out" which will be released on Marco Bailey's MB Elektronics Recordings... Full EP will be available next week! 🤙
The Advent Jan 29, 2019
It's still a couple of months ahead but I already want to make you aware of this massive MATERIA gathering at one of Belgium's finest clubs Kompass 🖤 Event | BunkTEK presents Materia: The Advent & Colin Benders at Kompass
The Advent Jan 28, 2019
After a welcome break in January I'm fully loaded and ready to go back on the road again 💥 Friday | The Advent "90's Techno live" + Colin Benders Modular live at The Loft Barcelona Saturday | Razzle Dazzle Festival ॐ Lokschuppen Bielefeld w/ Industrialyzer
The Advent Jan 24, 2019
As you might remembered I needed to cancel my full USA tour last September and October due to severe illness within the family... Tonight I can announce that all my USA gigs are re-booked! In April I will play in Washington and LA and in May I will come back to play in Portland, Montreal, Chicago and as cream on the pie, Movement Electronic Music Festival (OFFICIAL) in Detroit! Hope you're ready?! <3
The Advent Jan 23, 2019
Released a couple of months ago but this one still doing it's thing... Thank you all for the support! 💀🙏 The Advent - High Horse (Klockworks 2018) Leftfield H&T chart |
The Advent Jan 21, 2019
Congrats to Agile Recordings (and Uto Karem) with their 10th birthday! For this special occasion they launched their "10 Years of Agile Recordings" including tracks and remixes by Industrialyzer and me, G Flame and many, many more! Pre-order |
The Advent Jan 18, 2019
Good weekend y'all 🤘
The Advent Jan 16, 2019
👀 of Envy w/ Zein on Monotone ⚡ Buy-links (Vinyl only) Juno | USA |
The Advent Jan 15, 2019
Output NYC ❤️
The Advent Jan 09, 2019
✊🏽✊🏽 Full "Best Sellers 2018: Leftfield house & techno list" |
The Advent Jan 07, 2019
The Advent 90's techno... LIVE! 🖤 Shot at Doornroosje by Minnie Middelberg
The Advent Jan 01, 2019
The Advent Dec 31, 2018
HELLO Budapest, let's start 2019 with a 💥... See you tonight at Deadcode & Friends NYE 2018 Special!
The Advent Dec 30, 2018
14:00-17:00... Klockworks at Berghain / Panorama Bar 👽
The Advent Dec 28, 2018
Klockworks at Berghain / Panorama Bar this weekend... Three hours of Advent 90's Techno 💣
The Advent Dec 26, 2018
I'm playing tonight at a sold-out House Classix - Doornroosje (uitverkocht)... 90's Techno LIVE!!! 🎅
The Advent Dec 22, 2018
Congrats Abfahrt Würzburg with your 9th birthday! I'm coming with Industrialyzer to celebrate this with you at 22.12 // 9 Jahre Abfahrt Würzburg - airport Würzburg. See you TONIGHT!
The Advent Dec 21, 2018
RADION Amsterdam TONIGHT! Ending the 15 YRS AD Bookings celebrations with a bang alongside Dimitri, Dj Isis, MOOR (Wouter de Moor), Sterac and Vince Watson 💚 Event | 15 YRS AD at RADlON | The Advent, Dimitri, Sterac & more
The Advent Dec 20, 2018
Working on a track with long time friend and great DJ/producer Steve Rachmad/Sterac, which I gave a spin during ADE a couple of months ago! The full recording of my set at our MATERIA vs Kombination Research ADE get together during Verknipt is online now at Pocketbeat... Full set |