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The Adolescents Jun 15, 2012
european tour begins July 14.
The Adolescents May 09, 2012
The Adolescents (@TheAdolescents) on Twitter
The Adolescents May 02, 2012
Tour dates
The Adolescents Apr 07, 2012
Untitled Album
The Adolescents Mar 30, 2012
The Adolescents's cover photo
The Adolescents Mar 30, 2012
Untitled Album
The Adolescents Mar 30, 2012
we will be finishing up the recording of a new ep this week. next shows are prb (may 25) & ink 'n' iron (june 9.) australia cancelled. europa july 12-august 19.
The Adolescents Mar 18, 2012
adolescents have been added to (that show i can't tell you about until march 29th and) ink 'n' iron (june 9). the tours of australia (june 22-july 2) and europe (july 12- august 18 will be posted soon.
The Adolescents Mar 11, 2012
adolescents will be at ink-n-iron june 9- lastus show projected until the fall. band will be recording in april, and tours for australia (june) and europe (july-august)
The Adolescents Mar 11, 2012
ink-n-iron saturday june 9
The Adolescents Feb 28, 2012
coming soon
The Adolescents Feb 27, 2012
The Adolescents plus Half Astro ... at The Vault on Friday, Mar 02, 2012 6:30 PM PST
The Adolescents Feb 24, 2012
Adolescents, Youth Brigade, in Temecula March 2****** Adolescents, Youth Brigade, Middle Class, White Flag, Billybones Saturday, March 3 at the Galaxy
The Adolescents Feb 16, 2012
the adolescents will be in bogota, columbia, saturday, february 18
The Adolescents Feb 16, 2012
The other band called the adolescents has left facebook. we never challenged their use of the name, we just simply used the name adolecents.usa to define us from them (they were an english band). now that they have left the name open, we have taken it. best to their new project(s)