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Fast Times At Barrington High
Fast Times At Barrington High (Bonus Track Version)
Almost Here
The Academy Is... May 05, 2019
The Academy Is... had some great memories at El Corazon. I remember driving into Seattle in our Ford econoline van and being amazed by the beauty of the pacific north west and inspired knowing that legends like Hendrix and Cobain had walked those streets.
The Academy Is... Apr 28, 2019
Before “The Academy” arrived on the scene in the Chicago Suburbs, bands like 504plan, Knockout and Fallout Boy were trendsetters in the VFW Hall Scene. Here’s 504plan (featuring Tom Conrad who would later join TAI and Jon Walker who would later join Panic! At the Disco)
The Academy Is... Apr 26, 2019
The Academy Is... Apr 18, 2019
The Butcher just dropped ALL prices at his Reverb Artist Shop, like $500 OFF the SJC Patchwork Drum Kit, which is still up for grabs! Check it out!
The Academy Is... Apr 02, 2019
CHICAGO! Friday Night in Wicker Park! Come hang with Sisky Business and party like it’s 2003!
The Academy Is... Apr 02, 2019
THE BUTCHER’s Reverb Shop is now live! Head over to purchase his gear from the TAI days, including his custom SJC drums!! Hurry up and buy them before Sisky does!!
The Academy Is... Feb 14, 2019
Valentines Day 2008 in our apartment at 3rd and Hauser- Los Angeles, California.
The Academy Is... Feb 14, 2019
2007. Valentines Day at the TAI headquarters in the Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.
The Academy Is... Dec 03, 2018
Wishing a very happy 34th Birthday to our very own Mike “Santi” Carden
The Academy Is... Aug 26, 2018
10 Years ago The Academy Is... performed at Reading & Leeds. TAITV’s favorite music journalist Guy Ripley was there to document the bands legendary set.
The Academy Is... Jul 16, 2018
CHICAGO- Come hang with DJ Sisky Biz this Thursday at the Burlington in Logan Square. Submit requests in the comments.
The Academy Is... Feb 21, 2018
Our good friends at Enjoy the Ride have pressed 500 more copies of the SANTI vinyl! Pick em’ up!!
The Academy Is... Nov 29, 2017
Win the Siska/ Wentz Fender B-Bass!! Hello TAI community, It’s Adam T. Siska As some of you may know, members of my family lost their homes when Hurricane’s Irma and Maria hit the Virgin Islands in September. Through GoFundMe I was able to raise some money to help purchase building materials to rebuild. Unfortunately we did not reach our fundraising goal, so I am here to make a final plea for help on behalf of my family.. I am offering up my Fender P-Bass that I played on stage with TAI from 2006-2010. The bass was a gift from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz while TAI was touring with them in the UK in the spring of 2006. You can see the bass featured in their video for the song “Dance Dance” as well as in the TAI video for “The Phrase that Pays.” I considered auctioning the bass, but I would rather it go to so who maybe can’t afford it, or perhaps as a Christmas gift to someone who would love it. With ANY donation to our GoFundMe, you will have a chance to win this piece of EMO history. I will also be sending out some band merch from TAI’s storage to donors as well. Please share this and help me on my final quest to put my family back in their homes! With love and gratitude, -Adam T. Siska
The Academy Is... Oct 20, 2017
Hurricane Irma hit St. John on September 6th, just 6 weeks ago. I’ve now seen how quickly the world moves on after such events. Our focus was pulled away to Puerto Rico, the American Flag, some football players, a shooting in Las Vegas, and some fires in California. The destruction in the Virgin Islands has become yesterday’s news. My friends and family on St. John have not had such an easy time moving on. My brother had been hard at work with the fire department helping others recover from the storm. My mother came to stay in my guest room. She is overwhelmed with grief and uncertainty about her future. Through my fundraiser for her home we were able to raise an extremely helpful amount in just a matter of days. I’ve been wary about over doing it with the GoFundMe.. as I know how many people in the world are in need. What makes us worthy of your charity? I cannot answer that. But I can tell you that we are in need of your help, and that it has filled us with love and hope every time there has been a donation. If you are able to make any further contribution to our campaign, even in the smallest amount- know that I am forever thankful for your help. We hope that when the island has recovered you will come down and pay us visit to check out our progress. Love, Adam Siska and family.
The Academy Is... Sep 14, 2017
Thankyou to Alternative Press Japan for helping raise awareness of my effort to raise money for my family members who lost their homes when Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin Islands. I love Japan!
The Academy Is... Sep 09, 2017
Dear TAI Community, Hurricane Irma has left multiple members of my family homeless. I am fully aware than many people are in the same scenario. I am also aware that my "goal" for the GoFundMe is an absurd amount of money. But it's unfortunately only a fraction of what we're in need of to get our lives back on track. Every single dollar is a tremendous help to getting our family back on track. If you are able to help, I am forever in your debt. If you are unable or uninterested, we completely understand and thank you for reading this. Much love and best wishes to each of you. Love, Youe good friend Adam t. Siska
The Academy Is... Aug 25, 2017 The label forked over a bunch of dough to get the song featured on an episode of "The Hills" but it didn't do much to help the failing single. A month later T. Swift used the song to document her Thanksgiving. We saw a spike in sales.
The Academy Is... Aug 03, 2017
In August of 2006 The Academy Is... wrapped up two years of touring to promote our debut album. For each of us in the band, life was extremely different than it had been in the early Autumn of 2004 when we loaded up the van and drove away from the Chicago suburbs. We had transitioned from being a local VFW act to selling out shows around the World. We now had a little money in the bank and a few more hairs on our chests. We had tried some big boy drugs and learned how to drink Whiskey. The music scene that we came out of had changed a lot too. When we started out on the road our peers were touring in vans, and living at their parents houses. Now there were some millionaires, celebrity girlfriends and everybody started wearing eyeliner and purple hoodies. It was a confusing time, and the label was counting on us to deliver an album that was going to compete with those genre defining Superstars. Since the first record we had not written many songs... There was one that we were playing on tour every day that summer, and the fans seemed to be responding positively. Though there were some of us in the band who were pretty sure that it sucked! Everything was feeling pretty stale and it felt like we were just trying to do more of what worked the first time around -- only this time it wasn't working. We scrapped those songs, rented out a room in an abandoned Cheese factory and got to work on Album #2. After the popularity of the first record, our label and management gave us all the space we needed to get to work and make music. For better or for worse, there were no A&R guys coming in and telling us what to be, so what you hear on the album is pretty much note for note how it sounded there in that factory. When I listen back to the record it sounds like 5 guys in a room sweating it out and just figuring out how to be a band again. At times I can hear the confusion we were in, but there are times where I hear a band with some balls, trying to prove it to each other so that we wouldn't kick each other's asses. Ten years later, were proud of what we did in that room. Thanks for listening to SANTI. Love, Adam T. Siska and The Academy Is...
The Academy Is... Jul 17, 2017
The Academy Is...'s cover photo
The Academy Is... Mar 31, 2017
If you hung out at Woodfield Mall too often and listened to shrill voiced, whiney bands during the years 2000-2006, I've put together a playlist full of nostalgic songs from that era. If you'd like to attend tonight (and only if you plan to attend) like this photo with the CRYING emoji and I'll put your name on the guest list. Sorry folks, I have a no "Screamo" or "R&B'mo" policy. Sincerely, Adam T Siska
The Academy Is... Mar 29, 2017
October 2002-- 14 year old Adam T Siska, watching Patrick Stumph and his newly formed band "Fall Out Boy" at the Knights of Columbus VFW in Arlington Heights, IL.
The Academy Is... Mar 27, 2017
CHICAGO! Come hang with me at the House of Blues this Friday Night. I've put together a playlist of the classics that inspired us to form TAI as well as music from some of the friends we made along our journey. See ya there!
The Academy Is... Mar 22, 2017
Hi everybody it's me... Mike Carden (it's actually Adam T Siska writing on behalf of Mike Carden, pretending to be him.) I know you haven't seen a whole lot of me since the band broke up, but I still call Sisky Business every morning, mostly to shoot the shit about the blossoming career of our best friends in the band PARTYBABY. You may have seen PARTYBABY opening up on the TAI reunion tour... Thought they were awesome? (They got even better!) Thought they sucked? (Think again asshole!) Tomorrow night PARTYBABY are playing a hometown show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. If you live in the area, please come to the show, if you go there you're gonna see me (the elusive Mike Carden, not Sisky) and you'd be pretty likely to see my good friend Gabanti Saporta. Please come and hang out!! Or else I'll never talk to Adam T. Siska again. Sincerely, Mike "Sisky" Carden
The Academy Is... Mar 16, 2017
The Academy Is... Mar 07, 2017
The Academy Is...'s cover photo