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Coast of Gold
Thaurorod May 18, 2019
The song "24601" reached 100.000 streams in Spotify today! Thank you people and have a rocking summer time!
Thaurorod Feb 16, 2019
Happy 1-year anniversary Coast of Gold!
Thaurorod Dec 11, 2018
The year 2018 is getting to an end. One of the first - album's of the year - lists is out from List of top 20 - Guess where "Coast of Gold" is and take a look after guessing! Have a great week all of you!
Thaurorod Nov 27, 2018
"Coast of Gold" out on 16th February 2018 via Drakkar Entertainment. Preorder now at:
Thaurorod Nov 23, 2018
Get yourselves to the THAUROROD merch shop for some unbelievable Black Friday discounts!!! The price tag of -40% will last until midnight 26th of November. Have a rocking weekend!
Thaurorod Oct 26, 2018
Some of you might know that our keyboardist Harri also has a band called LOST IN GREY. Today they released the first single from their upcoming sophomore album “The Waste Land”. Check it out and share it like a plague!
Thaurorod Sep 29, 2018
MERCHANDISE SALE! 6,66% discount on all products in our official shop during this weekend! Free shipping in Finland for orders over 25€.
Thaurorod Aug 19, 2018
Coast of Gold scores 9,5/10 in a review by Stalker-Magazine.
Thaurorod Jun 13, 2018
New #merchandise available at the official #Thaurorod shop at #backstagerockshop The link can be found from the frontpage of band's #instagram Get your hands to those gorgeous #wristbands and raise your fists to the sky! #coastofgold #merch #heavymetal #powermetal #metal #finnishmetal #swedishmetal
Thaurorod May 18, 2018
On the road again! #thaurorod #coastofgold #virginoil #lötkö #psychework_band #sepiroudaa #tänäälähtee #heavymetal #Hellsinki #bethere
Thaurorod May 16, 2018
The previous sold out show in #Hyvinkää was so awesome! During the 1st song there was a #stagecrash between the #vocalist Andi and #bassist Pasi. Andi's arm now healed and #Fender #Precision has a new #pickguard as well so we are ready for #Hellsinki! Will we see you at #virginoil on Friday?? #thaurorod #coastofgold #helsinki #heavymetal #thanks #gmf #gävle #psychework #craftersbarfi
Thaurorod Apr 26, 2018
The last #rehearsal for tomorrow! Are you ready #hyvinkää ?!? #thaurorod #psychework #craftersbarfi #coastofgold ##ibanez #tama #heavymetal
Thaurorod Apr 24, 2018
8/10 for "Coast of Gold" in Grande Rock review. "To conclude, I can’t recommend this enough, whether you’re a seasoned genre aspirant or scoffing sceptic. Should you fail to thoroughly enjoy Thaurorod’s “Coast of Gold”, I promise to return your piece of eight!"
Thaurorod Apr 14, 2018
Interview in #legacymagazine in german. Check that out and have a great weekend! #thaurorod #coastofgold #finnishmetal #swedishmetal #heavymetal #powermetal #metalmusic #germany #prost
Thaurorod Apr 11, 2018
If you haven't checked out an interview in #german version of #metalhammermagazine go get a copy now! Happy promo picture for a change. Picture by #toniforssellphotography #thaurorod #coastofgold #finnishmetal #swedishmetal #heavymetal #powermetal #heavy #fatlizard #brewery #espoo #metal #hammer #germany #666 #prost
Thaurorod Apr 06, 2018
All the German fans and readers of #rockitmagazine make sure to check out the interview from the latest issue of Rock It! Have a rocking #friday ! #thaurorod #coastofgold #germany #alsoincluding #michaelschenker #brucedickinson #nightwish #saxon #etc #PROST!
Thaurorod Apr 04, 2018
Andi from Thaurorod talks about the lyrics of "My Sun Will Rise". One of the fast songs on the album that Lasse wrote before Andi writing the lyrics for it. Next up Pasi with a song "Illuminati". Make sure you will buy the gorgeous physical digipak cd version of the album from the links below! ------- Coast of Gold t-shirts and signed digipaks only via official band shop:… Buy physical (digipak CD) or digital album or stream:
Thaurorod Apr 02, 2018
"Coast of Gold" scores 9/10 in a review! "I’ve not heard an album this good since Gamma Ray’s ‘Power Plant’. It is amazing. Buy it!" This Monday's lyric explanation video on "My Sun Will Rise" will be postponed to Wednesday and the rest of them comes out normally during Mondays. Hope you had a great Easter everyone!
Thaurorod Mar 26, 2018
Andi from Thaurorod goes behind the lyrics of "Into the Flood". The very first song Andi composed for the album and for the band. Next up Andi will go through the lyrics of a song "My Sun Will Rise". ------- Coast of Gold t-shirts and signed digipaks only via official band shop:… Buy physical (digipak CD) or digital album or stream:
Thaurorod Mar 23, 2018
THE SPRING IS COMING - FOLLOW THE NEW PLAYLIST! Here is something we prepared for all of you! A playlist with 3 hours of melodic metal and rock songs to get you through the last days of winter and to the spring. We of course added some Thaurorod songs there but mostly you will find some awesome non-Thaurorod songs there from the bands we have had an honor to tour with and other bands and songs that we love and think would fit to the spring theme. Bands you will find on the playlist: Helloween, Symphony X, Psychework, Judas Priest, Lionheart, Civil War, Dynaszy, Beast in Black, Equilibrium and many many more... Photo on the playlist cover by Kristian Borgenström Photography.
Thaurorod Mar 22, 2018
Punch of nice reviews at the Metal Archieves.
Thaurorod Mar 16, 2018
A MONTH FROM THE RELEASE & PROMOTIONAL FRIDAY! One month ago "Coast of Gold" was released! Now we want YOU to tell us what your personal favourite song from that album is! After letting us know your favourite song in the comments below we kindly ask you to share a Spotify link (or YouTube link) of that song on your own Facebook profile. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word on "Coast of Gold" and Thaurorod!
Thaurorod Mar 15, 2018
A review at CROM Magazine scores 9/10.
Thaurorod Mar 12, 2018
Pasi and Andi from Thaurorod talks about the meaning behind the lyrics of the album's opening track "Power". This was the band's first and only song that has 2 different writers behind the lyrics. Next Monday Pasi will take you to the island of Nazino deep in Siberia to the tunes of "Cannibal Island". ------- Coast of Gold t-shirts and signed digipaks only via official band shop:… Buy physical (digipak CD) or digital album or stream:
Thaurorod Mar 10, 2018
A perfect score for "Coast of Gold" at MetalTemple! Songwriting: 10 Originality: 10 Memorability: 10 Production: 10 "Epic track after epic track, the album roars like a massive beast that has risen from deep within the planet's core to reclaim the world as its own. With its jaw-dropping guitar work, stabbing drums, and tremendous speed, "Coast Of Gold" becomes a swelling ocean of sound that engulfs everything surrounding it, forcing the listener to drown in its choppy waters willingly."