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Truth Is...
Ten After Two Jun 30, 2017
NEW Our People ( former Guitarist & Drummers new band) peep it and share if you dig!
Ten After Two Mar 18, 2017
Hey everyone, remember our vocalist Sean?! He's recently had several releases of sick electronic music under the name Taste, and he's been hypnotizing the scene with his surreal sound! Right now he's battling to win a vaporwave music contest, and it would help him so much if you go vote for his song Poolside. It only takes a second and it would mean so much! Let's get him to 500 votes!! Here's a link to his music
Ten After Two Feb 23, 2016
Reunited & it feels so good
Ten After Two Feb 16, 2016
Check out the debut single/music video from our talented Sac Town friends in A Foreign Affair!
Ten After Two Feb 11, 2016
Happy 210 day!
Ten After Two Nov 27, 2015
Check out Josh's new band and their video for the new single Wish It Was Love. Be sure to COMMENT & LIKE on the video to get a free download of the track. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and be safe on Black Friday!!!
Ten After Two Oct 16, 2015
Check out the new single from Vinny Adorno and Patrick Hennion's new band, Our People!
Ten After Two Sep 26, 2015
Ten After Two Jul 04, 2015
Back when it all began! Thanks for all the support over the years you guys. The band might be dead but our music lives on!
Ten After Two Jun 23, 2015
Vincent Adorno (Ex-drummer/Singer) & Patrick Hennion (Ex-guitarist) have started a new band called Our People! Get hyped & go give them a LIKE. Be sure to stay tuned for their debut single "Can't You Stay" coming soon!
Ten After Two Jul 15, 2014
Check out this chorus cover Vincent Adorno did of Denial by Harlot!
Ten After Two Jun 10, 2014
What covers would you like to hear Vinny & Pat do?? Leave a comment and let us know!
Ten After Two May 29, 2014
A little snippet of Patrick Hennion & Vincent Adorno jamming a Jamie's Elsewhere cover called "Capital Vices" off there new album Rebel Revive!
Ten After Two May 22, 2014
Yo!!! Go check out our friends in Thin Upper Lip! They just released their First song!
Ten After Two Apr 06, 2014
Just reached 20,000 Trackers! - Track Ten After Two
Ten After Two Jan 15, 2014
Our homies in Before You Fall just released a new track called "The Virus". Be warned, it's contagious! ;) Check it out, spread the word, and share it with a friend or two. Love -TAT
Ten After Two Jan 13, 2014
Check out Josh Dotys new project Cemetery Sun (formerly known as Headlines) and their brand new single "Sleeping It Off'.
Ten After Two Sep 19, 2013
Currently looking for drummers! Send a message if interested.
Ten After Two Jun 26, 2013
Guitarists needed!! Send a message if interested.
Ten After Two Apr 25, 2013
Who still listens to us on the daily? Your a badass if you do..
Ten After Two Apr 03, 2013
Check this out and give them a LIKE! Set In Stone
Ten After Two Apr 03, 2013
Everybody do us a huge favor a go give our ex-drummers NEW band a LIKE! If your a fan of us then we guarantee you'll love this ;) Set In Stone!!! -TAT
Ten After Two Feb 20, 2013
Ten After Two Feb 08, 2013