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Junkspace (feat. Rem Koolhaas)
Tempers Jun 11, 2019
Tempers Jun 10, 2019
We had a magic time on our mini-tour, now we fly home 🖤 Here’s some more pics: Berlin Berghain Kantine @klangbildberlin, WGT @gothicempire, Kiev Closer Club @nakhodkiin #tempers #kantineamberghain #wavegotiktreffen #closerkiev
Tempers Jun 09, 2019
Kiev 🖤
Tempers Jun 09, 2019
Thank you Kiev! We had the best time at Closer @worn_pop! Stayed out all night 🖤 #tempers #closer #kiev pic by @lunarherbs @ Kyiv, Ukraine
Tempers Jun 08, 2019
Kiev tonight at Closer @worn_pop 🖤 #tempers #kiev #closer #wornpop
Tempers Jun 08, 2019
Another pic from last night at #wavegotiktreffen 🖤 On our way to Kiev now, we play Closer @worn_pop tonight, psyched! pic by @tc75_pictures #tempers #wavegotiktreffen #kiev #closer
Tempers Jun 08, 2019
On our way to Kiev! So excited for our show tonight at Closer, get your tix! 🖤
Tempers Jun 08, 2019
Thank you WGT!! 🖤 #tempers #wavegotiktreffen2019 #leipzig
Tempers Jun 06, 2019
Yo Berlin, Tonight is the night! We play Berghain Kantine with @jakuz1 + DJ set @educationlost. Still a few tix left, grab em 🖤 #tempers #berghain #berlin
Tempers Jun 04, 2019
En route to Berlin! So psyched for this show 6/6 at Berghain Kantine with @jakuz1 + DJ set @educationlost 🖤#tempers #kantineamberghain #berlin pic by @powerlineagency
Tempers Jun 02, 2019
Tempers at Kantine am Berghain 6/6 🖤
Tempers May 31, 2019
BEYOND EXCITED to announce we have joined Dais Records!! Stay tuned for our new album, coming out this fall! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Pic by @office_party #tempers #daisrecords
Tempers May 29, 2019
Containing some exciting Tempers news, it’s coming soon... pic by @_sesstra_ #tempers #🤭
Tempers May 24, 2019
Tempers May 20, 2019
Yo Berlin! So psyched for this show 6/6 at Kantine am Berghain with Jakuzi + DJ set by Philipp Strobel. Get yr tixxx! 🖤
Tempers May 17, 2019
Excited to be playing @wavegotiktreffen again June 7th, here’s some pix from our show there in 2015 🖤 #tempers #wavegotiktreffen @ Leipzig, Germany
Tempers May 14, 2019
's cover photo
Tempers May 09, 2019
Tour boat? #tempers #europecomingsoon
Tempers May 08, 2019
Hey Berlin! Getting revved up for our show 6 / 6 at Bi Nuu, plus special DJ set by Philipp Strobel, so excited for this one 🖤 Get yr tix here: Photo by Sebastian Mlynarski #tempers #berlin #june
Tempers May 07, 2019
Interview about our album Junkspace feat. Rem Koolhaas in Lithuanian architecture mag - Statyba ir architektūra 🖤
Tempers May 01, 2019
Another video from our show in London at @testpressingfestival by @carolbonarde 🖤 #tempers #london #tailinmymouth
Tempers Apr 29, 2019
Video clip from @testpressingfestival by @carolbonarde 🖤 #tempers #london
Tempers Apr 28, 2019
Hey Bristol! Tonight we play @thelanesbristol with @theundergroundyouth and @ohtheguiltmusic 🖤 #tempers #bristol