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Telefon Tel Aviv Apr 25, 2019
Mexico City, May 4.
Telefon Tel Aviv Jan 04, 2019
New TTA remix (and terrific remixes from Kangding Ray, Surachai, Alessandro Cortini as well) for Belief Defect, on Raster (big honor!!!):
Telefon Tel Aviv Dec 12, 2018
Here's a little something for ya'll xx This is sort of a study of childhood and time - I remember very well going to mass as a child, especially Christmas Eve mass, and it was always nearly tortuous for me. Time would elongate into what seemed like millennia; I would somehow never make it out of church, alive, still a child. I would leave as an adult because I'd be there forever. The ceilings were impossibly high - dizzying, even. I couldn't believe how huge this place was, and how long this ceremony was. I would drift into a sort of liminal, hypnagogic state as time slowed, and the cantor or singers would sing, the reverb drawing out slowly, forever...
Telefon Tel Aviv Dec 11, 2018
Denver - 12.22.2018 The Black Box w/ Gila & Stratusphere
Telefon Tel Aviv May 23, 2018
Upcoming live dates for Telefon Tel Aviv, and two for Second Woman. Pull up!!! EDIT - CORRECT SECOND WOMAN DATES ARE THE 14TH AND 15TH. I don't feel like making a new video so don't show up a week late!
Telefon Tel Aviv Mar 27, 2018
UPDATE REGARDING RUSSIA SHOWS THIS WEEK, NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING*** So, to my friends in Russia, due to tomorrow being a national day of mourning, we have decided to postpone the Moscow show until Friday. This means that we won't be able to play in Samara on Friday, which I deeply regret. I'm so sorry to our fans there - please forgive me and I promise to do my best to play there as soon as I can. But it seems the best way to honor the recent tragedy by remaining silent tomorrow. I'm not sure how ticket refunds work for the venue in Samara, but I'm sure this is possible if you contact them. I will update with information as I receive it. Thank you, xx, Josh.
Telefon Tel Aviv Mar 14, 2018
I can't believe I forgot to post this here - I'm pretty bad at managing social media - but here's the A1 track from the upcoming Second Woman EP on (totally surreal) Tresor - release date is March 30th, and pretty much anywhere you like to buy LPs it'll be available, and digital as well I suppose? xx
Telefon Tel Aviv Mar 12, 2018
These are the first batch of upcoming TTA and Second Woman dates for 2018. More to come later! Hope to see you all there xx.
Telefon Tel Aviv Jan 24, 2018
Tom Hall from Cycling '74 came over and we talked about stuff: you can see my messy, boring studio (I'm moving studios this weekend thank goodness)
Telefon Tel Aviv Dec 13, 2017
I had a great chat with Joshua Glazer for the Rave Curious Podcast. Serious Midwest IDM 2.0 right here.
Telefon Tel Aviv Dec 04, 2017
I’ll be joining @comtruise on some dates starting in Minneapolis this Wednesday. We’ll be doing these as DJ sets, so expect to hear a lot of things that I love, both old and new. Hope to see you all there!
Telefon Tel Aviv Nov 28, 2017
Telefon Tel Aviv // Second Woman - 11.29.17 Republic NOLA. Feels good to be home. ticket link below.
Telefon Tel Aviv Nov 26, 2017
Live at @mutekmx, care of @resident_advisor. Next up, Second Woman in 20 minutes. Visual work by the inimitable @krsnbrasko of @pfadfinderei_berlin. Thanks to all who came, it was a dream.
Telefon Tel Aviv Nov 15, 2017
Very excited to be a part of Linecheck Music Festival in Milan on 11/24! tickets here - :
Telefon Tel Aviv Nov 07, 2017
I’m going to do a weirdo instrumental set tonight. This will be fun! I’m gonna try to break the Digitakt with Max/MSP. I’ll likely fail. #elektron #cycling74
Telefon Tel Aviv Nov 02, 2017
I’m very pleased to announce an new sample library (I haven’t released one in 12 years so this is long overdue) via the wonderful people at @splice. The focus is my take on “spectral” percussion, made entirely in Max/MSP, as well as a smattering of oldies from the FFE era that old heads might recognize. Artwork by the singular @jessedraxler. Enjoy!
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 31, 2017
Concept adapted from the homie @linusbooth. My Halloween costume : Sean Booth from Autechre.
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 24, 2017
Important: if you ever seeing a link saying that a TTA show is being live streamed, it’s a scam. It will not happen, ever, unless I announce it. These are phishing scams, do not click!
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 23, 2017
Tomorrow night in London. Tonight in Budapest. Telefon Tel Aviv and Second Woman. Tonight features the incredible @gabor.lazar and tomorrow night @thomasragsmusic
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 18, 2017
Excited to share that we have added my other project, Second Woman, and Thomas Ragsdale to the show at Oslo Hackney on 10/24. Ticket link in comments.
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 17, 2017
Starting tomorrow night at @berghain_ostgut, Second Woman live, featuring @krsnbrasko of @pfadfinderei_berlin. Also performing, the terrific @gabor.lazar. 9pm, Säule.
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 13, 2017
So, today was truly an experience I’ll never forget... thank you @erick__united @criterioncollection... something very near and dear to me coming soon!
Telefon Tel Aviv Oct 04, 2017
Upcoming Second Woman shows! These are exceedingly rare. Surprise TTA set at the Budapest show on the 23rd, then TTA live at Oslo Hackney in London on the 24th of October.
Telefon Tel Aviv Sep 24, 2017
Telefon Tel Aviv Aug 29, 2017
London, I'll be back on October 24th for a show at one of my favorite venues anywhere - the wonderful Oslo - tickets on sale tomorrow at 9AM -