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TeenTop Mar 06, 2013
Who's your bias in TeenTop? Mine is L.Joe and Chunji! ~L.Chunjo http://l.joe/
TeenTop Feb 08, 2013
[Fan Taken] L.Joeeee~ L.Chunjo
TeenTop Feb 08, 2013
Chunji <3 L.Chunjo
TeenTop Jan 22, 2013
Hi Angels! We didn't post for a long time as the other admins and I have lots of school work to do. So, I want to hire admins. If you're kin to join, you may want to read the post that I'm hiring at the bottom post and the post was on 23 November 2012. Do check it out! Thanks~ Head admin, -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Dec 31, 2012
There will be a danced battle ! TEENTOP vs B.A.P! Who do you think will win?:3 -Rickjoe~♡
TeenTop Dec 25, 2012
TeenTop's cover photo
TeenTop Dec 25, 2012
TeenTop Dec 18, 2012
How many likes to them? ~L.Chunjo
TeenTop Dec 03, 2012
Is our Changjo awesome? Haha! -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Dec 01, 2012
Love this picture! :) -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 27, 2012
Our power vocalist, Chunji! ★ -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 23, 2012
Hiring Admins! -If you are interested to be an admin in this page, you have to fill in the form below. You can either message us via FB or comment to fill in the form. We'll tell you if you're accepted to be our admin. Rules: -Fluent in English -Must be friendly -Have to post about TeenTop and no other group unless playing games. :) Name: Admin Name: Country: Number Of Days Online In A Week: Hours Online In A Day: Why Do You Want To Be Our Admin?: Good Luck And Thank You For Filling In This! I'll Tell You If You're Accepted! :) Head Admin, -L.ChunJo
TeenTop Nov 23, 2012
Today is our Mischievious Rapper L.Joe's birthday! Lets trend "HoneyLjoe" on twitter etc! -Rickjoe~♡
TeenTop Nov 23, 2012
Today is our Rapper L.Joe's birthday! May all his wishes come true! ♡ Anyone have wishes for him? Comment! ♡ -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 21, 2012
2 more days and it'll be L.Joe's Birthday! Are you guys excited? I guess so :) -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 19, 2012
Who do you guys prefer? :) -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 17, 2012
TEENTOP is going to have a comeback early next year! Cant wait! ^-^ -Rickjoe~♡
TeenTop Nov 17, 2012
Countdown! 6 more days to our mischievous Rapper L.Joe! ♡ -Rickjoe~♡
TeenTop Nov 13, 2012
Please help to promote! :) -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 09, 2012
Our rapper L.Joe! -L.Chunjo
TeenTop Nov 06, 2012
Our cute little maknae, Ricky! -L.chunjo
TeenTop Nov 06, 2012
Welcome to this page. I just created it and need more likes! Help to promote this page okay? Thanks! :> -L.chunjo